Truth About Yoga Clothes: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Yoga Outfits

Whether you love it or hate it, the yoga trend is growing fast and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. The yoga practice can be challenging enough at times, but it can be even harder if you fail to wear the right yoga clothes.

If your yoga clothes are too saggy, tight, or uncomfortable, they can affect your practice and your future development. Yoga clothes need to be flexible, breathable, and comfortable for you to perform at your best.

We have looked at everything you need to know about yoga clothes and compiled a complete buyer’s guide to aid you in your search.

Why Are Yoga Clothes So Expensive?

why are yoga clothes so expensive?

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The higher price tag of yoga clothes all comes down to the cost of production, the technology, the fabrics, the cost of development, and the research that goes into finding the right textiles for the garments.

If you think about it, the right fabric needs to be used to work with the body and move with it during the yoga practice. Yoga clothes need to be functional in every aspect and fulfill the purpose of being a versatile, conformable piece of clothing.

This research, development, and production come with a cost that results in the clothes being more expensive, but they are of a higher quality.

How to Clean Yoga Clothes

how to clean yoga clothes

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Never leave your clothes to sit for a few days because they will begin to smell. Wash your yoga clothes as soon as possible.

Follow these tips when washing yoga clothes for the best results.

Let Your Clothes Breathe

Let your yoga clothes breathe before washing them. This step will make the clothes easier to clean.

As soon as you take off your clothes, leave them somewhere to hang dry to help ensure any orders are removed during the washing process.

Pre-Soak in Vinegar

Pre-soaking your clothes in a bit of vinegar will remove any unpleasant orders from the garment and help breakdown any sear stains.

Use half a cup of white wine vinegar and cold water and soak before washing.

Wash in Cold Water

You maybe be tempted to wash your clothes in hot water. Don’t.

Hot water may end up damaging them, and you will find that they lose their elasticity. Use cold water when washing to avoid this.

Don’t Tumble Dry

Tumble drying isn’t recommended because hot air can affect the longevity of your yoga clothes. It’s best to air dry them to keep them in prime condition.

Leave Out the Fabric Softener

Believe it or not, fabric softener can be counterproductive as it can damage the sketchy fabrics used in yoga clothes and traps any smells within the clothes.

Wash Inside Out

Washing clothes inside out helps keep the color for longer.

It also gives the clothes a deeper clean, removing bacteria, stains, and orders.

Use a Specially Formatted Detergent

There are sport-specific laundry detergents that are formulated with natural orders fighters. These types of detergents are perfect to use when washing your yoga clothes.

Add an Odor Eliminator

Order eliminators are ideal for helping combat orders and leaving your yoga clothes smelling fresh.

Where to Buy Yoga Clothes

where to buy yoga clothes

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Yoga wear is a big business, and with everyone climbing on board the yoga trend, it can be hard to know where to begin when buying yoga clothes. With so many options, it can seem overwhelming. Fear, not fellow Yogis, we have done the hard work for you and found the best and cheapest yoga clothes available on the market.

Best Yoga Clothes

Use the following list as a guideline to check you are buying the best type of yoga clothes.

  • Shorts or pants: These items need to be breathable and flexible.
  • Form-fitting tops: Tops should be narrow so that they won’t hang over your head when you’re upside down.
  • Sports bra: Wear a sports bra or a bra with built-in support.
  • Warm top: iTake a warm top layer to wear at the end of class or after you have cooled down.

 Here are a few of our favorite best yoga clothes available online. 

Garudasana Yoga Trousers

garudasana yoga trousers


These super soft, lightweight Garudasana yoga trousers are great for your morning yoga class.

The soft and comfortable feel of trousers is too good for the yoga studio alone. You’ll be wearing them at home to relax and watch a movie.

See the Garudasana Trousers on Nordstrom

Siren Long Sleeve Crop Top

siren long sleeve crop top


This item is a comfortable, stylish crop top that will stretch as you bend and flex during your workout.

