20+ Funny Cat Pictures to Brighten a Bad Day

Cats are crazy, but that's part of what makes them so fun to live with. Check out these funny cat pictures that are guaranteed to make you crack a smile.

We love them, but do they love us back? Debatable. The most important thing, though, is that they are oh-so-hilarious to live with. Whether our cats are plotting their next move to piss us off, building up an army to take over the world or simply trying to fit in a tiny box, these funny cat pictures won’t fail to get at least a few giggles out of you.

Your happiness cure of the day is ready!

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Check out these funny cat pictures:

30.) Nothing To See Here, Folks, Move Along

funny cat pictures ladder

These cats look suspicious: they are *up* to something. Ba-dum-tss!

But we can suspect they’ve been eying that bag of food in the top cabinet.

29.) Christmas Is Cancelled

funny cat pictures: fallen Christmas tree

How could you shine so bright when my soul is so dark, you magnificent Christmas tree?! Wellp, that one didn’t last long.

Word of caution: If you have a cat, keep a close eye on it during Christmas.

28.) The Ha-Meow-een Spirit

funny cat pictures halloween

Ok, but let’s give some credit to this fella: Don’t we all look like this when we’re hungry?

I don’t know about you, but when I wake up from slumber with an empty stomach, I don’t really pull off a Sleeping Beauty face.

27.) The Tumbling Tumblr Pic

funny cat pictures | cats in dryer

I mean, those cats have better aesthetics than I do. The dreamy eyes, the dramatic head motion, the perfectly circular frame of the washing machine…

This picture absolutely needs a spot in our favorite engagement poses.

26.) The Meow-ting

funny cat pictures | cats meeting on bed

If I came across this scenario anytime soon, I would make sure to sleep with one eye open.

Who knows who they’re plotting against!

25.) Myyyy Precious!

funny cat pictures lick

Is it us, or does the cat on the right look like a hostage screaming for help?

We don’t really know what’s going on there, but the black cat looks a bit… off.

24.) A King And His Kingdom

funny cat pictures | cat with cardboard box hoard

Is this what cat dreams are made of? With a stock of boxes this big, the cat might have a seven-lifetimes’-worth supply of cat toys.

And maybe, just maybe, they will find a box that actually fits.

23.) The Sizzle Of The Bacon

funny cat pictures bacon

“Give. Me. The. Bacon. NOW!!”

We may not know meow-language, but we can guess the thirst, hunger and yearning that those big—and haunting—eyes convey.

22.) The “Accident”

funny cat pictures | arsonist cat

What in the world is happening in this picture?!

We can’t really tell, but one thing is sure: The freezing snow outside can melt in seconds in front of the raging passion of this cat.

21.) The Meow-nager

funny cat pictures office cat

“Do you think my job is funny, Susan? I put food on the table, Susan, I studied and worked hard for this. How dare you laugh, you bipedal hairless hunk.”

When M. Meow walks to the meeting room, we’re sure everyone gets quiet.

20.) No One Escapes From Me. No One.

funny cat pictures | cat plotting and staring through window

If you cross this beast in an empty street at night, this deadly set of eyes may be the last thing you see in your life.

Run, human, run!

19.) The Innovator

funny cat pictures light armrest box

They’re evolving! They’re finally showing their real powers! Humanity, fear for thyself!

The fact this cat is using its intelligence for its own comfort makes this picture even more hilarious.

18.) The Extra

funny cat pictures | cat wearing fur

General Kitty is ready to report for duty. This proud, valiant warrior will wear its enemy’s fur without a hint of guilt.

We don’t really wanna cross its path, ever.

17.) The One That Probably Smelled Too Much Catnip

funny cat pictures crazy cat

“Hi there! Yes, yes, I’m talking to you, do you wanna be my best friend? Let’s play ALL DAY LONG! Let’s chase the birds, let’s go on an adventure, LET’S STAY TOGETHER FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!”

To be honest, we can’t even say no to those joyful eyes.

16.) Hmmm

funny cat pictures | scowling cat

The Judgemental Cat is a species that only reveals itself when the Human messes up. You can easily recognize this breed of animals by its famous squinty eyes.

Caution is advised when dealing with the Judgemental Cat.

15.) Long Live The… Kitty

funny cat pictures | Lion King moment

By now, these adorbs four-legged pets know they rule the world.

Do they make sure you know it too? Yes, they do, at every occasion possible. And now we have a funny cat picture to prove it!

14.) Think *Inside* Of The Box

funny cat pictures | box in a basket

They say you can’t change a habit overnight. They also say you can’t easily convince a cat to get out of its box.

That doesn’t mean we don’t still kinda feel bad for all those sophisticated cat toys that are bought only to be neglected by our furry friends over, well, more primitive artifacts.

13.) A Wafflecrown For A Wafflecat

funny cat pictures waffle king

The legends says that the Wafflecat ruled over the Pastrynation for many long, prosperous years, until the Croissantclan attacked.

Nothing has been the same ever since, nothing.

12.) The Glitch In The Matrix

funny cat pictures | cats staring at bug in lampshade

These cats look alike, sit in the same posture and have the same obsession for that lampshade bug.

What are they waiting for? No one knows. Is it something we mere humans need to stay out of? Definitely.

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11.) Shameful Styrofoam

funny cat pictures | styrofoam plate of discontent

If you’re a cat owner, chances are your cat has done many things you don’t approve of.

Some internet users exposed their cats to the world for their shameful behaviors, and some even took it to the next level with the cones of shame. But when you don’t have one, better become creative like this cat owner!

10.) The Shadows Are Haunting Me Every Night

funny cat pictures light

I honestly don’t know what’s worst: keeping the lights on and trying to sleep through this nightmarish sight, or turning off the lights and not knowing what this cat is plotting in the dark.

One thing is sure, I wouldn’t wanna be left alone with this cat.

9.) That’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

funny cat pictures shoji windows

Buying Shoji doors when you have not only one cat, but two?

That’s a rookie mistake, my friend.

8.) What Do You Mean By “May”?!

funny cat pictures awesome box

With confidence levels over a thousand, this cat is ready to take over the world.

Nothing you say or do will change the fact that this feline is blooming with awesomeness.

7.) The Try-Not-To-Laugh Challenge

funny cat pictures shave

Needless to say, just like the owner, we obviously lost the challenge.

We still have one question though: Does the groomer ever get bored of regularly seeing these hilariously shaved pets? We hope not!

6.) S-paw Day

funny cat pictures tissue box on head

“It’s not for you, it’s not for anybody.

It’s for me, Susan. Close the door behind you.”

5.) Leaving a Bad Review

leaving a bad review

When catsitting, ensure every cat is constantly fed tuna.

It’s a good thing that pets don’t know how to type in real life.

4.) Models Wanted Meow

models wanted meow

This kitty is too sexy for this car.

They need to get a better modeling job!

3.) May I Have This Dance?

dancing cat

This cat is light on its feet.

They are definitely a champion.

2.) Waiting For You

waiting for the owner

Just waiting with their owner to come home.

Hope you remembered the catnip.

1.) This Fence Tastes Amazing

fence tastes good

One day, this cat will eat the fence.

It will be a glorious day.

What do you think of these funny cat pictures? Do you have a cat? If yes, what is the most hilarious situation it has put itself through? For more fun, make sure to check the 20 hilarious pics that prove felines can fit into about anything in our next article.