Top 5 Travel Water Bottles for Your Next Trip

If you have a good travel water bottle, you'll be able to get the hydration you need. Use our guide to find the best water bottle for your next adventure.

When traveling, sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. You’re always on the go, which makes it harder to develop a routine. Eating every meal at a restaurant or street stand has become the norm, and finding convenient and affordable gyms can be a headache. One of the easier aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling is drinking enough water. There are typically convenience stores or markets everywhere in the world, and they’re thrilled to sell you, the thirsty traveler, a plastic bottle of water. You can quickly go through 4 or 5 plastic water bottles in a day without realizing it. If you’re active like me, you probably drink even more. That’s where a travel water bottle can make all the difference.

As mentioned in our article, Water Bottle Issues: Why You Should Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles Now, almost 90% of all recycled plastic water bottles end up in the ocean. Plus, they contain harmful microplastics and chemicals like BPA (or BPS, its under-the-radar replacement). You’re supposed to bring your friends and family souvenirs from the places you visit, not leave plastic souvenirs behind you. This is why we recommend that every traveler invest in a travel water bottle that they can reuse and know how to purify water on the go.

Water Purifying Solutions for Traveling

Travel Water Bottle

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than food poisoning or drinking contaminated water. Worrying about the water quality is definitely something you should be concerned about when traveling, especially when traveling to less developed regions. Typically, developed countries like the USA have generally safe and healthy water on tap. However, if you’re going to a small rural village in Mexico, you’ll need some solutions in place to purify your water so you don’t have to buy plastic bottles. Below are a few solutions to sterilize your drinking water when traveling.

Boiling Water 

If you have access to a stove, microwave, or even a pot with a fire underneath, you can boil water to neutralize bacteria. The only drawback is that sometimes your water might have sediments that you’ll need to allow to settle and then filter through a coffee filter or clean cloth. If you plan to boil water to drink, consider investing in an insulated water bottle that can handle the water temperature.

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Iodine or Chloride Tablets

Iodine and chlorine tablets can kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Please make sure to read the directions on the label for the tablet-to-water ratio. Also, note that these solutions are more short-term fixes. Iodine tablets can cause problems for pregnant women or anyone with thyroid problems.

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The SteriPEN can be a pricier but effective solution. It uses ultraviolet light to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in drinking water. And the best part is that these useful tools are very portable. Just pack it in your bag and go off on your adventure.

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Water Bottle With Filter

You can also invest in a travel water bottle that has a built-in filter, such as this one from Lidestraw. The only drawback is that you might need to pack replacement filters with you if you are traveling for a long time or going to multiple places where you’ll need to filter water.

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Restaurant or Hotel

Many hotels and restaurants, especially the more upscale ones, have access to a clean water source, so you can always fill up there throughout the day. But if you’re off the beaten path, this will not be an option for you.

As you can see, there are a number of solutions to purify your water when traveling. Now that we understand how to secure safe, clean drinking water, learn which travel water bottle might be the best option for you.

Our Top Picks for Travel Water Bottles

Getting Water on a hike

Traveling often involves staying hydrated, especially during long flights, outdoor activities, or exploring new cities. With the increasing awareness of environmental impact and the desire to avoid single-use plastic bottles, having a reliable water bottle is a must-have item. Let’s dive into the top picks for travel water bottles that cater to different needs, preferences, and styles.

Best Insulated Water Bottle: Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask

The Hydro Flask is a great option for those who value keeping their beverages at the desired temperature. Whether it’s cold water on a hot day or a hot beverage during a chilly morning, this insulated bottle excels. It comes in different sizes and color options, making it a versatile choice for both large quantities of water and easy carrying. The stainless steel construction ensures durability, while the wide mouth openings make for easy access and cleaning.

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Best Stainless Steel Bottle: Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen

For travelers concerned about heavy metals and chemicals, the Klean Kanteen offers peace of mind with its stainless steel bottles. These bottles are known for their durability and safety, having passed rigorous durability tests. They come in various colors and sizes, perfect for personal preference and specific water intake needs. The silicone sleeve offers extra grip, and the wide range of lid options, including straw lids, caters to different drinking preferences.

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Best Filter Water Bottle: LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw Go

Safety is paramount when it comes to drinking water, especially in areas where water quality is a concern. The LifeStraw Go is a filter water bottle that provides safe drinking water by removing bacteria, parasites, and microplastics. It’s a great water bottle for outdoor activities and international travel, where access to safe water can be challenging. The built-in water filter is a key feature, and the bottle’s design allows for easy carrying and refilling.

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Best for Durability: Yeti Rambler

Yeti Rambler

The Yeti Rambler is a top contender for those who prioritize durability and ruggedness. Its stainless steel construction withstands drop tests and harsh conditions, making it a reliable water bottle for the great outdoors. The Yeti Rambler comes in different sizes and color options, catering to personal preference and specific needs. The heavy-duty design ensures that your water stays cool and safe, making it a better option for adventurous travelers.

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Collapsible Bottles: Hydaway

Hydaway Collapsable bottle

For travelers with limited space or who prefer lightweight options, collapsible bottles are a great choice. They come in different ways, such as silicone or other flexible materials, allowing them to be folded or squished when empty. This feature makes them perfect for long flights or backpacking trips where space and weight are important considerations. Brands like Vapur and Hydaway offer some of the best collapsible water bottles, combining convenience with functionality.

