24 Amazing DIY Easter Decorations for Your Home

Check out these easy DIY Easter decorations for your home that you can make today. From bunny cups to egg bouquets, we've got you covered. 

Easter is fast approaching, so dust off those Easter bonnets and get those chocolate eggs at the ready. Easter is a time of celebration, and a time to reflect on new beginnings and welcome with open arms the season of spring. It’s a time to be with family and friends,  share food, take part in egg hunts, decorate eggs, and create your own Easter decorations.

Many of us like to use this holiday to get creative. Making decorations is not only a great way to save money, but it also will give you a sense of accomplishment. You could use this creative time to spend time with the kids and to make something together as a family that you can cherish for years to come.

Check out these easy DIY Easter decorations for your home that you can make today. 

24.) Hand-Painted Easter Art

diy easter decorations handpainted signs


This handpainted Easter art is a simple and stylish way to add a bit of spring cheer to any room during Easter celebrations.

It can be easily recreated by hand painting or even printing out the words and using any spare frame you have in the house. If you are feeling more creative, get some wood and nail together a makeshift frame to put around your art.

23.) Baby Chick Hanging Easter Decoration

baby chick diy easter decoration


This craft makes a simple Easter decoration that is easy to make and looks great. All you need is a stick from the garden, a pretty ribbon, a box of baby chicks, and some glue.

Give this Easter decoration a try. It will only take a few minutes to make, and it will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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22.) Cotton Bunny Tail Art

little bunnies with cotton tails easter sign

Fancy Decos

This family of rabbits can be made easily by creating a stencil and painting over it. Then all you need to do is at a bow and the cute cottontail.

Why nor this bunny art to represent your own family? You could then get it out every Easter and make it part of your family tradition.

21.) Hand Decorated Eggs

handpainted hard boiled eggs for easter


For the non-traditional types, these hand-decorated Easter eggs are perfect.

Create bold, colorful eggs to use as decorations around the house or on a table this Easter.

20.) Chick Hatching Peg Easter Decoration

peg diy easter decoration


This is a smart Easter decoration that kids and adults will love. All you need is some cards, pegs, and glue.

When the peg is open, you can only see the egg. Close the peg to crack the egg and hatch this adorable Easter chick!

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19.) Colorful Happy Easter Banner

colorful easter decoration

A Cultivated Nest

What better way to say “Happy Easter” than with a bright and colorful banner?

Get out the card, tissue paper, string, and scissors to get your craft on with friends and family. Make a day of it and have a full-on craft day of making Easter decorations to fill your home with spring-inspired goodness.

18.) Fluffy Bunny Tail Plant Pot

diy easter decoration bunny butt


This cheeky little rabbit decoration will have everyone talking about it this Easter. Scatter them around your home so people can find them, and watch their faces as your guests giggle with delight.

All you need is some felt, cotton balls, a plant, and a pot to create this fun DIY Easter decoration.

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17.) Bunny Easter Card

diy bunny easter card

I Heart Crafty Things

If you give out Easter cards each year, maybe you should consider making them yourself.

These DIY bunny cards by I Heart Crafty Things are a great example of what can be created with paper, glue, a black pen, a pink pompom, and googly eyes.

16.) Kids Footprint Carrot Easter Decoration

cute kids foot print carrot easter decoration


If you have small children, forget about sending out Easter cards this year. Easter decorations made from your kid’s footprints are where it is at! Look how adorable they look, and anyone will happily receive these cute cards.

Dip your kid’s foot into some paint. Print out some cute orange footprints onto some paper, cut them out, add some green foliage, write a little note, and you’re done!

15.) Easter Bunny Banner

diy easter bunny banner


Spend an afternoon with the kids crafting a beautiful Easter bunny decoration.

Collect a selection of different colored cardstock and make a bunny stencil. Stick on some cottontails, and then glue the bunnies to some string. You now have the perfect Easter bunny banner.

14.) DIY Bunny Easter Card

diy bunny easter cards

North Story

Keep that bunny stencil you made for the bunny garland and use it to create some DIY Easter cards to hand out to friends and family.

