Top 15 Best Kids Halloween Movies That You May Enjoy More Than Them

By Youmn October 21, 2018 View all posts (74)

When you’re spending your Halloween with kids, the hair-raising horror movies you’ve been eyeing this season are now a complete no-go.

But hey, who said adults can’t tune in to kids Halloween movies? Chances are, you might even like them way more than the kids. After all, the animation industry understood a long time ago that adults should have their share of fun as well, and have been planting gems and jokes that go way over kids’ heads but that make us ROFL real hard.

And here are 15 of them!

15.) Coraline (2009)

kids halloween movies coraline

It would be safe to say that even as an adult, Coraline still sends shivers down my spine.

When Coraline, a curious and intrepid girl, unlocks a door in her family’s home, she discovers an alternate universe that offers her a seemingly more enthralling life. This dream coming true will slowly turn into an inescapable nightmare.

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