The decorative cut-out pattern will raise your yoga outfit game and give much-need extra needed ventilation.

See the Alo Siren Top on Nordstrom

Orona Top

orona top


This item is the perfect relaxed oversized slouchy top to add an extra layer to your outfit.

The double V-neck top with back strap details will keep you warm on the way home from the studio.

See the Orona Top on PrAna

Alo Cover Tank

cover tank


This item is a great cropped faux wrap top that works well with a pair of stylish high-rise leggings.

After all those hard abs workouts, it’s only natural that you’ll want to show off your super ripped physique. This cover tank is perfect for that.

See the Cover Tank on Nordstrom

Ripped High-Waist Shorts

ripped high waist shorts


These are the best shorts to wear for your morning yoga practice.

The small slits and figure-hugging fabric allow for flexibility when performing the most difficult yoga pose.

See the High-Waist Shorts on Nordstrom

Brahma Padded Yoga Bra

brahma padded yoga bra


A yoga bra will give you the right amount of support you need while you workout.

This support leaves you free to focus on the task at hand and concentrate on perfecting your crane pose.

See the Yoga Bra on Nordstrom

Cheap Yoga Clothes

For those of you that are on a budget, there are many inexpensive yoga clothes options available for you to buy.

Here are a few of our favorite cheap yoga clothes available to buy online.


thanth yoga top


A soft top is exactly what you need when working on your yoga practice.

The breathable fabric will keep you cool on the warmest of days.

See the THANTH Top on Amazon

High-Waist Pocket Short

high waist out pocket yoga short


The high-waisted pocket shorts have a fabric designed to remove moisture from your body.

The shorts will give a streamlined look because they hug and contour the body.

See the High-Waist Pocket Short on Amazon

Mippo Mesh Tank

mippo mesh tank


The open-tie back design of this tank allows for ventilation, keeping you cool during a workout.

This top has a super soft, breathable fabric to ensure maximum comfort at all times.

See the Mesh Tank on Amazon

Ewedoos Soft Leggings

ewedoos soft leggings


Combining style and comfort, these leggings help you achieve your best performance.

These leggings feature two pockets, one on each side to keep your phone and any other essentials while you workout.

See the Ewedoos Leggings on Amazon

FEIVO Tummy Control Leggings

feivo tummy control leggings


These leggings feature all-over interlock seams that help eliminate chafing and reduce irritation but provide ultimate comfort.

A hidden inner pocket in the waistband keeps any of your essentials safe while you enjoy your yoga class.

See the FEIVO Leggings on Amazon

Yoga Clothes for Women

Finding that ideal yoga outfit to perform yoga poses such as the downward dog can be tough.

Here are our favorite yoga clothes for women perfect for your next yoga class.

Suryana Strappy Bra

suryana strappy bra


Wearing the right type of yoga bra will make you feel secure and in turn, help improve your yoga practice.

The bra features a little hidden zip pocket in the front to store any small personal items.

See the Strappy Bra on Athleta

Pineapple Midi Leggings

pineapple midi leggings


Turns heads at the yoga studio as you enter wearing these stylish yet practical metallic pineapple design leggings.

The stretchy, high-waisted leggings will provide comfort while you stretch and pose to your heart’s content.

See Pineapple Leggings on Nordstrom

Bakasana Tank

bakasana tank


Available in a choice of four colors, this Bakasana tank top is a longer length to cover up your bum.

Fitting next to the skin, this figure-hugging top allows for flexibility for all those dedicated to the yoga mat life.

See the Bakasana Tank on Athleta

Lux High-Waist Leggings

lux high waist leggings


If you are a fan of color and pattern, these lux high-waist leggings are for you.

Make a bold statement with these leggings that have a fabric to keep you cool while working out.

See High-Waist Leggings on Nordstrom

Lici Bra

lici bra


This pretty lilac bra will give a soft, feminine touch to your yoga practice.

This bra is perfect to pair with high-waist leggings for a chic look that you’ll want to show off at your next yoga class.

