Show Your Style With Water Bottle Stickers

You already have a water bottle, but you want it to show your personality more. No problem! Show your style with these amazing water bottle stickers.

If you just purchased a reusable water bottle, congratulations! You’re helping save the planet and removing BPA from your diet, but you feel something from your water bottle is missing. If only there were a way to add personality to your water bottle. Good news. There is! You can show your style with water bottle stickers, either ready-to-buy or customized.

Water Bottle Sticker Materials

Typically, a good waterproof sticker is printed on high-quality vinyl with waterproof adhesive, which enables it to stick to your water bottle for the long haul and through various conditions, such as dishwashers. Many stickers are laminated, which adds further protection from fading, scratching, tearing, and water. We have all experienced non-waterproof stickers that fade or rip apart from water exposure. They look ugly and they’re difficult to remove once damaged completely. With the right kind of water bottle stickers, this won’t be a problem.

Personalization With Water Bottle Stickers

Water bottle covered in stickers

The stickers on your water bottle can tell people a lot about your personality. Let’s dive into what some options might say about you.

Sticker Overload

You loved every sticker so much that you had to keep going until you couldn’t even see the original bottle anymore. Having this chaotic look could be the look you were going for. There’s so much going on that determining what you’re actually into can be quite difficult. Maybe that’s the whole point.

Stickers for Water Bottles

Superhero Stickers

Let’s face it—superheroes were once for nerds. Today, thanks to movies like The Avengers and Wonder Woman, superheroes are cool for a wide demographic. If you have superhero stickers on your water bottle, you’re probably a big kid at heart. Either that or you actually have a child that puts their favorite sticker on your water bottle, making you a really cool mom or dad!

Super Hero Stickers

Inspirational Stickers

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to keep our heads up, keep going, or, as Nike says, “Just Do It.” What better place for an inspirational sticker than your reusable water bottle? This is an especially great option when you use your water bottle during a workout. Even if you’re using the bottle at work, it can be a helpful reminder to see a positive message as you count down to quitting time.

Inspirational Stickers

Adventure Stickers

You’re either an avid adventurer and explorer, or you’re trying to remind yourself to be more adventurous.

Adventure Stickers

Unicorn Stickers

If you have unicorn stickers on your water bottle, you’re simply an awesome human being. You should be very proud of yourself.

Unicorn Stickers

No Water Bottle Stickers

Even if you got a reusable water bottle in your favorite color, it still looks pretty empty without some water bottle stickers. You were either overwhelmed with too many options or you have a fear of commitment. Sometimes in life, it’s important to make an executive decision. The reason why we believe you should add a sticker or two to your water bottle is so that it’s at least differentiated in case you go running with your friends and they all happen to have the same bottle.

Top Water Bottle Stickers From Amazon

There are so many water bottle sticker designs to choose from that picking one (or many) can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve gone ahead and sorted water bottle stickers by average customer review on to highlight the best.

FNGEEN Unicorn Stickers

Custom Water Bottle Stickers Unicorn


Everyone loves unicorns, from the Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappucino to this Unicorn Taco Holder. People are obsessed with the unicorn’s colorful mane and magical look. Today, a lot of people think that unicorns are just plain awesome.

Therefore, we’re not surprised to see the FNGEEN Unicorn Stickers as the top-rated waterproof sticker for your water bottle. The best part is that 50 different unicorn stickers come in a pack. You can even choose from two different sets. Both sets look absolutely cute and amazing, so you will probably want to buy both. This will give your endless options in how to show the world your love of unicorns.

The stickers feature both sun and waterproof protection so they’ll never fade. This is especially important for colorful stickers that are meant to pop.

Check out Jessica’s review on Amazon:

“I am so very pleased with this pack of unicorn stickers. So colorful with both pastels and vibrants. No duplicates! I love that when buying bulk packs of stickers. These stickers are approximately 3in vinyl stickers on opaque sticker base. I really appreciate the amount of stickers that can be considered “themed”. There’s a nice variety stickers. Some were raunchy and humorous, but not inappropriate for my young children. They made perfect decorations for the invitations to a birthday party Which is unicorn and slime themed.”

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Asilda Store Adventure Sticker Set

Custom Water Bottle Stickers Asilda


If you have a reusable water bottle, you may be an adventure-seeker who is always on the go. Why not show the world how much an adventure-seeker you really are with the Asilda Store Adventure Sticker Set #2. We’re not surprised to see these stickers as the second-ranked set on Amazon as they come with a number of awesome features.

Like the unicorn stickers, these are printed on premium vinyl and have UV-protection. This company knows that its customers are going to be exposing their adventure stickers to a multitude of conditions that arise during adventures, so the company designed them to handle many years of wear from camping, hiking or weather.

Check out Jillianne Gonzalez’s review on Amazon:

“I have been looking for some great quality vinyl stickers for my water bottle for a long time and when I found these on amazon I was so excited! I love to travel so these little adventure stickers were perfect! The detail is great and they are thick and heavy duty, I know they won’t get scratched up and ruined on my water bottle.”

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Let That Shit Go Sticker Meditating Sloth

Custom Water Bottle Stickers Sloth


Who doesn’t love sloths? Sloths are known for being one of the slowest animals on earth, so it was hilarious when the customer service agent at the DMV in Zootopia was a sloth.

Like the other stickers on our list, this sloth sticker is printed on durable, weather-resistant vinyl and is built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The sticker is coated with a premium lamination, which means it’s protected from wind, rain and sunlight. It is dishwasher-safe as well.

Check out Karlyn’s review on Amazon:

“I love this sticker! I almost felt silly for spending this much on a sticker but I love it and it makes me smile every time I look at it! I have it on my hydro flask which I hand wash about once a week and it’s been 3 months and it’s not peeling at all.”

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Superhero Stickers for Water Bottles

Custom Water Bottle Stickers Superheroes


These stickers clearly aren’t licensed by Marvel or DC as it has a combination of characters from both universes (which these companies would never agree to do,) but it doesn’t take away from the fact they are awesome. There are 100 stickers in a set with so many various designs of some of the most famous superheroes and villains: Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Luke Cage, Deadpool,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wonder Woman, Superman, Doctor Doom and many more! Like the other stickers on our list, these are printed on high-quality vinyl with both sun and water protection so they’re strong and durable, just like these heroes.

Check out Doro626’s review on Amazon:

“I haven’t actually used these stickers yet, But the artwork is so awesome I dont want to stick them to anything. These are so awesome, I may have to buy a second set to use and may just put these in a photo album, like I used to do when I was a kid ( doesnt anyone remember photo albums?) Heman, turtles and shredder tons of spiderman, batman ( most of any other I think) and deadpool. Captain america and Ironman. Some singles as well. Minus hawkeye, I may have the first avenges movie cast.”

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Customizable Water Bottle Stickers

Good news for you is that you can make custom water bottle stickers! Maybe you have your own business and you want to create branded stickers are giveaways. Or maybe you’re an artist or a designer, and you created something that you wanted to sell or share with the world. You can create custom water bottle stickers.

One website that we liked is StickerYou as their stickers are waterproof, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, removable without residue and can be printed in any shape or size!

Now that you know a little bit more about water bottle stickers, go out and find amazing stickers that fit your personality!

show your style with water bottle stickers