23 Funny Cats That Prove Felines Will Try to Fit Into Just About Anything

If you've ever lived with a cat, you know they are sneaky little devils that try to fit into just about every possible space, no matter the size! Take a look at these funny cats and prepare to have your mind blown.

If you’ve ever lived with a cat – especially funny cats – you know they are sneaky little devils that try to fit into just about every possible space, no matter the size, and there’s a reason for the saying “curiosity killed the cat.”

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Just take a look at these funny cats below – you’ve gotta see all of them!


23. I’m Stuck


We are not sure if this is cat is trying to hide. If they are, we can see you!

Now, what to use to make my banana bread?

22. Pillow or Cat?

Funny cats

If we hadn’t told you it was indeed a cat, you’d still be wondering.

We don’t know how this kitty is comfortable like that – we certainly wouldn’t be!


21. Laying Eggs

Funny cats

All curled up in that basket, she reminds us of the Easter Bunny – thankfully, a cute Easter Bunny, not these nightmare-inducing Easter Bunnies.

Taking a nice little nap.


20. Tea For Two

Funny cats

Funny cats are everywhere. What a great hide and-seek spot!

Although, it won’t be much longer before this little kitten is too big for that pot.


19. Can You See Me Meow? 

Funny cats

If only that box weren’t transparent, it would be the perfect hiding spot!

She could stay in there all day just taking in the world around her.

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18. Gutter Cat

Funny cats

We don’t blame this cool cat for getting cozy in the gutter – it’s a perfect size and a perfect place to catch some rays!

No need to clean out the leaves now.


17. The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze

Funny cats

Or in this case, the milk. Even if you don’t think you can do it, persevere!

While that didn’t make our list of inspirational quotes, perhaps it should have.


16. Claustrophobic Kitty

Funny cats

We’re confused: Is she comfy in there or stuck? Whatever the case, it makes for one great pic.

Funny cats in jars, bottles or other glass vessels are one of our favorite things.


15. GWP?

Funny cats

Everyone loves a good GWP (gift with purchase), especially when it’s as cute and cuddly-looking this one.

How to get out of this one?


14. Sharing Is Caring

Funny cats

We just hope she didn’t eat the hamster before stealing its toy!

We’ll never know.

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13. That Didn’t Go As Planned

Funny cats

Apparently, dogs aren’t the only ones who get stuck in blinds—it happens to funny cats as well!




12. Grumpy Cat

Funny cats

More funny cats in glass vessels! We can’t get enough. This is another of those “how in the world did you get in there?!” situations. We don’t blame this silly kitty for looking grumpy. That position does not look comfortable.


11. I Love Sits


Is that a comfortable spot to sit?

This cat sure thinks so!


10.) Hello There


This cat created his own armrest. What a genius.

Very suave.

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9. Slinky Cat

Funny cats

Any child of the ’80s and ’90s had at least one Slinky and knows the joy that comes in playing with them, as well as the annoying tangles that can erupt!

Looks like this cat learned the hard way.


8. It Wasn’t Me

Funny cats

Sorry, cat – you’re not blaming the dog for getting into the trash this time.

The evidence speaks for itself.


7. Just Chillin’

Funny cats

It does look kinda cozy in there. Perhaps he was just looking for quarters?

Helping with cleaning?


6. Priority Mail

Funny cats

We hope they overnighted her! This funny cat doesn’t look too pleased to be in there.

At least it’s only 14.95 to ship anywhere.


5. Santa Paws

Funny cats

If you’ve ever been around a cat at Christmas, you know how much they love tinsel and other sparkly ornaments.

Whether this cat was looking for a squirrel in the tree and trying to get at something glittery, we’ll never know; but it makes for one fun photo.


4.) Stuck in The Middle

Funny cats

Eeek – this looks like a tough position to get out of! The kitty doesn’t look too miserable, though; perhaps he’s comfy in there?

Time for a nap.


3. Somebody Put Baby in a Corner

Funny cats

Seriously, why do cats find these small spaces so alluring? They give us claustrophobia just looking at them!

Now, how is this cat going to get out?


2. I’m Just In Shavasana, Don’t Mind Me

Funny cats

We’ve heard of downward dog and cat-cow, but an actual cat in yoga’s uber-relaxing shavasana pose?

Get out of town! We hope this funny cat is practicing some yoga for a better night’s sleep and isn’t actually stuck and freaking out, but, knowing cats, our money is on the latter.


1. Privacy, Please


Is that the cat from Meet the Parents?! We want your autograph

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