25 Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes for Your Holiday Fun

By Youmn November 11, 2018 View all posts (82)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and all you can think about is feasting on that sweet, sweet turkey and diving into the gooey gravy. But there are many things to take care of before turkey day finally comes.

Between shopping for your Thanksgiving essentials, trying out new turkey recipes, nailing the perfect Thanksgiving decor setup, and even looking up guilt-free pies recipes online, you barely have time to scratch your head.

If you have a case of pre-holiday stress going on, we are prescribing you a Thanksgiving memes cure that will make you go: “Oh, so I’m not alone in this? Amazing!”

Whether you’re seeing these memes while stuffing the turkey or on a post-Thanksgiving food coma, we hope you enjoy.

We’re sure you’ll find more than one Thanksgiving meme to relate to.



25.) The Tupperware Life

thanksgiving memes tupperware students

It’s gonna be a Tupperware feast.

Thanksgiving leftovers have never felt so good as when you’re living away from home.