5 Genius DIY Pallet Wood Projects for Unique Home Furniture

By Youmn March 19, 2018 View all posts (89)

Think wood pallets are only used for stacking and organizing? Think again! How about some pallet wood projects to add to your DIY list?

Today, almost anything could be upcycled into a home decor masterpiece. From old bathtubs to suitcases, all you need is some inspiration and basic tools to turn any object from boring to extraordinary!

If you have some wooden pallets lying around (or know just where you can score some free ones), you are in luck. Working with pallets has become super popular in the DIY community in the last few years and the reasons are simple: the well-cut wooden units are easy to handle, more friendly to the environment and way cheaper than buying and cutting wood from your local lumber yard.

Whether you’re looking for a project as simple as a wooden tray or something more advanced like a swing bed for those sunny days, our favorite bloggers show you exactly what to do to create unique home furniture from pallets.

These five DIY pallet wood projects give all the meaning to the old adage: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Let our treasure hunt begin now!

5.) Pallet Gardening Table By Jenna Burger

pallet wood projects garden table

Jenna Burger

Using wood for a gardening project is almost instinctive. The material blends nicely with its environment and gives it a rustic and natural feel, all of which Jenna Burger knew how to convey through her pallet DIY gardening table.

Jenna needed a spot for her gardening and potting, and we get her. How many times did we lose our trowel or crack a planter? When we don’t have a specific spot to store them, they end up scattered around.

The supplies include two same-size pallets, heavy-duty C-shaped screws, C-hooks, strap hinges, screws and some chain.

The process is extremely simple. You only need to install the C-shaped screws and C-hooks in the right positions and you’ll have a nice gardening table that you can install along any wall in your garden.

You can see the whole process here and follow Jenna Burger Design on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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