Stop These 5 Bad Habits Immediately If You Have Curly Hair

By Youmn March 22, 2018 View all posts (73)

Do those Beyoncé and Shakira curls leave you in awe? If yes, then you need to gather all your willpower and change your hair care routine to one that doesn’t involve some common mistakes and curly hair bad habits many of us get, um, tangled up in!

To be fair, curly hair is high-maintenance, and caring for it can sometimes be pretty tiring. However, once we start noticing the change in the quality of our curls, it becomes worth every single second of extra care.

From making our own natural DIY hair masks to choosing the right hairstyle to rock this spring, we want to treat our curls right and get the most out of our natural crown. To do so, avoid these five curly hair bad habits like the plague!

Healthy, bouncy, shiny curls, here we come!

5.) Blindly Choosing Random Shampoos From The Aisle

curly hair bad habits

Pay attention to this one descriptor on your hair care labels, and your curl quality will change forever: 100% sulfate-free and silicone-free.

Once you try sulfate- and silicone-free shampoo, you will wonder how you lived your life without it! Sodium lauryl sulfate is a key ingredient in many regular traditional shampoos, and although it’s an effective cleanser, it’s too harsh for curls. You may be extra sensitive to sulfate if you havenaturally coarse dry hair or sensitive skin, especially in case you’re suffering from eczema.

Most shampoos also contain silicones, chemicals that give the hair that smooth, silky feel we all love. However, they could be damaging in the long-term. They may give the hair that synthetic shine, but they can also prevent moisture and essential oils from getting to the hair shaft.

In addition to going sulfate- and silicone-free, You might also want to consider “co-washing,” short for conditioner washing. As the name suggests, it means washing your hair with your conditioner instead of shampoo.

In our curly hair bad habits purge, always remember: Shampoo and condition without sulfate or silicones!