Top 5 Must Follow YouTube Yoga Instructors for Beginner Yoga

Are you trying to start a yoga practice, but can't make it to a class at your local yoga studio? Here are the best YouTube yoga instructors for beginners.

Are you trying to start a yoga practice but struggling to make it to a class at your local gym or yoga studio? If you have done a Google search looking for YouTube yoga instructors who are teaching online beginner yoga classes then you have seen the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of classes on offer. The sheer number of YouTube yoga instructors and beginner classes available is overwhelming. We are here to help you narrow down your search and find the yoga instructor perfect for you and your yoga practice.

All five of these instructors teach fun, accessible yoga classes perfect for anyone starting a yoga practice. Spend an afternoon checking out their YouTube channels and figure out which teacher resonates with you. Most importantly: have fun!

5.) The Journey Junkie with Allie Van Fossen

Allie is an energetic yoga instructor who offers loads of popular classes on YouTube. Allie leads yoga challenges, chakra flows, vinyasa and yin classes. Want to hang upside down? She also offers aerial yoga classes that she teaches from her yoga trapeze. Her classes are fun and active with targeted practices that focus on strengthening or lengthening specific body parts, prep work for arm balances and more.

On Allie’s website, The Journey Junkie, she offers four different free yoga programs, ranging from Yoga Body Bootcamp to Back to Yoga Basics. Allie is passionate about empowering her online students as they face their fears, cultivate confidence and learn how to live their own journey from the comfort of home. Allie and friend Carly Talbott have a lighthearted podcast where they talk about all things related to yoga (and plenty not related to yoga too).

4.) Ekhart Yoga’s YouTube Yoga Instructors

Esther Ekhart is another amazing YouTube yoga instructor. Esther’s classes are perfect for beginners. She teaches with a maturity and mindfulness that is perfect for new yoga students, people with injuries or mature yogis. Esther has a strong focus on alignment and gentle movement. The slower pace of Esther’s classes offers the time and space to be truly aware of the postures, your body, breath and mental/emotional state. Esther focuses on the subtle details of the yoga poses. Her beginner yoga classes are great for those who are interested in refining their yoga practice before moving onto intermediate yoga poses.

Esther also runs, which hosts a bevy of great resources from mantras, yogic philosophy, lifestyle and beginner to advanced practices. On Ekhart Yoga’s website and YouTube channel you will also find inspiring classes from other yoga instructors like Mackenzie Miller and Meghan Currie.

3.) Yoga with Tim

Tim Senesi is a laidback YouTube yoga instructor. Tim’s classes are well layered with an emphasis on strength, alignment and mindfulness. Tim blends the structure and alignment of Iyengar yoga with the fluidity of vinyasa yoga. Tim is passionate about the “how and why” behind each yoga pose: muscle engagement, alignment and purpose. Even though Tim is passionate about teaching anatomy and strength poses, he teaches in a way that is accessible to beginner yogis and more advanced students alike.

Check out Yoga with Tim‘s website to join his free 30 Day Total Body, Mind and Spirit Yoga Challenge. Yoga challenges are a great way to start a home yoga practice with the camaraderie and structure of a group class. Tim can be found teaching regular group classes at multiple different YogaWorks studios in Southern California.

2.) Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a Youtube favorite. According to Google, Yoga with Adriene was the most searched workout of 2015. Adriene Mischler’s motto is “Do what feels good” and she has built her brand around it. She teaches from her light and bright home studio and it feels like you’re practicing yoga with a friend in their living room.

Adriene has over three million YouTube subscribersand it’s understandable why: She has hundreds of high-quality yoga videos and tutorials. Many of her YouTube videos are in the 20–25 minute range, so they’re easy to fit into a busy schedule. Adriene leads the occasional international yoga retreat and teaches at festivals and wellness expos. You can find more information about her classes on her website

1.) Floating Yoga School with Helen Cloots

Helen’s YouTube yoga classes are both fun and lighthearted. Her down-to-earth teaching style is instantly welcoming and she is one of the few YouTube yoga instructors who has real yoga students in her online classes. Being able to see the yoga poses done by different body shapes is really helpful when you’re just beginning a yoga practice. Helendoes a great job of breaking down the postures into step-by-step pieces and offers modifications to help make the postures more accessible. If you’re interested in advancing your practice or learning more about a specific pose, scroll down to Helen’s Intermediate yoga practice sessions or to her three-minute yoga pose tutorials.

Helen co-owned two yoga studios in San Diego before selling it all to live out her dream of living on a sailboat in the Caribbean. She recently traded life on the sailboat for life in the high desert. She owns Wild Thing Yoga in Bend, Oregon where she offers regular yoga classes and teacher trainings.

Online yoga classes are a great way to supplement your yoga practice. If you feel comfortable attending a live group class then seek out a group for beginners or find an all-levels yoga class nearby. It is wonderful to have a second set of eyes on your alignment andposture, especially when you are starting out. At a yoga class you will also find awesome people to share your yoga practice with.

Not sure if there is a yoga class that fits your personality? There is! Within the past decade yoga classes ranging from Rock’n’Roll yoga to Cannabis Yoga and everything in between. There is definitely a class for you.


Did we miss any of your favorite YouTube yoga instructors? In the comments below, share your favorite yoga instructor’s name and why you think they are the best at what they do.