It’s such a simple design, but it is fun to make and will look great in anyone’s home this Easter.

13.) DIY Bunny Easter Eggs

diy bunny easter eggs


Eggshells have never looked so good! Get out your paints, wildflowers, and paper to make yourself a collection of rabbits to help you celebrate Easter.

Look at their little faces! They’re so cute!

12.) DIY Bunny Jar Easter Decorations

easter bunny diy jar decorations

Happiness Is Handmade

Put aside any jars that you may use before Easter, keep any ribbons you come across, and find a good bunny stencil  — maybe even the same one you used for the garland.

This Easter decoration will look fabulous displayed in any home, and it can also be given as a gift.

11.) DIY Carrot Garland for Easter

diy carrot garland for easter


All those Easter bunnies that are hopping around this spring are going to get hungry, so keep them well fed with this charming DIY carrot garland.

Green and orange paper, a stapler, and some string are all you need to create this vegetable masterpiece.

10.) Easter Egg Pennant

easter egg pennant

Queen and Me

Get yourself to the craft store this instant to get everything you need to create this Easter egg pennant.

Glittery pegs and colorful eggs. What more does an Easter decoration need?

9.) DIY Easter Suncatcher Decorations

diy easter suncatcher decoration

Everyday Dishes

These Easter suncatcher decorations by Everyday Dishes are a wonderful craft project to do with the kids.

Bond with the family over cutting and sticking colorful tissue paper. Make Easter eggs, bunnies, and little chick suncatchers to display in the window for all to see.

8.) Chick and Bunny Mason Jar DIY Easter Decorations

diy easter decoration mason jars


Remember those jars we mentioned earlier that you should collect before Easter? Well, you are going to need them again for this cute chick and bunny face Easter decorations.

Use the jars to store mini eggs, or hide clues in them as part of a treasure hunt. The possibilities are endless.

7.) Colored Water Filled Jars and Fresh Flowers

colored water and fresh flowers

Paper and Cakery

Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple. That certainly rings true for these colorful water-filled vases because they look stunning.

All you need to do is go to the store, get yourself some food coloring and fresh flowers, and pop them into a glass vase.

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6.) Easter Egg Bouquet

easter egg bouquet

Down Redbud Drive

Imagine waking up on Easter morning and running downstairs to be greeted by this fun bouquet of mini chocolate Easter eggs.

The sheer delight of knowing that someone has taken the time to craft such a clever and unique decoration is a gift on its own.

5.) DIY Easter Felt Chick Decoration

diy easter felt chick decoration

Jen’s Sewing Machines

This little felt chick is too adorable for words! This Easter decoration is the ideal candidate to be the focus feature at any Easter craft party.

Make your little hatchling with some felt and sewing thread.

4.) DIY Easter Basket Centerpiece

diy easter basket centerpiece


This is the more sophisticated of the Easter decorations on the list.

Fill a wire basket with eggs and fresh flowers for a charming Easter centerpiece that will sure to be the talk of the dinner table.

If you are unsure about how to store your eggs, read our tips on the best refrigerator temperature to keep your food fresh.

3.) Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Egg

floral wreath crowned easter eggs


If you want to put a smile on your guests’ faces this Easter, this is the decoration for you.

When serving up a soft boiled egg, add a mini flower garland and smiley face to the egg for maximum impact.

2.) Hand-Painted Floral Eggs

hand painted floral eggs

Dream a Little Bigger

There are the eggs you give to the kids to decorate for Easter, and there are those that you sneakily hand paint yourself to impress your guests.

Impress them you will if you can paint a beautiful design like these by Dream a Little Bigger.

1.) Easter Bunny Cups

easter bunny cups

Mas & Pas

Make having drinks more fun with these delightful easy as pie to make bunny cups.

The kids will love them, and the adults won’t be able to hide their excitement either.

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We hope that these amazing DIY Easter decoration ideas have inspired you to get your craft on this Easter. If you are love doing crafts to make things prettier, try out some easy DIY earrings you can make in the next 10 minutes.

24 amazing diy easter decorations for your home