5 Tasty Trends That Changed How We Look at Ice Cream Places

Many of us have heard the kids’ tune: “I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream.” And while that’s something you may have said as a kid, it’s safe to say that ice cream is just one of those foods that most people can’t get enough of. It’s a fact! According to the International Dairy Foods Association, 1.54 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen desserts were produced in 2015. Also, the industry contributes more than $39 million to the national economy. Not only is that a lot of money, but it also proves that we can’t get enough of the frozen dessert served at our favorite ice cream places.


Despite its undeniable popularity, ice cream still had some room to grow and evolve. And the last few years have really changed how we look at the idea of ice cream. Whether it’s the types of flavors you can choose from or the many doughy vessels you can put a scoop into, there are a multitude of ways that ice cream has been tossed, turned and spun around. The best part is — we can’t get enough of it.


Find out how the creamy snacks are one of the world’s most beloved foods.

And, of course, we’ll spill which ice cream places you can find the best stuff at!


5.) Dairy Alternatives To Ice Cream


For many people, ice cream is one of their favorite desserts. However for those who are lactose-intolerant or just don’t consume dairy for a variety of reasons, they can’t necessarily enjoy it. However more and more ice cream places have been adjusting either their flavors or the entire menu to be dairy-free. From using nut milks to coconut milk, these ice cream shops have been changing up the way they actually make the dessert. And although some purists will be skeptical about how good vegan or dairy-free ice cream can be, a blind taste test would prove that many can’t even tell the difference.


Here are a few spots where you can savor some creamy ice cream and don’t need to worry about all the dairy.


Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream started off roaming the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan before setting up their storefronts. Now they have multiple locations throughout New York City and California. They have found a way to not only to offer up vegan options, but to make those flavors are just as rich and creamy as the ones with milk in them.


Since Paris has been known for indulgent varieties of food and drink, some would be surprised to find that there is a vegan ice cream shop in the city. Las Vegan is the city’s first dairy-free ice cream spot in the French city.


And if there’s one place full of ice cream places to get some dairy-free frozentreats, it’s in California. A quick Google search will show tons of vegan places. But Square Ice LA is a great spot to get some dairy-free gelato!