Craving a Europe Beach Vacation? These Will Be The Hottest Shores To Visit This Year

With summer just around the corner, what better way is there to spend some days than laying next to crystal blue water, white sandy shores and a cocktail in hand? With a new era of low-cost international flights and speedy connections, it’s easy to consider traveling afar nowadays. A Europe beach visit is considered one of the world’s best bets in terms of destinations, from the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

Because there are so many options to choose from, it is hard to narrow it down just to one. But luckily for you, we’ve hand-picked some of the top beaches on which to soak in the sun, recommended by travelers such as yourself. So get your Instagram camera ready and get set to have it all with our list of the 20 top Europe beach destinations for this summer.


20.) Culatra, Algarve, Portugal

Europe Beach Portugal

Along the southern side of the island there are golden beaches, with calm crystal clear waters while on the northern side there are the lagoons. The Ilha da Culatra is the location to head for to escape the crowds and even in the summer season peace and quiet can be easily found.

There are no paved roads on Culatra and the only method to reach the island is by ferry.