Terrifyingly Bad Halloween Costumes

Dressing to impress this Halloween? Here are 15 hilarious Halloween costume fails you need to avoid! From sexy genies to human avocados -- what the heck were they thinking?

If you’re a Halloween nerd you’ve probably already started planning your costume and maybe even started decorating your house. For those who are less prepared, what are you waiting for? We’ve scoured the internet and have come across the most hilarious and NSFW Halloween costume fails so you know exactly what to avoid. You’re welcome.

We’ve also rated them from 0 being the worst costume ever to 10 being bad, but maybe not as bad.

15. Horse / Unicorn Masks

Halloween costume fail unicorn

Okay, admittedly these masks are pretty creepy but c’mon guys, 2011 called and it wants its memes back. As far as Halloween costume fails go this one isn’t so bad, especially if you’re going to go the whole way and get a buddy to be the back end.

Score: 7/10

Not bad but feels like we’re  flogging a dead horse… Get it? Dead horse.

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14. Genie in the lamp

Halloween Costume Fails Genie

HalloweenCostumes. com

Looking to meet the love of your life this Halloween? Nothing screams desperate like having “rub me” written on your wiener. This not-so-sexy outfit is bound to have the ladies screaming… with laughter or disgust.

And what’s with the jeans? Not even a pair of tights to complete the look?

Score: 2/10

Because the hat and jacket might at least be useful for another costume.

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13. Sexy Handmaiden

Halloween costume fails handmaiden


What the..? Did the person who made this watch Handmaid’s Tale? Or even, like, read a brief synopsis on Wikipedia? This Halloween costume fails to understand the point of Atwood’s chilling series even for a second!

Score: 6/10

Again, purely because some parts of this could be recycled for a decent costume.

12. Human Avocado

If you’re the kind of person who grows a hipster beard ironically or thinks that Razor scooters are, like, totally the transport of the future then this costume (do not click link to buy unless you’re desperate) is probably for you. Or if your friends would describe you as “wacky” in a tired voice that lets you know they are tired of your bad puns and lame antics.

Guarantee that no-one will talk to you all night by yelling “I don’t give a guac!” at every possible opportunity.

Score: 8/10

But 2 of those points are because avocados taste pretty good.

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11. Booze Light Beer

Halloween costume fails Buzz Light Beer


This isn’t flying but it’s not falling with style either. Props to this guy for trying. Sort of. Good puns are always appreciated and this is 50% of that.

Score: 4/10

Lost one point for penmanship.

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10. Sexy Bikini

Halloween costume fails bikini

House of Hauntz

Hey, guys. You know what’s funny? Boobs!

Be the hero of all of your14 year old mates this year by coming to Steve’s parents’ Halloween party dressed as… what? A woman with huge .., I guess.

Score: 3/10

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9. Any variation on a Geisha

Halloween costume fails geisha

Left: Dorita. Right: Forplaycatalog

Traditionally, Geisha are artists who are highly educated in singing, poetry, dance and the playing of instruments as well as a host of otherskills and talents. They are a part of Japan’s cultural heritage and many of their arts are still practiced and cherished today.

What they aren’t is scantily clad girls in what appears to be cheap, knock-off Chinese brocade. Now, how do you say tacky AF in Japanese?

Score: 7/10

For at least knowing that other cultures exist.

8. Slutty Calavera Catrina

Halloween costume fails Catrina


While we’re on the topic of cultural appropriation, can we cut it out with these apparently sexy Calavera Catrina costumes now?

Sure, the elaborate makeup is unbelievably beautiful and makes you feel like a spooky goddess but teaming this iconic cultural symbol up with a slutty corset is just super cringe.

Score: 6/10

Keep the dress and use it for bit of private Halloween fun.

7.)  Sexy Pizza 

Halloween costume fails pizza


Eurgh. The only thing more vomit-inducing than bingeing on trick-or-treat candy is lame couple’s costumes. This Halloween costume fails on every front; pizza is neither scary nor sexy. To make matters worse, the costumes don’t even match! This company is clearly just hoping you’ll be too desperate to notice.

Do everyone a favor and put together a decent couple’s costume.

Score: 8/10

Even delicious pepperoni can’t save this failure.

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6. Sexy Nurse

Halloween costume fail sexy nurse


We’ve all got that one friend who tries to use Halloween as achance to wear lingerie (note: if you don’t have that friend it might be you.) Sexy nurse has to be the most clichéd, outdated, frankly sexist costume still in existence. This one from Yandy is particularly bad and unimaginative. If you ever meet a nurse wearing a frilly tutu and satin gloves, she is not properly qualified.

Score: 5/10

Because the shoes are at least kind of cute.

5. Sheet Ghost

Halloween costume fails ghost


If you are over the age of 6, this is not an acceptable costume. No I don’t care how cute and ironic you’rebeing, this is lazy work and you know it. The only exception is if you’re under 5 foot and can get away with trick-or-treating with the kids.

Score: 3/10

Lose one point for wrecking your good sheets.

4. Cat Ears

Halloween costume fails cat ears

A cat ears headband is not a costume. I repeat: a cat ears headband is not a costume. In fact it doesn’t even deserve to be on a list of Halloween costume fails.

If a friend turns up to your party wearing one if these with some black clothing it means one of four things:

1) They don’t care about your party and will leave early to go to a better one.

2) They don’tcare about your party and totally forgot about it until about 2 hours ago.

3) They are trying to hook up with someone at your party and thought dressing up would ruin their chances.

4) They are a robot imitating humans and, as such, are incapable of imagination or creativity.

Score: Disqualified

3.) This not so Incredible Hulk

Halloween costume fails heroes


Some Halloween costume fails are so bad they’re good and this might be one of the best. The cardboard Captain Morgan Iron Man with his slightly confused face is worthy on it’s own but it’s the Incredible Hulk who really makes it.

Did anything go right here? From the poorly sketched abs to the bizarrely high eyebrows it’s a masterclass in how not to cosplay.  On the plus side the look of desperation in his googley eyes certain will give you nightmares.

Score: 2/10

1 point each for Hulk and Iron Man.

2. Boxed Wine

Halloween costume fails box wine


Oh goodness this is just… I don’t even know what to say about this. I cant decide whether the fact that it actually dispenses wine is sick or sickeningly genius. Either way this costume will definitely lead to you waking up to hundreds of embarrassing pictures and probably some awkward dinner conversation come Thanksgiving.

Score: 1/10

For at least making a costume.

1. Pregnant School Girl

Halloween costume fails school girl


Probably one of the worst Halloween costumes ever to be sold. Maybe even one of the worst things ever to have been sold. This Halloween costume fails so hard that there was an actual petition filed to have Yandy remove it from sale. I guess that means the best thing about this costume is that it no longer exists.

Score: 0/10.

You did it, you made it through the worst Halloween costume fails on the internet. Now that you know what to avoid, why not check out the Matching Pet And Owner Halloween Costumes instead?

15 terrifyingly bad halloween costumes