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Best Insulated with Stainless Steel Water Bottle: S’well

S'well Water Bottle

S’well insulated water bottles are unique in the market because of their superior insulation qualities. They have a triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction that works incredibly well to keep the temperature of the contents at a comfortable level. This means that hot drinks, like coffee or tea, can stay warm for up to 12 hours, and cold drinks, like water or juice, can stay cold for an amazing 24 hours. Those who are on the go will especially benefit from this superior performance, as it guarantees that their drinks will stay at the right temperature for extended periods of time, whether they are at work, outdoors, or traveling.

Apart from the practical advantages, S’well bottles are also highly regarded for their aesthetic appeal. They are available in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns to suit a wide range of personal styles and preferences. From sleek, monochromatic finishes to vibrant, artistic patterns, these bottles function as both a fashionable accessory and a useful hydration tool. The design also includes a thoughtful shape that fits comfortably in the hand and most cup holders, adding to their convenience.

In addition, S’well bottles are praised for being sustainable and eco-friendly. They are composed of premium, BPA-free stainless steel, which not only increases the bottles’ longevity and durability but also makes them a safer and healthier substitute for plastic bottles. By using an S’well bottle, consumers can lessen their reliance on single-use plastics, which helps to protect the environment. The brand’s dedication to sustainability also includes partnerships and a number of initiatives that support water conservation and the reduction of plastic waste worldwide. This facet of S’well’s mission resonates with consumers who are looking for products that are in line with their values.

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Best Folding Travel Water Bottle: Hydrapak Stow

Hydrapak Stow Folding Travel Bottle

The Hydrapak Stow is often regarded as the best folding travel water bottle, thanks to its unique combination of convenience, durability, and functionality. One of the most notable features of the Hydrapak Stow is its collapsibility. When empty, the bottle can be folded, flattened, or twisted down to a fraction of its full size, making it incredibly space-efficient. This is especially useful for travelers who need to conserve space in their luggage or backpacks. The bottle’s flexible design allows it to fit into tight spaces, and once it is no longer needed, it can be stowed away without taking up much room.

In terms of durability, the Hydrapak Stow is made from a tough, abrasion-resistant material that can withstand the rigors of travel. Not only is the material BPA and PVC-free, but it is also highly resilient against punctures and leaks—a critical feature for a bottle that may be squeezed into multiple compartments or come into contact with sharp objects. Additionally, the bottle is designed to leave no taste or scent in the water and is safe for repeated use.

In terms of functionality, the Hydrapak Stow is simple to use and maintain. It has a twist-lock cap that keeps spills from happening and makes pouring or drinking easy. Its wide mouth design makes it easy to fill, even from shallow sinks, and it is equally easy to clean. The bottle is also dishwasher-safe, which further simplifies maintenance. Another advantage is that it works with most water filters, making it a versatile option for travelers who might need to refill from different water sources. All of these features make the Hydrapak Stow an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dependable, practical, and space-saving water bottle for their travels.

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Best Water Taste: Brita

Brita Travel Water Bottle

The Brita travel water bottle with filter is frequently recommended as the best option for travelers looking for a water bottle with a built-in filtration system and taste. This bottle is highly valued for its ability to provide clean, great-tasting water from virtually any tap water source, making it ideal for travelers who might encounter varying water quality during their journeys.

One of the key features of the Brita travel water bottle is its advanced filter technology. The bottle has a Brita filter that can be changed, which helps to reduce particulate matter and the taste and odor of chlorine, which is often found in tap water, as well as other impurities. This ensures that the water tastes clean and fresh, no matter where it comes from. Travelers visiting areas where water quality may be an issue will especially benefit from this filter.

The Brita travel water bottle is designed to be both user-friendly and practical. It usually has a leak-proof design that makes it dependable to use in a variety of travel conditions. The bottles also often have a built-in straw or spout for easy drinking. The overall design is compact and streamlined, making it easy to carry in a backpack or a side pocket. The materials used are typically free of BPA, guaranteeing sustainability and safety.

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Best Water Bottle With Shaker: BlenderBottle Strada Shaker Cup

BlenderBottle Strada Shaker Cup

The BlenderBottle Strada Shaker Cup is a highly acclaimed water bottle with a shaker feature. It is particularly well-liked by athletes and people who frequently drink protein shakes or other mixed beverages. Its unique design and functionality allow it to mix powdered supplements effectively without clumping or leaking.

One of the standout features of the BlenderBottle Strada Shaker Cup is its patented mixing system, which typically includes a stainless steel BlenderBall wire whisk. This whisk moves freely inside the bottle when shaken, effectively mixing even the thickest ingredients with ease. Whether it is protein powders, pre-workout supplements, or meal replacements, the BlenderBall ensures a smooth, lump-free consistency. This makes the BlenderBottle Strada an ideal choice for those who need to quickly mix their drinks on the go.

A flip cap that snaps shut to prevent spills and a secure, leak-proof lid that keeps contents inside the bottle even during vigorous shaking are common features of the BlenderBottle Strada Shaker Cup’s design, which focuses on durability and ease of use. The bottle is also typically composed of high-quality, BPA-free materials that make it easy to clean and safe for regular use.

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Choosing the right size, material, and features for your water bottle can significantly enhance your travel experience. Whether it’s a durable stainless steel bottle, an insulated option for hot and cold beverages, a filter bottle for safe drinking water, or a collapsible bottle for easy carrying, there’s a perfect water bottle for every traveler. Remember, the most important thing is to stay hydrated and reduce environmental impact by opting for a reusable bottle.

Which travel water bottle did you like best? Which one would you consider getting? Let us know, and brush up on the best way to clean your new bottle.

top 5 travel water bottles for your next trip