25 Crazy Easy DIY Earrings You Can Make In The Next 10 Minutes!

An on-point outfit calls for perfect accessories, and adding a unique pair of easy DIY earrings will help you ace your OOTD game! Here are 25 gorgeous earrings you can make in under 10 minutes!

An on-point outfit calls for perfect accessories and adding a unique pair of easy DIY earrings is the key to acing your OOTD game!

To bring your outfit together in style, earrings are definitely the way to go. Whether they are big and fancy-schmancy or discrete and minimalist, they will be the cherry on top of your own unmatched look!

And since breaking the bank is no longer an option after we have shopped for those gorgeous trendy spring fashion looks, one alternative remains: DIYing our own fabulous earrings!

If you have 10 minutes to spare, we gathered for you 25 crazy easy DIY earrings you can make yourself right now!

25. DIY Multicolor Tassels Earrings By The Stripe

easy diy earrings

Tassels have been favored as ornaments since the times of Roman emperors, and designers nowadays are still crazy about them!

To add flair to your look, create a pair of multicolor tassel earrings. Choose between the four-tone variation or popping hues to mesmerise anyone who sees them!

Link: The Stripe

24. DIY Gem Earrings By Linkouture

diy gem earrings by linkouture



Gems are a fun way to accessorize any outfit. These classy yet merry dangling fancy earrings will complete a sober look perfectly. For a more jolly effect, mix and match the colors.

Link: Linkouture


23. Anthro Knockoff Tassel Earrings By See Vanessa Craft

easy diy earrings

Vanessa from Vanessa Craft got inspired by Anthropologie’s tassel earrings and we kind of like her version more! You can make these easy DIY earrings if you follow the simple instructions: cut, assemble, knot.

Link: See Vanessa Craft


22. DIY Pom Pom Mardi Gras Earrings By Southern Flair

easy diy earrings

For those who want to get into a Mardi Gras spirit in St Louis or Gulf Shores, then take your fork and make these colorful pompoms. We absolutely love the end result of this 10-minute craft.

Link: Southern Flair 

21. Suede Fringe Earrings By Made in a Day

easy diy earrings

Fringes are so IN this spring! These suede earrings can be customized any way you want: get creative with the shapes, colors and lengths.

Link: Made in a day

20. DIY Hoop Tassel Earrings By Made In a Day

easy diy earrings

Yep, it’s tassel time again. How can we not, they’re so fancy. We particularly love these ones for their simplicity. Bonus point: we’re hooked on the hoops.

Link: Made in a day

19. DIY Paper Earrings By The House That Lars Built 

easy diy earrings

Would you believe us if we told you these smashing earrings are made of paper? Yep! So if you have paper scraps from your latest DIY project laying around, you know what to do with them!

Link: The House That Lars Built

18. DIY Pompom-Tassel Earrings By Artlex

easy diy earrings

A hoop, mini-tassels, beads: a winning combo for these ravishing easy DIY earrings. They don’t require any sewing or gluing, so you can safely replace the tassels and beads as much as you want to accommodate any style!

Link: Le Blog d’Artlex

17. Lace Earrings By Ventuno Art

For stylish baroque-inspired earrings, watch this video carefully! Artsy and fancy!

Link: Ventuno Art

16. Print Fabric Bead Earrings By Thriftanista in the City

easy diy earrings

Where are my color-lovin’ ladies at? For the babes who aren’t afraid to show their true colors this spring, take a good look at Thriftanista’s tutorial. Using only small pieces of fabric, she created some dazzling earrings.

Link: Thriftanista in the City 

15. DIY Love Heart Earrings By Motte’s Blog

easy diy earrings

Love is in the air and so are these cute heart-shaped earrings! They are made out of clay and only need a bit of gold and colored paint. The brilliant tip we learned from Motte’s Blog was how to make a heart mold using only a pen with a metal end.

