Worried About Split Ends? Try These 5 Quick Easy Hairstyles To Prevent Them

Your hair is your main beauty accessory: It’s versatile, a focal point and can be shaped into many quick easy hairstyles. So when your hair isn’t looking its best, you don’t feel your best.

Hair is prone to damage, especially in the form of split ends. The daily grind of washing, combing, styling and chemical treatments can cause the hair cuticle (the outside protective sheath of the hair’s shaft) to wear away. Once the cuticle is damaged, the inner layer of hair is exposed and it becomes weakened, dehydrated and damaged. This makes the hair more likely tosplit at the ends. Tight, elastic bands or any bands with metal parts can also damage the hair, especially if left in for a long time. Try using more gentle hair-accessories such as scrunchies or ribbons, which are kinder on the hair.

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You can’t treat split ends without cutting them off – they have to be trimmed to be fully removed. Some products claim to fix them, but it’s only temporary fix. Split ends occur most often at the tip but can show up anywhere in your hair. And split ends just don’t stop; they split into two, three or more ends and reduce the length of your hair. As they split more and more, they spoil the beauty of your hair.

Usually, split ends are lighter, uneven and have a different color than your normalhair color. Split ends tend to make your hair dull and lifeless. And the longer the hair, the older the ends and therefore longer hair is more prone to split ends.

With beautiful hair comes great responsibility – the responsibility of looking after your beautiful mane. The good news is that you can easily avoid split ends, grow your hair longer and still create quick easy hairstyles. That’s why we’ve put together these five great prevention tips to help maintain those gorgeous locks.

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5.) Getting a Regular Trim

quick easy hairstyles - regular trim

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Getting regular trims and cutting off the split ends prevents hair from splitting further and keeps the hair healthy. As a result, the hair will grow stronger and longer. If you are feeling brave enough and aren’t due for a full haircut, you could take care of the split ends yourself. Trim them off using a small pair of hair shears. Normal scissors are not recommended, as they can fray the hair and lead to more split ends. Cut single strands about 1/4″ (6mm) above the split. Don’t cut too close to the damage, as the split may reappear later on. If hair has a small ball directly above the damage, cut above this. As soon as the hair has been trimmed, the difference of quality and color can be seen instantly.