Top 5 Types of Alternative Yoga You’ll Want To Stretch Into Now

It seems the number of yoga studios is almost comparable to the number of Starbucks Coffee shops these days. With the steadily growing yoga industry, naturally, new styles begin to pop up, and yoga has begun to take on a life of its own.

Creative types of alternative yoga can be found in many cities across America. There’s beer yoga, paddle board yoga, and even goat yoga (yes, you can do downward dog while baby goats run around – and on! – you). While these nontraditional practices may make the die-hard yogi cringe, they offer a space for people who are looking for an outside-of-the-box way to enjoy all of the benefits of yoga. There are probably hundreds of alternative yoga classes and retreats out there, and we’ve come up with some of the trendiest out there.

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5.) ‘Blind’ Yoga

alternative yoga


Los Angeles-based yoga teacher and wellness influencer NamasteJenay has developed the unique concept of “blind yoga” and incorporates it into her classes. Blind yoga is the technique that Jenay believes helps yogis to “look within” and dig deep within themselves by keeping their eyes closed during sequences.

“We are constantly in a state of “out” – we look out, speak out, extend out, etc. Everything in our lives is constantly give, give, give, so it can be incredibly tough to really slow down and drop into ourselves,” she says. Jenay often teaches entire flows in her classes, but says that the concentrated energy is amazing even if the eyes are only closed for a few breaths.

“You are giving your eyes, brain and brain stimulation a much-needed break, but you are still fully aware and discerning of the pose.”

After 500 hours of yoga instruction and trying multiple forms of yoga, Jenay has found that blind yoga has been the most rewarding for herself and students alike. For Jenay, when the eyes are closed, one becomes more in tuned with the weight distribution in the body, noticing how every slight movement changes the sensation in the body and mind.