15 Terrifyingly Bad Halloween Costumes

If you’re a Halloween nerd you’ve probably already started planning your costume and maybe even started decorating your house. For those who are less prepared, what are you waiting for? We’ve scoured the internet and have come across the most hilarious and NSFW Halloween costume fails so you know exactly what to avoid. You’re welcome.

We’ve also rated them from 0 being the worst costume ever to 10 being bad, but maybe not as bad.

Maybe avoid these bad Halloween costumes this year:

15.) Horse / Unicorn Masks

Halloween costume fail unicorn

Okay, admittedly these masks are pretty creepy but c’mon guys, 2011 called and it wants its memes back. As far as Halloween costume fails go this one isn’t so bad, especially if you’re going to go the whole way and get a buddy to be the back end.

Score: 7/10

Not bad but feels like we’re  flogging a dead horse… Get it? Dead horse.