20 Pics of Babies and Puppies That Will Melt Your Heart

The only thing cuter than a baby or a puppy is babies and puppies together! Check out these adorable pics and feel your heart melt.

Happy National Puppy Day, one of our favorite holidays of all time! Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows the endless joy they bring to your life. We didn’t need proof but, regardless; we have it: science shows that dogs can help people live longer, healthier lives. According to Science Magazine, interactions between dogs and their owners cause an increase in oxytocin, which helps lower blood pressure, fight depression and boost immunity. If not, then check out these adorable photos of babies and puppies to get a serious emotional jolt (in a good way!). Feeling blue today? These adorable pics will melt those feelings right away and warm your heart. Bonus points if you can name the dog breeds featured below!

20. Rolls on Rolls on Rolls

Baby and Puppy

Fat babies and puppies, oh my! The only thing cuter than a fat baby is a fat baby with an equally fat, rolly-polly puppy.

We don’t know who we want to squeeze first (okay, the puppy, we admit it).

19. Lean on Me

Baby and Puppy
On National Puppy Day, we celebrate all puppies. Not all pups need to be young … even the seniors are still pups in our minds!

We love the sweet smile on that baby as she cuddles with her best friend and we know this sweet senior will love having this babe in his life.

18. Nap Time

Babies and puppies

Mommas Gone City

Meet Theo (the pup) and Beau (the boy), fur-baby and human-baby to Jessica Shyba of MammasGoneCity and our all-time favorite nap couple. Jessica and her family adopted Theo from a shelter several years ago and she has been capturing her human babies and her fur baby napping together ever since.

Follow her for daily cuteness and watch as her human family and fur family has grown over the years (and remember, if you’re in the market for a new family member in honor of National Puppy Day, adopt don’t shop #adoptdonttshop)!

17.  Listen Up, Kid

Babies and puppies

Whatever this pup is lecturing his human sister about, she doesn’t look too happy. Perhaps he’s reprimanding her for not wishing him a happy National Puppy Day.

Or maybe they’re just debating whether fanny-packs should have made our list of Spring Trends. Whatever the case, we doubt this disagreement will last long and they’ll be back to being besties in no time.

16. I Had The Worst Day

Babies and Puppies

There’s nothing better than babies and puppies after a particularly stressful day. Cuddle them, kiss them, confide in them and your worries will quickly evaporate.

Your secrets are safe with them. This little boy looks like he’s had a rough morning and needs to find solace in the embrace of a pup.

15. LOL

Puppies and Babies

We love this little one’s giggles as she wrestles with her fur brother!

It’s amazing how dogs recognize the innocence and fragility of babies and puppies and know to be extra gentle with them.

14. Nap Strike!

Puppies and babies

“Listen up — stay strong. They’re going to make us nap, but don’t do it. We babies and puppies don’t need sleep.

“It’s National Puppy Day — let’s party!”

13. Be Still My Heart!

Puppies and babies

Those cheeks. Those rolls. That little spotted butt! If we could only choose one, we seriously don’t know who we’d pick. We want them all!

In honor of National Puppy Day, we can at least narrow it down to three.

12. Tooth Brush or Hair Brush?

Babies and Puppies

This golden is oh-so-patient with her little human brother as he tries to figure out what type of brush he’s holding: a hairbrush or toothbrush?

Golden Retrievers are wonderful family dogs. They have endless patience and kindness for whatever children may throw at them — both literally and physically.

11. Smooches!

Babies and Puppies

This little pup thinks this babe is quite a cool cat in his shades!

Give this baby all of the kiss!

10. How Many Teeth You Got?

Babies and Puppies

Labrador Retrievers are another great family dog with endless patience for babies and children. You can just see this guy rolling his eyes as his little sis tries to see who has more teeth.

His eyes may say, “HELP!” but this gentle giant will just sit there and let her do as she pleases.

9. Our Kind of Netflix and Chill

Puppies and Babies

We can’t think of a place we’d rather relax and watch another season of Game of Thrones (or anything, for that matter)!

This little girl sure has the life.

8. Snuggle Buddies

Babies and Puppies

Gotta love a pup who’s willing to share his bed! And the little babe who didn’t want his fur brother to get lonely.

If you’re not sharing your bed with your pup, tonight’s the night: it’s National Puppy Day and they deserve it!

7. Pucker Up!

Babies and Puppies

We can only hope everyone’s first kiss was as sweet as this one. Thankfully, the pup didn’t use tongue!

That adage that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s? Not true. We researched it.

6. The Best Kind of Pillows

Puppies and babies

In just a few months, this babe will probably be using his fur brother as a pillow.

But for now, the pup can take advantage while the roles are still reversed.

5. We’ll Take This Laundry

Babies and Puppies

Babies and puppies in a laundry basket? Yes, please! If only our laundry baskets looked this appealing, we’d be up for doing laundry every day.

Twice a day even!

4. I’ll Protect You

Babies and puppies

There’s a lot of controversy over pit bulls, so it’s images like this that warm our hearts.

No breeds are inherently bad and we love photos that show the soft side of these “dangerous” beasts. We celebrate all breeds on National Puppy Day.

3. I Thought We Agreed — No Tongue!

Babies and Puppies

This little pup just couldn’t help himself — he has so much love for his new human brother.

We love when families include their fur babies in their newborn photo shoots (or host their own photo shoots for their fur kids on National Puppy day).

2. Three Times The Love

Babies and Puppies

This little boy agrees with us: the only thing better than one puppy to cuddle with is three puppies to cuddle with!

1. Seriously, Stop with The Tongue Action!

Babies and Puppies

This little Frenchie certainly loves her human brother. And her brother seems to find her delightful as well.

We foresee endless adventures and days of fun for these two besties.

Can get enough of these puppies on National Puppy Day?

We hope these adorable pictures of babies and puppies brought you some joy on National Puppy Day. Want more?  Click Next Story for 80 more adorable, melt-your-heart puppy pics! We wish every day was National Puppy Day.