Top 5 Must Follow YouTube Yoga Instructors for Beginner Yoga

Are you trying to start a yoga practice but struggling to make it to a class at your local gym or yoga studio? If you have done a Google search looking for YouTube yoga instructors who are teaching online beginner yoga classes then you have seen the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of classes on offer. The sheer number of YouTube yoga instructors and beginner classes available is overwhelming. We are here to help you narrow down your search and find the yoga instructor perfect for you and your yoga practice.

All five of these instructors teach fun, accessible yoga classes perfect for anyone starting a yoga practice. Spend an afternoon checking out their YouTube channels and figure out which teacher resonates with you. Most importantly: have fun!

5.) The Journey Junkie with Allie Van Fossen

Allie is an energetic yoga instructor who offers loads of popular classes on YouTube. Allie leads yoga challenges, chakra flows, vinyasa and yin classes. Want to hang upside down? She also offers aerial yoga classes that she teaches from her yoga trapeze. Her classes are fun and active with targeted practices that focus on strengthening or lengthening specific body parts, prep work for arm balances and more.

On Allie’s website, The Journey Junkie, she offers four different free yoga programs, ranging from Yoga Body Bootcamp to Back to Yoga Basics. Allie is passionate about empowering her online students as they face their fears, cultivate confidence and learn how to live their own journey from the comfort of home. Allie and friend Carly Talbott have a lighthearted podcast where they talk about all things related to yoga (and plenty not related to yoga too).