25 Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes for Your Holiday Fun

Nothing cures the pre-holiday stress like a beautiful batch of Thanksgiving memes. Dig into these funny photos before digging into the turkey!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and all you can think about is feasting on that sweet, sweet turkey and diving into the gooey gravy. But there are many things to take care of before turkey day finally comes.

Between shopping for your Thanksgiving essentials, trying out new turkey recipes, nailing the perfect Thanksgiving decor setup, and even looking up guilt-free pies recipes online, you barely have time to scratch your head.

If you have a case of pre-holiday stress going on, we are prescribing you a Thanksgiving memes cure that will make you go: “Oh, so I’m not alone in this? Amazing!”

Whether you’re seeing these memes while stuffing the turkey or on a post-Thanksgiving food coma, we hope you enjoy.

We’re sure you’ll find more than one Thanksgiving meme to relate to.

25. The Tupperware Life

thanksgiving memes tupperware students

It’s gonna be a Tupperware feast.

Thanksgiving leftovers have never felt so good as when you’re living away from home.

24. Thanksgiving for One, 101

thanksgiving memes thanksgiving alone

Cheat sheet for a Thanksgiving away from home: Cry, a lot.

However, you can always turn into Monica mode and become the ideal host/hostess for a Thanksgiving with friends! We have a few turkey recipes to get you started.

23. As If You Were There


Twitter has some good Samaritans who are ready to lend a hand whenever needed.

They can even go out of their way to make your Thanksgiving special and feeling “just like home.”

22. STAHP!


You’re silently digging in your mashed potatoes, and BAM! Before you know it, your relationship status has become the main topic of conversation.

How did we even get here?!

21. The Temptation

thanksgiving memes run with the food

Repeat after us: “I am strong. I can control my turkey cravings. I will share my food because I am a good person.”

May we all be strong in this holiday season.

20. No More, Please


If anyone has a generic answer to these questions, please hit me up.


19. Mood, 24/7


Celeste, we approve of you. You sound just like the type of person we love hanging out with.

Join the Food Lovers society, everybody!

18. Is This Real Life?

thanksgiving memes potatoes

This above is the actual representation of my brain when I am on a mashed potatoes/gravy combination high.

Keep. Giving. Me. More.

17. The Dilemma


To talk about politics or not to talk: This is the question.

In case you choose to express your political beliefs, we wish you the best of luck. In case you don’t, we hope you have enough patience to keep your resolution.

16. There Is Always Room for Dessert


Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart.

And it will always have a cherished place there.

15. Duh!


Many cooks say that the most flattering praise they can receive is having their plates returned licked clean after delivering a meal.

That’s the kind of spirit we will be coming with on Thanksgiving.

14. You Can NEVER Be Alone on Thanksgiving

thanksgiving memes loud cousins

With the commotion of kids and adults alike, having a moment of peace during the holidays is very unlikely to happen.

Even if you manage to sneak out for a few seconds, the brigade of little cousins will make sure to find you. It’s like a never-ending game of hide-and-seek where you always lose.

13. Fight Me!

thanksgiving memes kids first

The kids may not know why an adult is insisting on eating first.

But when they grow up, then they will know, and they will understand. And then they will regret. 

12. In Style

thanksgiving memes woman in turkey hat

What’s on your head? A turkey.

What’s on your mind? Turkey.

It’s that simple, really.

11. I Love Eating, But…

thanksgiving memes full

No matter how much you love food, there comes a certain time when your shameless overindulging gets the best of you.

Two magical words can make things easier: elastic waistbands.

10. It’s in the Genes

thanksgiving memes family eating

Being with a family who appreciates food as much as you do is liberating.

No one will blink an eye if you serve yourself more than three times. That’s the kind of support we’re looking for.

9. Eating for Two

thanksgiving memes eating for two

This discussion probably put the in-laws on an emotional roller-coaster.

An awkward silence must have ensued following this conversation. 

8. Turning a Blind Eye


On Thanksgiving, the kitchen sink becomes a Bermuda Triangle-like zone where no one dares to come too close in fear of getting sucked in.

You know what they say: “What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.”

7. Where Do They Keep Coming From?!


They can keep on coming back even after you finished all the leftovers and cleaned the refrigerator.

How do they do that?!

6. Ayyye!


It’s not a party until your favorite cousin pulls up at the front door.

You know you have a lot of catching up to do, and the post-Thanksgiving meal slumber is the ideal moment to lay down on a couch and talk.

5. Jingle Bells

thanksgiving-memes christmas

To all the people who get their Christmas lights out right after Halloween: You couldn’t wait a bit longer, could you?

We need to give turkey day the attention it deserves, folks!

4. Black Friday Craze


Black Friday should become a holiday on its own. Or an extreme sport. Or both.

Bless Cyber Monday. At least we get to stay in our pajamas.

3. He He He

thanksgiving memes after thanksgiving

Well, at least they waited until the day *after* Thanksgiving to get the Christmas lights out.

It’s not much, but it’s something.

2. Spits Water


I don’t actually know if I should feel sorry for him being away from his family on a holiday, or laugh my heart out at the joke pulled on him on social media.

One thing is sure: Dinners should be lots of fun with this family!

1. The Real MVP

funny-thanksgiving memes grandma

Can grandmas get any sweeter than this?

What do you think of these Thanksgiving memes? Do you have any Thanksgiving anecdote you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments! And for more fun content, the beautiful pug pictures on our next article will definitely make your day better. Enjoy!