Top 5 Must Follow YouTube Yoga Instructors for Beginner Yoga

Are you trying to start a yoga practice, but can't make it to a class at your local yoga studio? Here are the best YouTube yoga instructors for beginners.

Starting a yoga practice but can’t make it to local classes? Struggling with finding online beginner yoga classes on YouTube? You’re not alone. The vast array of YouTube yoga classes can be overwhelming. We’re here to simplify your search.

We’ve found five instructors teaching engaging, beginner-friendly yoga classes. Dedicate an afternoon to explore their YouTube channels. Find the instructor that aligns with your yoga journey. Most importantly, enjoy the process!

5.) The Journey Junkie with Allie Van Fossen

Allie is a vibrant YouTube yoga instructor. She provides numerous popular classes like yoga challenges, chakra flows, vinyasa, and yin. Interested in aerial yoga? Allie’s got you covered with her yoga trapeze classes.

Her sessions are engaging and dynamic. They target strength or flexibility in specific body parts, prep for arm balances, and more.

Allie’s website, The Journey Junkie, features four free yoga programs. These range from Yoga Body Bootcamp to Back to Yoga Basics. Allie aims to empower her online students, helping them overcome fears and gain confidence.

Allie and Carly Talbott run a fun podcast discussing yoga and various other topics.

4.) Ekhart Yoga’s YouTube Yoga Instructors

Esther Ekhart is a remarkable YouTube yoga instructor. Her classes are ideal for beginners, people with injuries, or mature yogis. Esther emphasizes alignment and gentle movement.

Her slower-paced classes allow for awareness of postures, your body, breath, and emotional state. She focuses on the fine details of yoga poses. Her beginner classes are excellent for refining your yoga practice.

Esther also manages It offers valuable resources from mantras, yogic philosophy, to beginner and advanced practices. Ekhart Yoga’s website and YouTube channel also host inspiring classes from other instructors like Mackenzie Miller and Meghan Currie.

3.) Yoga with Tim

Tim Senesi is a relaxed YouTube yoga instructor. His classes emphasize strength, alignment, and mindfulness. He uniquely combines Iyengar yoga’s structure with vinyasa yoga’s fluidity.

Tim explores the “how and why” of each yoga pose. This includes muscle engagement, alignment, and purpose. Despite his focus on anatomy and strength poses, his classes cater to beginners and advanced students alike.

Visit Yoga with Tim’s website to join his free 30-day Total Body, Mind, and Spirit Yoga Challenge. Yoga challenges offer a group class-like structure and camaraderie. Tim also teaches regular classes at several YogaWorks studios in Southern California.

2.) Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a YouTube sensation. Google declared it the most searched workout of 2015. Adriene Mischler’s motto, “Do what feels good,” embodies her brand. Her classes emanate a friend’s living room feel.

With over three million YouTube subscribers, Adriene offers hundreds of quality yoga videos and tutorials. Most of her videos are 20-25 minutes long, perfect for a busy schedule. She occasionally leads international yoga retreats and teaches at festivals and wellness expos. Visit for more information about her classes.

1.) Floating Yoga School with Helen Cloots

Helen’s YouTube yoga classes are enjoyable and light-hearted. Her approachable teaching style is welcoming. She features real students in her online classes, helping beginners visualize poses in diverse body shapes. Helen excels at breaking down postures and suggesting modifications.

For advanced practices or specific pose tutorials, check out Helen’s intermediate sessions and three-minute tutorials.

Previously a co-owner of two yoga studios in San Diego, Helen now runs Wild Thing Yoga in Bend, Oregon. She offers regular classes and teacher trainings.

Online classes supplement your yoga practice well. If you’re comfortable, join a live beginners’ group or an all-levels class. In-person classes offer alignment feedback and a community to share your practice.

Wonder if there’s a class fitting your personality? There is! From Rock’n’Roll yoga to Beer Yoga, there’s a class for everyone.