Art + Cats = Amazing Re-Created Art Paintings With Cats That Will Make You Visit Your Nearest Museum Again

By Youmn October 8, 2018 View all posts (79)

Once upon a time, two women in different parts of the world asked themselves this unusual question: “What would happen if I fit my cat into my favorite paintings?” Later on, Cats Galore and Fat Cat Art were born. And the internet lived happily ever after.

Wanna have a little laugh while learning art facts? Or smoothly introduce art ed to your family members and friends? If the answer is yes, you should absolutely start with these cat art paintings! Thanks to the amazing Svetlana Petrova, her sassy cat Zarathustra, and Susan Herbert, your dream is about to become reality.

Here are the cat art masterpieces that classical art was missing.

15.) The Kitty with the Pearl Earring

susan herbert funny cat art recreation the girl with the pearl earring

First, let’s kick off this unusual art tour with Susan Herbert’s paintings.

On the cover of her Cats Galore book, you will find a familiar figure serenely looking at you. She’s wearing a blue and gold turban and wearing a big white pearl earring. Ring any bells?

However, it’s not the portrait of a young, pale woman you will find, but rather that of a cheeky kitty.