20+ Funny Disney Memes You’ll Only Get If You’re a Real Disney Fan

What could be better than your rewatching your favorite Disney animated movies? Howling with laughter at funny Disney memes that only an adult understands.

If there is one thing that can put a smile on anyone’s face, it would definitely be a Disney movie. But do you know what could be better than your rewatching your favorite animated movies? Howling with laughter at funny Disney memes that only grown-ups, and mostly only those with a twisted mind, can understand.

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Here are the best funny Disney memes that internet geniuses thought of:

25. Cold Hard Cash

funny Disney memes | Frozen bank account

“Let it rain (cash), let it rain (cash)!”

And here we were, thinking that Disney princesses had bottomless vaults of money ready to be emptied at their smallest desires and whims. Seems times are getting tough for everybody, including royals.

24. “Hello. I am Baymax, Your Personal *Dancing* Companion.”

funny disney memes dancing companion

If there is one thing we love more than Disney movies, it would be Disney crossovers.

Let’s admit it, though; Baymax looks so darn fine in that dress. Whoever designed this iconic shot is a master of their craft.

23. Adulting Is Hard

funny disney memes | adulting is hard

No one prepared us for the mess that adult life turned out to be.

Disney movies sure made it seem really simple with their happily-ever-after endings. We demand 21st-century heroes and heroines who try to keep high grades at college, handle two part-time jobs, exercise daily and freak out during tax season. Make it happen, Disney. Young adults are your new segment to conquer.

22. *Hyperventilates*

funny disney memes |crossover

Confession time: I lowkey watched Wreck-It Ralph 2 only for that Disney princesses crossover.

It was utterly epic! As if seeing them all in 3D in one movie wasn’t enough, the animation powerhouse gave each one of them a modern makeover with cute outfits we can’t wait to get our hands on. Worth a watch.

21. Should Have Saved Some Tears For Later

funny disney memes alice tears

Deciding if a situation is bad enough to shed some tears can sometimes be hard. The tears are just there, man.

We can relate to Alice on a spiritual level. In addition to being in floods after the doorknob incident, she also doesn’t hesitate to eat every kind of food presented to her. A real heroine.

20. Must Bleach Eyes

There are some things that should have never seen the light, and this Disney on Ice piece is one of them.

Truth be told, they nailed Marlin’s and Dori’s heads, but the performers’ legs and painted faces make the whole view extremely bizarre.

19. Who Run The World?

funny disney memes elsa high heels

Elsa not only runs in ice heels, but she does so while creating ice stairs. Can that ever be topped?

While most normal human beings won’t be capable of pulling off this stunt with stilettos, you might have more chances with block heels.

18. “Think My Name’s Funny? Do You?”

funny disney memes weasly

Whoever thought of this is a pure genius.

However, we would love to know the Houses of each Frozen character. Our best bet is that Anna might be a Gryffindor, Elsa a Ravenclaw, Kristoff a Hufflepuff, and Hans a Slytherin.

17. My New Favorite Insult

funny disney memes fool

Take notes people, this is how you successfully insult someone all while keeping it G-rated.

Another clapback-worthy and Disney-inspired insult to throw in a heated argument is: “Isn’t it rather dangerous to use one’s entire vocabulary in a single sentence?” Ouch!

16. And Who Wouldn’t?

funny disney memes incredibles

Did Mother Nature also wait patiently 14 years for the second movie?

Although all these years were painfully long, the wait was undoubtedly worth it. It truly was one of the pinnacles of 3D animation and storytelling. What was your favorite scene from the movie?

15. *Scoff*

funny disney memes Jafar and Titanic

We love good puns, especially those involving our favorite movies and songs.

Info of the day: Did you know that the name of the Sultan in Aladdin is Hamed Bobolonius II? The more you know.

14. You Had One Job

funny disney memes kuzco

Energy-drink-powered all-nighters spent to write a single essay are the new norm for college students.

Although re-reading these essays in the morning usually comes with a shock. How was it even possible to write two paragraphs and yet add nothing of value to the essay?

13. Guilty As Charged

funny disney memes | manicure from hell

One of the highest achievements in a makeover is being able to nail (pun intended) that nail art we saw on Youtube.

And you can bet that we won’t miss a single opportunity to show it off.

12. Dishonor On You, Your Family and Your Cow

funny disney memes | family dishonor

Moms are the real MVPs of our lives. Doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult; they’re the original BFFs who can guess from a simple “Hello” whether you’re happy or sad and whether you had lunch or not.

So when she complains about us to someone else, we feel so betrayed.

11. The Only Ones Who Actually Made Sense

funny disney memes | speaking the truth about life

As kids, we rarely questioned what happens on cartoons and movies, but as adults, we can’t help but pinpoint how some scenes and plots actually don’t make any sense, especially in Disney.

However, even if we know that no one starts singing randomly in real life (sorry, Bollywood movies), we wouldn’t trade the brilliant songs Disney had produced for anything in the world.

10. Time to Turn Off the TV

funny Disney memes | cats recreating scene from Lion King

Looks like these cats should be tuning into The Lady and the Tramp movie instead.

If this picture made you giggle, these hilarious cat pictures won’t fail to make you laugh out loud. Happiness pill!

9. Oh, How Times Have Changed

funny disney memes scar from lion king

You know what they say: You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

It’s funny how we empathize more with the villains as we grow older. Some studios are now aware that every story has two sides, which is one of the reasons they started blurring the line between good and evil. And honestly, it’s quite refreshing! *Looking at Maleficent and nodding in approval.*

8. Summer Season Caught Me Off Guard

funny Disney memes trying on swimsuits

I may not have the perfect bikini body these celebrities have been sporting this summer, but hey, you know what? It doesn’t prevent me from having a good beach day.

Put on that swimsuit and go make a splash!

7. A Match Made in Heaven

funny disney memes Thor

Mjølnir (Thor’s hammer) is at it again.

Seems like the son of Odin has a tough spot for animated characters.

6. Disney. Make. This. Movie. NOW!

funny disney memes new movie idea

As soon as we saw Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o catfighting over the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, we couldn’t stop fangirling over them.

This childish and sweet gesture shook the internet at the time, and since then, everybody wants a movie starring the two beloved actresses. Let’s sign a petition to make it happen!

5. The Player Just Got Played

funny disney memes Toy Story

Sid was a kid who seemed to have some toys in the attic, for real.

This Sid toy sure looks like it’s coming from an alternate universe, where karma seems to have done its job well.

4. Do You Wanna Build a Balloon House?

funny disney memes up

Besides being an all-time tear-jerker, Up was also full of witty lines and funny encounters.

Never has an old man been so loved by so many people around the globe. Our eyes are already watering.

3. The Only Disney Character I Can Relate To

funny disney memes morning

After snoozing the alarm (at least) three times, the dragon finally awakens.

Life is tough for night owls like us.

2. It’s Not a Phase, Dad!

funny disney memes Finding Emo

We can hear My Chemical Romance blasting through the aquarium.

Gotta love this punny, funny Disney meme.

1. Unleash the Beast

funny disney memes unleash the beast

Disney Fandom, assemble!


What’s your favorite joke from these funny Disney memes? Do you know any meme we should add to the list? Click the next button to see Disney dresses for modern women!