The 20 Best Digital Nomad Locations in 2019

The work-anywhere-movement is booming and with so many great places to live and work from, it is getting harder and harder to pick your favorite destination. We’ve picked 2018’s top digital nomad locations to make your life a lot easier!

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20.) Algarve, Portugal

digital nomad location

The picturesque Algarve in Portugal is one of the most underrated digital nomad locations in Europe. With all year long great weather, the Algarve offers super affordable accommodation prices during off-season or further away from the coastline. The overall low cost of living is equally spectacular.

Usually its very easy to find a café with cheap drinks, food and a decent Wi-Fi connection. A few co-working retreats are already exploring the Algarve as one the next top digital nomad locations, with many to follow this year. Being super easy and cheap to get to from anywhere in Europe, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Cost of Living: $1,676 / month

Average Internet Speed: 30 MBPS

Weather: 22°C / 71°F