12 Stylish Yoga Pants That Will Hug Your Curves and Offer Ultimate Flexibility

It used to be that every girl needed the perfect little black dress. Nowadays? Every girl needs the perfect pair of yoga pants (or three or four). We love what yoga does for our bodies and we love yoga pants almost as much. Why?

  1. They’re comfy AF.
  2. They make us feel as though we’ve worked out (even when we haven’t).
  3. They’re appropriate to wear almost everywhere! Just throw a cute sweater over them and a pair of booties on your feet, and BAM — you’ve got a cute, comfy outfit and people will think you’re healthy and enjoy working out (even if you secretly don’t).

There are literally thousands of options for yoga pants out there and, while our favorites are still the basic black ones (they go with everything!), we do occasionally like to branch out. Here are a few of our favorites:

12.) Lululemon’s Align Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants: Lululemon's Align Pant II

Name: Align Pant II 25″

Price: $98

Overview: These lightweight, high-rise pants minimize distractions and maximize comfort as you flow through your practice. Designed for yoga, buttery-soft and sweat-wicking Nulu™ fabric needs a little extra love.

It’s no wonder these are Lululemon’s bestselling yoga pants: stylish, lightweight and buttery-soft? We’ll take one in every color (of which there are 13).

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