Make Your Professional Persona Shine with These 10 Resume Tips

A resume is a never-ending, ever-changing work of art. Your resume will be the heart and soul of everything you have done throughout your career, so don't create it haphazardly. Here are 10 tips to put your best professional foot forward in your job search.

Crafting a resume is an art that’s ever-evolving. It goes beyond just listing your work history, experience, and skills. Your resume should showcase relevant experience for each job and highlight your strengths. It’s your first opportunity to make a great impression on potential employers, so make it count.

To create a compelling resume, begin by including the company name, location, your job title, dates of employment, and bullet points detailing your responsibilities. Remember, it’s a work in progress that should be updated regularly to keep it current.

A resume can either make or break your chances of landing a job interview. Employers scrutinize them to determine whether you’re a qualified candidate who fits their requirements. Ensuring your resume is polished and professional is key.

We understand it can be overwhelming and that’s where we come in. Follow these ten tips to craft a standout resume and boost your chances of landing your dream job.

10. Use Action Verbs to Start Each Bullet Point


Using different, action-packed verbs to begin each bullet point is crucial when writing an impressive resume. Rather than using passive, vague verbs like “assisted” or “completed,” which tell the employer very little about your actual capabilities, opt for strong verbs like “managed,” “implemented,” “created,” “coordinated,” “planned,” and “produced.”

By using these verbs, you demonstrate your skills in a way that is specific and impactful. Not only do strong verbs make you seem more capable and competent, but they will also speak directly to what employers are looking for in their job listings.

Remember, the way you write your resume can ultimately make or break your chances of landing your dream job. Take the time to carefully select action verbs that truly showcase your abilities and set you apart from other candidates who may not know this simple but effective trick.

9.) Formatting


Crafting an impeccable resume demands attention to detail, especially in formatting. Think of it as your pulse – it should never be off. Key pointers include ensuring consistent margins, font, and font size throughout. For instance, keep the company names font size consistent for each of your jobs. A standardized format is helpful for ensuring your message is conveyed accurately and organized.

Any resume benefits from Times New Roman’s safe font choice. Additionally, your bullet points ideally should be brief statements; avoid writing lengthy sentences. Bullet points are not a tool for telling your life story but rather for communicating meaningful highlights. Similarly, each resume may have a different format designed for the job you’re applying for, but consistency in formatting is crucial.

8. Cater Your Resume To The Job You’re Applying For


Crafting a tailored resume is crucial to successfully landing a role. When applying for a particular position or area of work, it’s important to showcase relevant experience and skills. For instance, highlighting blog creation skills when applying for a sports role does not effectively convey qualifications to an employer.

Careful scrutiny of the job description enables one to develop tailored resumes. Including industry-specific terminology and competencies in bullet points improves the chances of standing out to an employer. Demonstrating aptitude in their desired skills will make an applicant’s resume noticeable. For example, stating experience with various social media roles specifically highlights proficiency to a prospective employer.

In summary, simply put, tailoring a resume is key in making an impression and securing ideal employment.

7. Put It All in Order


A perfect resume can only be so perfect until you complete the order of which the experiences and jobs are outlined. Make sure the order of your resume is in reverse chronological order. That is, make sure the job you are currently in is at the top of your resume. The very last job on your resume should be one you held the longest time ago.

6. Put Everything On Your Resume

Highlighting internships, projects, and special assignments can greatly benefit you in the interview process by demonstrating your talent and hard work. Employers value your accomplishments and ability to multitask, making it essential to showcase your experience consistently. If you have undertaken contract work, it’s important to keep employers informed of your every move.

Employers seek people who are actively seeking a career or profession- not just a job. Special projects that required you to learn another language exhibit great accomplishment and set you apart from the competition. Remember, consistent hard work is more valuable than long gaps without any work.

5. Use Quality Paper

Printing a resume can be just as important as emailing it. If you want to impress potential employers, you need to look the part. Choosing a heavy-weight, high-quality paper will not go unnoticed, showing that you put effort into perfecting your application and care about the work you give them. You can find resume-specific paper at most office supply stores. Give yourself the best chance to stand out by paying attention to this often overlooked detail.

4. Update Your Personal Information


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Ensuring consistency between your resume and LinkedIn profile is crucial to avoid confusion. A discrepancy between the name you use on either platform can mislead an employer. It’s important to provide all necessary information professionally, including your cell phone and email, for easy contact. While creating an email account specifically for the job search can enhance professionalism. Leave no room for question marks or concerns on your resume to make the best impression possible.

3. Use Numbers and Figures Where It Counts


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Choosing the right information to highlight on your resume is crucial. Numbers can make or break it. Without them, your resume can appear too general. But if you utilize figures in a relevant way, you can attract employers. For example, merely stating that you managed people at your previous job is fine. But, shedding light on your true impact by stating that you managed several groups of eight people at a time is more powerful.

Be specific while describing how often you managed and supervised how many people. It portrays a clear picture of your experience. This strategy will help your resume stand out from other applicants’.

2.) Use Spell Check



When crafting your resume, there’s one crucial step not to be overlooked: spell check. This quick and easy practice shows prospective employers that you prioritize attention to detail and professionalism by presenting a document free of errors. It proves to employers that you’ve taken the time to present yourself in the best possible light, and can make the difference between moving on to the next step in the job hunt, or not.

It’s also worthwhile to have a second set of eyes. Does your resume make sense to another person? What sounds odd or might need clarification? Consider having a friend look over it to catch anything missed. With advanced technology available at our fingertips, there’s no reason not to click spell check inside Microsoft Word and take advantage of this useful tool.

1. Don’t Lie



One of the best pieces of advice for job seekers is to avoid exaggerating their positions, titles, or job descriptions. While this may seem obvious, many people still make this mistake, overlooking the fact that the employer will find out eventually. This could lead to dismissal, even after working hard to land the job.

To avoid this, it’s better to leave off anything you’re not confident you can actually do. Keep in mind that your resume should accurately reflect your work history and experience, highlighting what makes you special and why you’re the perfect fit.

Above all, be honest and let your true self shine through. Honesty truly does go a long way in impressing potential employers!

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