23 Funny Cats That Prove Felines Will Try to Fit Into Just About Anything

If you’ve ever lived with a cat – especially funny cats – you know they are sneaky little devils that try to fit into just about every possible space, no matter the size, and there’s a reason for the saying “curiosity killed the cat.”

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Just take a look at these funny cats below – you’ve gotta see all of them!


23.) I’m Stuck


We are not sure if this is cat is trying to hide. If they are, we can see you!

Now, what to use to make my banana bread?

22.) Pillow or Cat?

Funny cats

If we hadn’t told you it was indeed a cat, you’d still be wondering.

We don’t know how this kitty is comfortable like that – we certainly wouldn’t be!


21.) Laying Eggs

Funny cats

All curled up in that basket, she reminds us of the Easter Bunny – thankfully, a cute Easter Bunny, not these nightmare-inducing Easter Bunnies.

Taking a nice little nap.