Geek Costume Ideas for the Biggest Fangirls

The secret’s out. You’re a “geek girl.” Don’t worry, the stigma attached to “geek” is long, long, long gone. We are living in a state of wonderful geek acceptance—but it’s more than acceptance. We’re living in the golden age of first-rate geeky everything. Like, TV shows, movies, you name it.

Better yet, it’s Halloween time, ladies. This year you don’t have to be ordinary. That means you can opt-out of typical costumes like bumblebees or corsets with random animal ears. It’s time to let your inner geek shine. Show off your fangirl skills by paying homage to your favorite fandoms via costume. That’s why we’ve put together a list of geek costume ideas just for you.

This Halloween, don’t hold back. Be proud and wave that geek girl flag like never before.

This list includes buying links, price information and recommended accessories. The best part is that these geek costume ideas are all from the biggest, coolest and most popular fandoms.

Are you ready to nerd out? Here are the top 10 geek costume ideas for girls for Halloween:

10.) Doctor Who: TARDIS Dress

geek costume ideas Doctor Who TARDIS dress

What you need: Doctor Who TARDIS Dress

Price: $49-89

Whovians, this one is for you. Here is your chance at looking both adorable and extraterrestrial in a TARDIS-inspired dress.

This Halloween costume is perfect for the gal who loves Doctor Who but doesn’t want to wear a full-on costume. Luckily for her, this dress makes a perfect outfit for any other geeky event (like Comic-Con!).