5 Genius DIY Pallet Wood Projects for Unique Home Furniture

Wood pallets are only used for stacking and organizing? Think again! Today, we're showing you how you can easily upcycle these old wood pallet into home decor masterpieces and furnitures! Let your pallet wood projects journey begin!

Think wood pallets are only used for stacking and organizing? Think again! How about some pallet wood projects to add to your DIY list?

Today, almost anything could be upcycled into a home decor masterpiece. From old bathtubs to suitcases, all you need is some inspiration and basic tools to turn any object from boring to extraordinary!

If you have some wooden pallets lying around (or know just where you can score some free ones), you are in luck. Working with pallets has become super popular in the DIY community in the last few years and the reasons are simple: the well-cut wooden units are easy to handle, more friendly to the environment and way cheaper than buying and cutting wood from your local lumber yard.

Whether you’re looking for a project as simple as a wooden tray or something more advanced like a swing bed for those sunny days, our favorite bloggers show you exactly what to do to create unique home furniture from pallets.

These five DIY pallet wood projects give all the meaning to the old adage: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Let our treasure hunt begin now!

5. Pallet Gardening Table By Jenna Burger

pallet wood projects garden table

Jenna Burger

Using wood for a gardening project is almost instinctive. The material blends nicely with its environment and gives it a rustic and natural feel, all of which Jenna Burger knew how to convey through her pallet DIY gardening table.

Jenna needed a spot for her gardening and potting, and we get her. How many times did we lose our trowel or crack a planter? When we don’t have a specific spot to store them, they end up scattered around.

The supplies include two same-size pallets, heavy-duty C-shaped screws, C-hooks, strap hinges, screws and some chain.

The process is extremely simple. You only need to install the C-shaped screws and C-hooks in the right positions and you’ll have a nice gardening table that you can install along any wall in your garden.

You can see the whole process here and follow Jenna Burger Design on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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4. Pallet Coat Rack By Ruudcreates for Instructables

pallet wood projects coat rack

RuudCreates from Instructable

Ruud tells a story some of us know too well: a new apartment = cheapest furniture available.

So for his coat rack, he chose to go the DIY route!

All it took was a couple of pallets, old rusty nails, screws, blank varnish, steel for the brackets and hooks. After assembling the pieces of wood, you can also add a shelf or two.

One piece of advice we’re picking from Ruud is that it’s better to drill a hole before hammering a nail: this will prevent the wood from splitting.

The coat rack is roughly designed, with pieces of wood clearly missing from the pallets but this unexpectedly gives it a homey feel. Plus, you’ll feel proud every time you open the door to see a coat rack you created yourself.

You can see the whole process here.

3. Monogrammed Chevron Pallet Tray By Jenna Burger

pallet wood projects chevron tray

Jenna Burger

At first, this pallet DIY tray looks easy peasy lemon squeezy but don’t be fooled: it definitely needs some decent woodworking skills.

We’re going to cheat a bit with this one. In addition to a pallet, it will also require a piece of thick plywood for the bottom of the tray. Jenna explains the process extremely well. First, you need to pull four wooden pieces from the pallet, cut them to the desired length, nail them together to create the perimeter of the tray, then add the plywood bottom. Finally, get creative and decorate the tray. Paint it, mod podge it with a piece of fabric or even leave it as it is. The choice is yours. You could also match it to the colors of your furniture or kitchen.

To make sure you got it all right, follow the pictures provided by Jenna; they are tremendously helpful.

You can see the whole process here and follow Jenna Burger Design on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

2. Chillout Lounge By Freckles & Fluff

pallet wood projects lounge

Freckles & Fluff

Spring is here and if you have a patio, you’ll want to take full advantage of it after the snowy and freezing-cold winter we’ve had this year.

Miss Freckles had the brilliant idea of converting a pile of pallets into a comfortable chillout lounge and even managed to add a little table as well.

One piece to remember from her is how to get the wood pallet ready for paint. To do so, you need to carefully sand the wood using the appropriate tools. Use an orbital sander for the large areas, like the one Miss Freckles used, while using a smaller detail sander to reach the tiny bits like the corners and edges.

This pallet DIY doesn’t require much nailing like the other ones. Miss Freckles simply stacked the pallets and put cushions on top of them.

Do you know what that means? The possibilities are endless with this one. You can use multiple pallets and create a garden lounge as big as you want it to be. You can even change the layout of the pallets and thus of the whole outdoor space as often as you’d like, without having to do a bunch of teardown and reassembly.

You can see the whole process here.

1. Pallet Swing Bed By The Merrythought

pallet wood projects bed

The Merrythought

Remember how happy we were when we rode swings as young kids? Now imagine the same sensation, on a bed. As soon as we saw the picture of this cute swing bed on The Merrythought website, we were instantly on board.

To make a lazy person’s dream come true, you will need pallets, timber, solid rope, drill, screws, saw, measuring tape and a mattress or cushion.

Marta from The Merrythought explains that you need to know the size of the mattress or the cushion first, then adjust the number of pallets and the length of the timber so it will fit. After doing so, drill the wood to attach it to the rope and attach the whole setup solidly to a tree (make sure the branch you’re attaching to is strong enough to hold the weight of the bed and any occupants).

We thought this pallet DIY would be the hardest one but Marta proved us wrong!

You can see the whole process here and follow The Merrythought on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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