Top 5 Worst Wedding Trends

When it comes to weddings, there’s always a trend, and even the worst wedding trends can catch like wildfire. Spend an afternoon on Pinterest or perusing the latest bridal magazines and you’ll know what we mean… Like most trends though, they can often be regretted, and the last thing you want your wedding to elicit is judgment and/or regrets.

If you or someone you know is getting married and are contemplating one of the following trends, please stop immediately. Also, maybe you should take a long, hard look at who you are planning to spend your life with because you clearly lack good judgment (and if he agrees with the trend, he probably lacks sound judgment as well). Below are five of the worst wedding trends we’ve come across (again, please do not embark in any of the following):

5.) Morning-After Photos

Worst Wedding Trends Morning After Photos


The trend of morning-after photos sounds like fodder for a hilarious “Saturday Night Live” sketch. Unfortunately, they are just as they sound… Morning-after photos are professional photos taken in the honeymoon suite of the newly betrothed couple, posed together in provocative states of undress the morning after the wedding. Yes, this is a trend. Unfortunately. And it is one of the worst wedding trends out there.

Um, we get it. You had all sorts of great wedding night sex in those super-fancy satin sheets. You just got married, and you celebrated. If you want to have a sexy boudoir photo shoot, fine… just please don’t put it on Facebook, Instagram, or share it with the world in any way. We don’t want to imagine your tousled hair and stripped bed, much less see photos of it. We assume you had sex, we don’t need proof. Some things should be kept private or are just TMI and morning-after photos are one of them. This is one of the worst wedding trends we’ve ever come across, so please please do not indulge in this.