See the Lici Bra on PrAna

Serafina Legging

serafina legging


Available in three different designs, these Serafina leggings are a must-buy to ensure you have a comfortable yoga session.

The fitted leggings include a natural odor-reducing feature so that you can have peace of mind when working out.

See Serafina Leggings on PrAna

Farrah Cropped Jumpsuit

farrah cropped jumpsuit


That’s right, ladies. You can wear a jumpsuit for your yoga session.

Be comfy at all times wearing this slouchy, wide leg jumpsuit. It’s so stylish and cozy you’ll want to wear it outside of class too.

See Jumpsuit on Nordstrom

Yoga Clothes for Men

When practicing yoga, it is best to wear comfortable, flexible clothes with some breathability.

Here are a few of our favorite yoga garments for men that are ideal for wearing when refining your yoga poses.

Capri Yoga Pant

mens capri yoga pant


The capri pant is the ideal length to allow you to move around freely during your yoga practice.

This item has a flexible elastic waistband and two side pockets to allow you to keep any essentials close by when in the yoga studio.

See Capri Pant on Amazon

Soft Harem Pants

mens soft harem yoga pants


Up your yoga style game with these super soft harem pants.

Maximum comfort is ensured with these baggy, stretchy, and plush pants.

See Harem Pants on Amazon

Cotton V-Neck Top

cotton v-neck yoga top


This item is a 100% cotton shirt designed to allow your body to breathe during a yoga session. The stylish V-neck gives the shirt a casual yet classy feel.

Not only is this shirt perfect for yoga, but it is a great item of clothing to take on vacation to wear at the beach.

See V-Neck Top on Amazon

Two-Tone Thai Fisherman Pants

2 tone thai fisherman pants


These Thai fisherman pants are 100% authentic cotton drill, making them the ultimate conformable yoga class trouser.

After you wear them once, you never want to take them off.

See Thai Pants on Amazon

Gaiam Performance Heather Shorts

gaiam performance heather shorts


For those men who prefer to wear short during a yoga session, these Gaiam performance heather shorts are a great choice.

The fabric is quick-drying, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable even during an intense workout.

See Performance Shorts on Amazon

Plus-Size Yoga Clothes

We have found the best plus-size activewear to help you go that extra mile with your yoga practice.

Here are our favorite plus-size yoga garments that will make you look good and feel good too.

RBX Active Top

rbx active women's plus size yoga top


Available in a variety of colors to suit your style, this RBX active top will move with your body as you hold a pose.

The relaxed fit gives room for breathability and ventilation.

See Yoga Top on Amazon

Ninedaily Yoga Top

ninedaily womens yoga top


The ruched style of this top allows for movement, won’t pull up during a class, and will stay in place during workouts.

This is a stretchy top that won’t restrict movement when practicing perfecting your Kapotasana or lotus pose.

See Ninedaily Yoga Top on Amazon

Core 10 Bra

core 10 yoga bra


This yoga bra is pink perfection and will make you feel like a million dollars wearing it to your next yoga class.

The compression fit is tight in the band and bust, which minimizes any bounce and more importantly will hold everything in place.

See Core 10 Bra on Amazon

Affirmation 7:8 Tight

affirmation 7:8 tight


These cute affirmation tights are available in a plus size and are perfect for making a statement in your next yoga class.

The side color-blocking design will flatter your form, and the compressive fabric has the right amount of stretch for all that is yoga.

See Affirmation Tight on Athleta

Elation Asym 7:8 Tight in Powervita™

elation asym 7:8 tight in powervita™


Ideal for both outdoor and indoor practice, these Elation Asym tights are available in a plus size and will help up your yoga practice.

Look good and feel good in these buttery-soft leggings. They will feel so comfortable that you’ll almost forget you are wearing them.

See Elation Asym Tight on Athleta

Now that you’ve got the ultimate yoga clothes picked out, you’ll need to get yourself a yoga mat. Click next to read our reviews on the best yoga mats of 2019.

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