Top 5 Surprising Things That May Happen During Beer Yoga

Beer yoga classes are popping up at local breweries faster than we can say “namaste”. Read on to find out what actually happens during a beer yoga class.

Has beer yoga reached your city yet? This novel concept is mushrooming in local breweries and tasting rooms across Portland, Ore. It’s a unique fusion of craft beer love and yoga. Curious about what happens during a beer yoga class? Keep reading.

Yoga traditionalists might question this beer-yoga alliance, but it’s clear that beer yoga is here for the long haul. Its non-traditional approach makes it incredibly accessible and, indeed, enjoyable. As an open-minded yoga instructor, my philosophy is “Don’t knock it until you try it.” So, I attended and even taught a few beer yoga classes. I must say, I loved the experience.

Beer yoga classes sometimes serve beer during the session, others host a social hour post-class. Regardless of the format, it’s a fun social event. It’s an excellent way to invigorate your yoga routine or to introduce yoga-skeptical friends to the practice. The classes usually cater to all levels, featuring a range of “feel-good” yoga poses like low lunges, detoxifying twists, and side body stretches.

Beer yoga attracts the rebels, the social butterflies, and those who think they can’t do yoga for whatever reason. Many first-time beer yogis are persuaded to join by yoga-loving friends, drawn by the promise of chilled pints, light yoga, and a relaxed practice. Cady Lindsey, owner of Bend Beer Yoga in Bend, Ore., noted that beer yoga attendees are “people who want to do something fun that isn’t just sitting around a bar.” Who wouldn’t want to combine fun with a dash of health?

beer yoga class

Sophia Connell

5.) You Will Make Quick Friends

beer yoga malasana

It’s true, beer yoga is a fantastic social hub. Many newcomers are pleasantly surprised by the friendly and social atmosphere that these classes offer, contrasting the typically more reserved environment of a standard yoga studio. The ambiance at beer yoga classes is filled with fun, camaraderie, and open acceptance.

Right after signing in, participants find their spots and fetch their chosen beverages. This routine quickly fosters friendships, with bar-side chatter spilling over onto the mats. The air buzzes with palpable excitement and anticipation, creating an intoxicating atmosphere even before the class begins.

One of the reasons yogis cherish attending yoga classes is the sense of community they experience being among like-minded individuals. This inclusive vibe is amplified in a beer yoga class. By the time the session concludes, you’ll find yourself exchanging pleasantries with your neighbor, high-fiving the instructor, and clinking glasses in a toast with both new acquaintances and old friends. It’s a unique, enjoyable, and social twist on traditional yoga practice.

4.) You Will Laugh Your Butt Off and Bliss Out In The Same Class

Beer yoga instructors truly are talented multi-taskers, blending humor, yoga philosophy, and physical instruction all while keeping the vibe of the class light and lively. Be prepared for spontaneous laughter, especially if you’re taking a sip of your beer during a joke’s punchline! You might be guided to enjoy your beer while holding a pose like a crescent lunge, or to celebrate your successful balance in tree pose with a high-five to your neighbor.

Instructors like Corrie Coffey from Bend Beer Yoga are known to infuse their classes with an unexpected soundtrack, including ’80s hits that inspire impromptu dance parties. It might seem a bit silly, but it adds a fun and playful element to the practice.

One of the unexpected benefits of beer yoga is an increase in mindfulness and body awareness. When you’re concentrating on holding your beer while moving through different postures, you become keenly aware of your balance and how each part of your body is working together. It’s a surprisingly effective way to bring attention to your physical presence, balance, and posture.

And after all that movement, laughter, and focus, you’ll be ready for the final relaxation pose: savasana, also known as corpse pose. With your body relaxed and your mind clear, you might just find that this is the most rewarding savasana you’ve ever experienced. It’s a unique combination of socialization, physical activity, and relaxation that leaves many participants eager to return for their next beer yoga class.

3.) It Is Perfectly Okay To Snap a Yoga Selfie During Your ‘Chill and Refill’ Break

beer yoga instructor mikkitrowbridge

Mikki Trowbridge Yoga

It seems like beer yoga classes have found the perfect balance of activity, relaxation, and socialization. The concept of “Chill and Refill,” a concept introduced by Bend Beer Yoga, adds another layer of fun to the practice. This mid-class break allows participants to refill their drinks, take a quick bathroom break, or capture the moment with a beer yoga selfie. This brief intermission adds to the social, lighthearted atmosphere of the class, all while ensuring that no beers – or participants – are spilled.

Mikki Trowbridge, a beer yoga instructor and the founder of Yoga + Beer, has also found a great way to incorporate socialization into her classes. After leading her all-levels vinyasa classes, she hosts a happy hour or social hour. This post-class gathering gives participants a chance to mingle, discuss their experiences in class, plan future activities, and network with fellow yoga enthusiasts. It’s another unique way that beer yoga classes blend traditional yoga practices with a fun, community-oriented group of friends.

2.) No Pressure

Beer yoga is indeed a relaxed and inclusive practice, aiming to break down barriers and preconceived notions about yoga. Its focus is on enjoyment, community, and an introduction to mindfulness and movement. It’s not about perfecting your poses or even about drinking beer, but about the collective experience.

Instructors like Mikki Trowbridge and Cady Lindsey encourage participants to enjoy themselves and do what feels right for them. There’s no pressure to drink alcohol, and non-drinkers are just as welcome as those who enjoy a beer. The same goes for yoga experience; both seasoned practitioners and complete beginners are welcome.

Beer yoga’s approach is about breaking out of societal norms and expectations, allowing participants to let go of judgment and enjoy the experience. It combines the mindfulness and physical benefits of yoga with the social and relaxing aspects of enjoying a beer with friends. It’s truly a unique blend that caters to a wide range of people, promoting fun, community, and well-being.

1.) You Will Be Plotting Your Next Beer Yoga Class Before You’re Finished

beer yoga extended side angle

Sophia Connell

It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve found a form of yoga that resonates so deeply with you. Beer yoga, like many of the alternative yoga practices, really showcases the flexibility and adaptability of yoga as a practice. It doesn’t always have to be serious or strictly traditional to be beneficial.

The social aspect of beer yoga, coupled with the physical movements and mindfulness, can indeed lead to a euphoric and relaxed state, similar to having a good laugh with friends. It’s a testament to the power of combining physical activity, social interaction, and a bit of fun.

Remember, yoga is ultimately about balance, flexibility, and finding what feels good for you. As you’ve quoted Oscar Wilde, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” It’s about finding your own unique path to wellness and contentment. Whether that’s beer yoga, blind yoga, aqua yoga, or some other type of yoga, the most important thing is that it brings you joy and helps you connect with yourself and others.

So, keep enjoying your beer yoga classes, and feel free to explore other types of yoga as well. You never know what other forms of practice might resonate with you. Happy practicing!