10 Common Science Myths Proven Wrong

There are some science myths out there that have become so commonplace we’ve accepted them as facts! We’ve all heard them before. Myths like, carrots give you better night vision. Everyone should drink eight glasses of water a day. Milk is good for your bones. But are they really true?

It turns out a lot of our favorite science “facts” are really just old wive’s tales. Business Insider debunked some of the most popular sciencemyths passed down through the ages. In some cases the myths were even just advertising ploys to beat the competition! Read on for the low down on the 10 most common science myths that have been proven totally wrong.

1.) Milk Does a Body Good

Science Myth Milk

Milk has been a staple in the Western diet for a long time. Cow’s milk has been sold as a healthy source of calcium and vitamin D for decades. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture recommends that adults drink three glasses of milk each day. The theory goes that the more milk you drink the less likely you are to develop bone fractures or bone decay as you age.

This is one of those science myths that has been proven wrong multiple times but many people still believe. Numerous studies have shown there’s no correlation between drinking milk and having fewer bone fractures. Maybe it’s time the US Department of Agriculture updates their health recommendations?