20 Signs You Are a Member of the Crazy Cat Ladies Society

How do you know if you are a member of the crazy cat ladies society? We've put together a list of the signs that you will show if you are a crazy cat lady.

Crazy cat ladies are often depicted as a middle-aged or an elderly spinster who owns many (possibly too many) pet cats. Although the term used to be considered an insult, these days many are coming out as self-confessed crazy cat ladies and embracing the way of life. The term “crazy cat lady” has been reclaimed and is being worn as a badge of honor. Woman wear crazy cat lady T-shirts, they carry crazy cat lady tote bags and they tag their beloved fur babies on Instagram (#caturday). Crazy cat ladies are a tribe of many, and they are here to stay and are making themselves heard.

We are surrounded by crazy cat ladies. We all know someone who owns just one too many cats. Some crazy cat ladies even hide in plain sight. They may act and look like the rest of us, but back home they have a lair full to the brim with cats galore.

It starts out all innocent, getting that one tiny, cute kitten, welcoming the beautiful four-legged friend into your home. You enjoy their company. It feels nice to have someone to talk to, to look after. Then you decide to get just one more cat as a friend for the first kitten. Then you get another and another. Before you know it, you have a collection of fur babies at your feet. It can happen to any of us.

We’ve put together a list of 20 signs that you’re one of those crazy cat ladies in the making:

1.) Crazy Cat Ladies Starter Kit

starter kit for crazy catladies

One of these crazy cat lady starter kits will get delivered to your door.

A crazy cat lady starter kit does have its plus points. You no longer need to spend hours carefully choosing each cat to add to your collection. Eight soft, perfect kittens will be delivered directly to you all at once!

2.) Your Storage Needs Change

cat storage for crazy cat ladies

When you need to get a cat organizer to keep your cat collection tidy.

This clever kitten storage solution will help keep your cats organized and in order. Coming in a variety of colors, there’s a storage option to fit in with any crazy cat lady’s color scheme.

3.) Anatomy of a Crazy Cat Lady

anatomy of crazy cat ladies


Stains, scratches and scuffs are a given in the houses of all crazy cat ladies. Soon to follow will be the cat photo wall, reserved only for photos of your furry companions.

A cat lady lifestyle is not one for the faint-hearted. You must be dedicated to the cause and take the good with the bad.

4.) Crazy Cat Lady Dating

crazy cat lady dating

You will find the world of dating quite hard, especially with a love of cats that is so strong and overwhelming. Your new life partner should understand and share your love for these amazing feline creatures.

This lady’s eHarmony dating video captures the love and passion one woman can have for cats. She just loves cats, all cats, and she wants them in a basket wearing bow-ties on a rainbow. I mean, who doesn’t?

5.) Extreme Home Makeover: Crazy Cat Ladies Edition

extreme makeover for crazy cat ladies homes

When you redecorate your home to accommodate your cats.

For some crazy cat ladies, a cat scratching pole is just not good enough and they go all out. After all, cats deserve the best home decoration and staircases regardless of the practical functionality.

6.) Lunchtime Madness

crazy cat ladies - at home with cats

Lunchtimes are a cat frenzy and not the sophisticated dining experience for one they used to be.

Do you want a saucer of milk to go with that?

7.) Having 130 Cats!

having 130 cats

You no longer worry about space and where you are going to keep all these pet cats. You just want more cats, you want all the cats!

This lady has 130 cats. That’s right, 130!

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8.) Eating with Cats

crazy cat ladies - cats eating lunch

Your evening meals start to look like your feline pets.

These rice dishes are super cute, but you must have cats on the brain to create such a cat-astic meal.

9.) Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

crazy cat lady action figure - crazy cat ladies


When you look at this crazy cat lady action figure and think, Hmmm, that looks a lot like me.

Yep, a crazy cat lady action figure is actually a thing!

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10.) We’re Watching You

crazy cat ladies - thecats are watching you

You fall over and all these eyes are watching you.

Always watching you…

11.) Cat Meeting in Progress

cat meeting - crazy cat ladies

When you get in from work and this is what greets you and then you know you’ve done something wrong.

There’s only one thing for it. You’ll have to bribe them with cat treats. Otherwise it’s going to be a long night.

12.) Multipurpose Couch

crazy cat ladies cartoon

Off The Mark

Your home furniture buys become more practical for your cats than your own comfort.

It makes cat toy recovery so much easier. Does it really need to be comfortable?

13.) This Is How We Brush Our Teeth

crazy cat ladies - cats in the bathroom


Every night this is what awaits you in the bathroom sink, when all you want to do is brush your teeth.

Move over, cats. I loveyou, but I’ve got to clean my teeth.

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14.) Games Night Comes with Extras

crazy cat ladies play cat jenga

You invite your friends round for game night. They are excited to enjoy some wine, snacks and games.

The Jenga comes out. This is not what they were expecting…

15.) Your Wedding Bouquet Looks Like This

crazy cat ladies have a cat bouquet at their wedding


It’s your wedding day, and instead of a bouquet of flowers, you have a bouquet of kittens.

Crazy cat ladies would be proud of this clever yet slightly worrying wedding accessory.

16.) Your Friends Try to Tell You

crazy cat ladies cartoon


The cat intervention happens.

Your friends sit you down and say those words… We all love you and care about you, but we are worried about you. We think the cats have become a problem.

17.) Kitten in a Nappy

crazy cat lady - kitten in a nappy

Love Meow

When you take the idea of a fur baby a step too far.

This kitten does not look pleased with its owner’s choice in this matter.

18.) Bedtimes Look Like This

crady cat ladies sleep with cats


You may be single, but you certainly don’t sleep alone.

This crazy cat lady loves a good cat sleepover.

19.) Home Sweet Home

too many cats? crazy cat ladies

Your home begins to look like this.

This crazy cat lady may have gone one cat (or ten) too far.

20.) Deep Down You Already Know This…

crazy cat ladies - one cat away from being a crazy cat lady

All crazy cat ladies know deep down what they are, even if they are just one cat away from full-on cat craziness. It will happen. It’s just a matter of time.

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