Link: Motte’s Blog

14. DIY Zipper Earrings By Artsy Fartsy Mama

easy diy earrings

Alright, this one is a special shout-out to the busiest DIY fashionistas. Easy DIY earrings cannot possibly get any easier than this and the end result is a-ma-zing.

Link: Artsy Fartsy Mama

13. DIY Monkey Fist Knot Earrings By Fall For DIY

easy diy earrings

You will knot believe how easy it was to make these amazeballs earrings. (Sorry for the double pun, couldn’t help it.)

These earrings look cozy and tell a ton about our love for DIY projects.

Link: Fall For DIY

12. DIY Hex Nut Earrings By Petit Elefant

easy diyearrings

You know a DIY is brilliant when it uses an unexpected object, just like here, where Petit Elefant used hex nuts to create these beautiful, rockstar earrings.

Link: Petit Elefant

11. DIY Studded Earrings By In Honor Of Design

easy diy earrings

Continuing in our rockstar accessories list, what do you think of these studded earrings? In Honor Of Design created these minimalist earrings for all those who want to add a sprinkle of rebellion to their outfit!

Link: In Honor Of Design

10. Two Tone Chevron Stud Earrings By Cut Out + Keep

easy diy earrings

These two-tone chevron earrings are made of an unexpected material: cardboard! And once you get the hang out of the process, you can easily design dozens of other small minimalistic earrings! Think of all the possibilities.

Link: Cut Out + Keep

9. DIY Lego Earrings By Carleyy from Instructables

easy diyearrings

To wake up the child in you, make these Lego earrings in one sitting. They will certainly bring back memories to anyone who sees them and, believe us; they are hard to miss.

Link: Carleyy from Instructables

8. DIY Fringe Earrings By The Allison Show 

easy diy earrings

Yep, it’s still fringe season, and we’re taking the most out of it! Head to The Allison Show’s website to get the full tutorial of these easy-peasy earrings.

Link: The Allison Show

7. Front/Back Stud Earrings By Something Monumental 

easy diy earrings

Dinosaur earrings? Sign me up! Actually, these terrific earrings can be made from any small toy figure. One thing is sure: they will gather you more than a few compliments.


6. Bobby Pin Chevron Earrings By Crème de la Craft

easy diy earrings

Who knew bobby pins could be converted into dazzling earrings? Using only paint and a good dose of creativity, Crème de la Craft came up with this easy style in a heartbeat.

Link: Crème de la Craft 

5. DIY Seashell Earrings By How Did You Make This

easy diy earrings

After a long walk down the seashore, we often fill our pockets with the prettiest seashells we can find. Next time you find yourself picking them up, make sure to choose two that look alike because you will need them to make these beautiful seashell earrings.

easy diy earrings

Link: How Did You Make This (1) and Honestly WTF (2)

4. DIY Geometric Earrings By Petit Elefant

easy diy earrings

Can’t find beads you like? No problem. Clay is the answer. These popping earrings by Petit Elefant have been created using bakeable clay and sliced with an X-Acto knife, and we absolutely love how the colors turned out.

Link: Petit Elefant

3. DIY Beaded Hoop Earrings By How About Orange

easy diy earrings

Simple, effective, versatile. These are the perfect DIY project for beginners and veterans alike. Literally, any beads you have can be used here, alternate the colors, sizes and shapes to create your own unique style!

Link: How About Orange

2. Paper Landscape Silhouette Earrings By Tokutei12 from Instructables

easy diy earrings

Again, this is paper. The concept of these earrings is brilliantly artistic and the execution is so simple. These will perfectly match this year’s trendy spring fashion.

Link: Instructables

1. Friendship Hoop Earrings By P.S. – I Made This

easy diy earrings

A friendship bracelet refashioned to become trendy earrings? Genius! Although will we keep one hoop and give the other to our bestie? Hmmm …

Link: P.S. – I Made This 

What do you think of these easy DIY earrings? Are there any ones would you like to try to spruce up your outfits this season? Why not share this article with your friends and you can have a crafternoon and make some DIY earring together. 

25 crazy easy diy earrings you can make in the next 10 minutes!