What Is An Au Pair? 10 Reasons It’s One of The Best Gigs Around

What is an au pair? What does one actually do, and why is it the best job ever?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “au pair” casually thrown around in conversation or maybe you’ve read about it as a travel hack. Let us tell you why it is the travel hack and, of course — the best job ever!

As an au pair, you can work, travel and learn transferable skills to add to your resume by connecting with families all around the world or even in your home country.

Childcare is expensive and can feel impersonal for parents, which is why many are opting to have someone live at their home and care for their children. It saves the family paying costly fees for external services while at the same time giving a traveler an opportunity to save money and gain experience. Everyone wins!

Traditionally seen as a female-skewing occupation, being an au pair is now evolving as a genderless role, with more and more guys embracing the concept and becoming role models for younger generations. Generally speaking, as an au pair, you are required to be a responsible adult with just enough life experience to teach children while at the same time being a fun companion to whom they can relate.

Want to find out more about the perks of an au pair job? Look no further.

Still wondering what is an au pair? Here are the top 10 reasons this is the best job for young travelers!

10.) Best Reason To Au Pair: You Get To Travel

what is an au pair best job 10The most obvious reason is travel! Travel is an enriching experience sought after by many. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for ways to travel farther and for longer. The digital nomad culture is growing, and younger generations are looking for ways to break away from the 9-to-5 jobs that tied their parents down to a set place and office.

Not to mention that in some countries, travel is still seen as relatively inaccessible for most people. Those of us who can get into a plane and venture to faraway lands are very blessed, indeed!

Opportunities such as au pair jobs are helping to bridge the gap for those young people who want to experience different countries and cultures but don’t yet have the means to afford expensive trips.

Bonus: If you are lucky enough to score an assignment with a family that travels for work, you may even get to travel more within the job, to provide child care on the road. Travel within travel … did someone say utopia?

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