20 Funny Coffee Memes to Enjoy with Your Morning Coffee

If a cup of coffee is the only beverage that can power your engines in the morning, then these coffee memes are for you. 

Is a steaming hot cup of coffee the only beverage that can power your engines in the morning? Does caffeine have the magical ability to turn you from a zombie to a well-functioning adult?

If you’re one of us, these coffee memes are for you:

P.S.: Several coffee puns ahead. You have been warned!

20.) Never a Happy Dwarf

coffee memes dwarves

We all can relate to at least one ofthe seven dwarfs who helped Snow White survive. It would be great if it would be Happy with whom we’d always identify, but alas, that’s rarely the case.

At least not before we’ve had our morning cup of coffee.

19.) Before Coffee, There Is Only Chaos

coffee memes before after koala

It’s like looking at a mirror. Is it possible for a human to be related to a koala? Asking for a friend.

Fun fact: One of the most expensive coffees in the world is kopi luwak, and it’s made from the poop of the civet, a small, catlike animal. One cup costs approximately $80 in the U.S. Would you try it someday?

18.) The Magic Potion

coffee memes cinderella transformation

Disney memes are the best, or rather, the second best, after coffee jokes.

But how could all those Disney princesses wake up flawlessly without a caffeine-infused pick-me-up? All we know is that in our case, nothing beats the first morning sip of coffee.

17.) Sweet Salvation

funny coffee memes

Words cannot espresso how ecstatic the first sip of coffee makes us feel.

But sometimes, you gotta wait for that oh-so-sweet release…

16.) It’s Brewing

coffee memes kick in

Your internal engine gets in motion in the first 10 minutes after drinking your morning elixir (a.k.a. coffee).

However, you won’t hit full speed until after 45 minutes. That’s when your bloodstream becomes infused with the caffeine. We hope there is no human interaction in the meanwhile.

15.) By Sir Brews-a-Lot

coffee memes big cups

You others can’t deny

That when a barista walks in with a steaming hot cup

Your coffee addiction is brewing, wanna pull out your espresso machine

14.) Expect Me to Drink All Those Cups

coffee memes summon with coffee

If your offering is a big bag of coffee beans and mugs of all colors, I shall become your new coffee spirit.

We like that they included different kinds of coffees; these people know the rules of the ritual.

13.) The Process

coffee memes | how coffee works

Scientifically, caffeine activates the central nervous system and improves concentration and focus.

But we like to think of it as a mysterious concoction that soothes the spirits. Makes the whole process more whimsical.

12.) Thank You, Coffee Fairy!

coffee memes | coffee is a fairy tale


Remember Jack and the Beanstalk? As adults, we’ve come to the conclusion that his magic beans are the equivalent of coffee beans.

Also, did you know that many espresso machines come with a built-in grinder? It’s time to start grinding your own magic beans!

11.) Forget Gifts, All I Want Is Coffee

coffee memes | ways to win my heart

If you knock on my heart’s doors, the secret code is CAFFEINE.

Remember it and you’re good to go.

10.) I Feel Insulted.

coffee memes | decaf vs. regular

Alright, no need to brew around the bush: Many of us don’t drink coffee because of its taste. Yes, we do like its bittersweet flavor and earthy smell, but is it enough for us to seek it every morning, almost religiously?

The answer is a f-latte no. Our souls know comfort only if caffeine is there.

9.) That’s Not What I Signed Up For

coffee memes decaf tastes like betrayal

Decaf tastes different than its caffeine-filled cousin because of some of the chemicals that have been removed in the decaffeinating process.

Hardcore coffee lovers call this process a blasphemy. We can’t help but agree.

8.) Pawsome!

coffee memes | pugkin spice latter

What a pugtastic Halloween costume for a dog! Will everybody get the pun, though? We don’t know, but you’ll get a few giggles out of this cutie’s adorable outfit.

At the very least, everyone will knowthe extent of your coffee obsession.

7.) The Only Reward That Counts

coffee memes coffee on table

Bones Coffee Co.

Compared to other drinks, coffee isn’t generally that expensive. And considering its energy-inducing powers, we can even venture to add that it’s a good investment.

But when coffee consumption levels rise to the roof, it becomes quite a hefty budget to manage.

In case you’re wondering, it’s still totally worth it.

6.) *GASPS*

coffee memes | broken coffee maker

Death Wish Coffee Co.

Only coffee lovers know the value of a well-functioning espresso machine. So when it goes kaput, all hell breaks loose.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to repair your coffee machine yourself without spending a fortune!

5.) Coffee Isn’t Just a Drink, It’s a Lifestyle

coffee memes with grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat is our spirit animals in many situations, especially during the pre-morning-coffee interactions.

While all cats are natural-born comedians (who can hide it very well if needed), we suspect that the grumpiness of our feline friend is only due to a lack of caffeine!

4.) You Tell Em’, Dwight!

Dwight from The Office coffee meme

You can’t cross Dwight Schrute when he’s set his mind onto something. Unless you’re Jim, of course.

But of all the bizarre and unhinged claims Dwight stated in The Office, this one is actually extremely accurate.

3.) The Only Motivation to Wake Up

coffee memes wake up

Did you know that morning coffee addiction is a thing?

If your day is unbearable without your cup of joe and you feel withdrawal syndromes when skipping your daily grind, this is your cue to get yourself checked.

2.) Mmmmmm

coffee memes | funny latte art

Coffee is a miracle energy drink that the gods have bestowed upon us.

But do we always use this energy to getwork done? Mmmmm.

1.) Once You Go Black Coffee, You Never Go Back

coffee memes evolution of a cofee drinker

The struggle is real. While adding one or two cups of coffee per day seems like an enjoyable option, it is utterly unimaginable for coffee lovers to take their coffee addiction down a notch.

It’s a slippery slope, my friends.

What do you think of these coffee memes? Do you have any coffee memejoke we should hear about? What’s your favorite type of coffee? Let us know in the comments! And to make sure you fulfill your caffeine intake, make sure to read all there is to know about espresso machines by clicking the Next button!