20 Hilarious Pics of Kids at Weddings

Kids at weddings are hilarious: you can see every emotion on their little faces, and most of the time they’re miserable. If you’re planning a wedding and want everything to go perfectly, here’s a piece of advice: don’t invite kids.

1.) Parents Are So Embarrassing 

Kids at Weddings

This little flower girl is none too pleased with the toast going on behind her; either she feels left out, or does not approve of the beer can toast!

We’re assuming those are her parentsbehind her, which just goes to show that even at the young age of three parents can be embarrassing.

2.) When Will it End?

Kids at Weddings

We repeat: If you want your wedding to be perfect, make it a child-free affair. Children are always unpredictable, and kids at weddings are no different.

We don’t blame this little one though – weddings are long!