25 Crazy Easy DIY Earrings You Can Make In The Next 10 Minutes!

By Youmn April 17, 2018 View all posts (74)

An on-point outfit calls for perfect accessories and adding a unique pair of easy DIY earrings is the key to acing your OOTD game!

To bring your outift together in style, earrings are definitely the way to go. Whether they are big and fancy-shmancy or discrete and minimalist, they will be the cherry on top of your own unmatched look!

And since breaking the bank is no longer an option after we have shopped for those gorgeous trendy spring fashion looks, one alternative remains: DIYing our own fabulous earrings!

If you have 10 minutes to spare, we gathered for you 25 crazy easy DIY earrings you can make yourself right now!

25.) DIY Multicolor Tassels Earrings By The Stripe

easy diy earrings

Tassels have been used as ornaments since the Roman emperors and since then it seems like designers can’t get enough of them!

To complete your razzle-dazzle look, make these multicolor tassel earrings, in either four-toned or popping colors!

Link: The Stripe

24.) DIY Pompom Earrings By Homemade Banana

easy diy earrings

Pompoms are always fun to watch and feel. These classy yet merry dangling pompom earrings will complete a sober look perfectly. For a more jolly effect, mix and match the colors.

Link: Homemade Banana

23.) Anthro Knockoff Tassel Earrings By See Vanessa Craft

easy diy earrings

Vanessa from Vanessa Craft got inspired by Anthropologie’s tassel earrings and, to tell the truth, we kind of like her version more! You can make these easy DIY earrings if you follow the simple instructions: cut, assemble, knot.

Link: See Vanessa Craft

22.) DIY Pom Pom Mardi Gras Earrings By Southern Flair

easy diy earrings

For those who want to get into a Mardi Gras spirit in St Louis or Gulf Shores, then take your fork and make these colorful pompoms. We absolutely love the end result of this 10-minute craft.

Link: Southern Flair 

21.) Suede Fringe Earrings By Made in a Day

easy diy earrings

Fringes are so IN this spring! These suede earrings can be customized any way you want: get creative with the shapes, colors and lengths.

Link: Made in a day