8 Products for Online Students to Be Successful

More and more universities are allowing students to study online. Products for online students needed to make the perfect learning setup.

More and more universities are allowing students to study online.  Undoubtedly, there are some products that online students need to be a successful.   As technology and efficiency has grown, the idea of the remote student or remote worker has grown.  Imagine this: You can travel the world and take your classroom with you since everything is done through the internet. Amazing, right?  Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about which products for online students you will need to make the perfect classroom setup.


Hotspot for Online Students

You need to be connected. Many mobile phones come with the capability to turn into a personal hotspot.  Nevertheless, you really should invest in an alternate mode of keeping your computer connected. As far as digital media tools go, this is probably one of your most important. It will also ensure that you have high-speed connections wherever you go.  The hotspot is the number one product for online students.

There are many options at different price points out there. If you frequently travel around the U.S., then try out Karma Go. You have two options with this device. You can opt for the pay-as-you-go plan where you pay a $3 monthly fee.  Additionally, you can add an extra $10 for every gigabyte you use. But if you’re on the internet 24/7, then there are subscriptions that range from $40 to $100 a month. But if your travels take you abroad, it might be best to look into Keepgo, to which you can link up to 10 devices, or the MCD-4800, if you’re doing something much more outdoorsy.

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Tablet for Online Student

Technology is always changing, and devices seem to be getting smaller every day. In fact, the laptop computer is also shrinking in size.  Nevertheless, there are many people who are now trading them in for the lighter and thinner tablet. Obviously, this all depends on the types of classwork you need on as an online student.

Tablets have been improving in power and capabilities.  Nevertheless, there are still many limitations that would make it hard for some online students to make the switch. However, if you can use a tablet, then here are few to look into. Apple has been putting out iPads for years, but their new iPad Pro has taken the idea of a Mac Book Pro and shrunken it to a more travel-friendly size. This is great for illustrators and designers with the Apple Pen and the Inline Drawing app. And if you need to do some writing, then pick up a Smart Keyboard. Other great options include the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Microsoft Surface Pro.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

8 Products for Online Students to Be Successful

If you need to work at any location with noise, then you’ll want to keep the outside world away. Picking yourself up a pair of noise-cancelling headphones is the best way to do that. And the Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones are the ones people rave about.

Once you put them on, you feel like you’re surrounded by whatever you’re listening to and will likely forget that you’re in a public place.  The noise canceling headphones are another one of the essential products for online students.

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Portable Charger

8 Products for Online Students to Be Successful

Online students need to be connected and have power when there is a classroom live stream happening.  You need to always make sure your cell phone is charged.  We like a charging wallet.  The company’s charging wallet brings both needs together, and you can’t hate on a two-for-one type of thing.

If you’re just looking for a standard-looking power banks, brands like Anker and Mophie are pretty reliable.  Power banks are extremely important.

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8 Products for Online Students to Be Successful

VPN, or virtual private networks, may not necessarily be a gadget, however, they’re definitely vital online student tool especially if you are out of the country while taking online classes. VPNs are meant to keep you safe while you’re connected abroad by masking the physical location of your computer, tablet or phone.

There are tons of different VPN applications out there including Sitelock , which will make sure that your information will remain secure.  With Sitelock, plans start at $2.99  Compare it with Cyber Ghost VPN.

Universal Plug with Converter

8 Products for Online Students to Be Successful

If you’ll be country-hopping, you will definitely need to get an adapter and a converter for any gadget that uses a different voltage. Be sure to check the voltage and type of plug the country you’re traveling to uses. There are a variety of prong sizes and shapes. And REI has a great guide to knowing how to prepare for that.

If you have really powerful technology and are traveling, Conair has a great converter kit. It’s meant for hair styling tools, which use a fair amount of voltage. So this should take care of all your electrical outlet needs for school work.

Universal Cable

8 Products for Online Students to Be Successful

Are you tired of delay with the different cords for your devices? Then give one of Nomad’s universal cables a try.

The company offers different types of plugs that will not only allow you to charge things simultaneously but also keep your things as streamlined as possible.

Digital Storage

While you can use clouds like iCloud or Dropbox, there are many people who still want something physical on which to store files, so it’ll be ideal to invest in an external hard drive. Considering how delicate many of them have been, they can be worrisome.

Thankfully, some companies have been developing external hard drives that are very durable and smaller yet can save a lot of content. If you’re in the market for an external hard drive, check out the Samsung T3 Portable SSD, the SanDisk Extreme 500 or the Adata 800 which is shockproof and waterproof.