Top 25 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes

Explore the humorous world of tattoo typos with our article "The Best Types of Tattoo Spelling Mistakes." From comical errors to misspelled words, discover why checking the spelling before inking is crucial. Don't miss these unforgettable ink blunders!

What are the best types of tattoo spelling mistakes? They’re the kinds that are permanently inked on someone else’s body. Unfortunately, tattoo parlors don’t come with a spell checker. The worst tattoo spelling mistakes prove that the tattoo artist is more than happy to give a client a permanent reminder of how he was never a spelling bee champion. Both men and women seem to exercise poor judgment at the tattoo studio, though, as you will soon see.

See Some of the Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes:

25. You Only Life Once

Tattoo Spelling Mistakes


When you don’t know what to tattoo on yourself, consider getting a tattoo of your favorite quote or a meaningful symbol. But don’t forget to spellcheck first. One unfortunate person had the following tattooed onto his arm: “You’ve gotta live every single day like it’s the only one.

What if tomorrow never comes?” This person was so eager to live his life that he didn’t have time to check his spelling. The same went for the fool who got “You only life once.”

24. Your or You’re

These tattoo spelling mistakes are unbelievable


People like to use tattoos to brag. College girls may have tramp stamps that say “prome queen” or “sweet pee.”

If you dare to have the phrase “Your not better than me” tattooed across any part of your body, you can bet money that the general population is better than you in at least one thing.

23. Chi-Tonw

These are some of the worst tattoo spelling mistakes you'll ever see

You should reverently respect any “esse” or “esse” wannabe who has a big tattoo etched across his collarbone. It takes a big man to endure that kind of pain. When that tattoo says “Chi-Tonw” instead of “Chi-Town” (a nickname for Chicago), go ahead and snicker as you shake your head.

If his homies try to make you feel bad, hold your ground and scold them for not watching their friend’s back and catching the blunder themselves before the needle touched the skin.

22. Tomarrow Never Knows

Tattoo Spelling Mistake

Wallpaper Magazines

When a person spells “tomorrow” with an “a” instead of an “o,” it’s obvious that Hooked on Phonics didn’t work for him. Maybe Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas should start recording songs that teach teenyboppers and adults how to spell more big words.

If there’s one thing that “tomorrow” knows for sure, it’s how to spell its own name.

21. My Angle?

Tattoo spelling mistakes can make something have a different meaning


It’s so sweet when a person has a set of wings tattooed on her body with the word “angle” written in big, loopy letters. Kudos to those who think that geometry is heavenly.

When a person refers to their children as “angles” in permanent ink, how does she explain this blunder to the kids? Better yet, how does a kid’s teacher keep a straight face on parent-teacher conference night?

20. Talking About Bad Disicions

Funniest Tattoo Spelling Mistakes


At first glance, there is nothing wrong. Then you start to look at it.

I can’t decide what is worse, the extra commas or the spelling.

19. Hopefully, It Does Get Better

Funny Tattoo Spelling Mistakes

Source: Daily Star

Some artists seem to love adding words and punctuation that isn’t needed.

Wait, the s is in the wrong place!

18. That Tattoo Spelling Mistake Sadly Lives On

Spelling mistakes can be embarassing

Daily Express

All over Instagram, you’ll be able to find examples of tattoos that went horribly wrong, including those that are misspelt. And some of the victims of poor spelling abilities seem to be enjoying the attention.

One of the most hilarious is a pic of a lad who chose to have the immortal words, “Ledgens live on” in massive letters across his chest. Unfortunately, so will this horrible tattoo spelling mistake.

17. No Regerts? I Can Think of One or Two

No regerts is a bad spelling mistake


Makes you wonder if this guy knew that tattoo studios don’t have erasers.

Does he regret this?

16. Someone Obviously Skipped a Class or Two

Some spelling mistakes are funny


Apparently, schools are only good for showing off, not for learning.

School may help you learn how to school.

15. A Little Self-Doubt Wouldn’t Hurt Sometimes

Tattoo mistakes


He certainly did ‘belive’ in his spelling abilities.

But should have consulted a dictionary before he committed.

14. Are You Though?

Not so awesome tattoo spelling mistakes

London Media

Yeah, you may be, but you’re also a very poor speller.

You are not awesome though.

13. “Your” Definitely Not a Spelling Champion

Worst tattoo spelling mistakes


Their, they’re… It can be quite tricky.

Spelling champions are definitely not made in the gym, so the carrier of this piece of art should have spent a few more hours in the library or at school.

12. Unfortunately, This Will Not

Spelling mistakes can sometimes last forever


Few things look as ridiculous as a misspelled tattoo. There are far too many examples of terrible tattoo spelling mistakes on the internet. Don’t join this unfortunate group.

Do your research, take your time to decide on a design, ensure your tattoo artist is careful, remember spellcheck is your friend and don’t forget to check the difference between “two,” “to,” and “too.”

11. This One Will Certainly Hurt

Bad spelling mistakes


Choosing to get a tattoo can be a big decision. After all, while tattoos no longer need to be permanent, removing one can still be a time consuming and expensive process.

No one likes to think they’ll be making a mistake with their tattoo, so consideration from the design to the artist must be carried out in full detail.

10. Is That Even a Word?

tattoo spelling mistakes before

London Media

Reading this a few times, you don’t understand it.

The “fore” in this is supposed to be before. Once you realize that the tattoo artist messed up, it makes more sense.

9. Wait, Comment?

tattoo spelling mistakes coment below

London Media

He should let his hair grow out over this one.

Also, where are we supposed to comment?

8. How Did You Mess This Up?

tattoo spelling mistakes no pen no gain


Pain isn’t a hard word to spell.

Somehow, the tattoo artist messed it up and ruined this tattoo. I wonder if it can be fixed!

7. This Tattoo is a Tragedy

tattoo spelling mistakes tragedy

London Media

Is this supposed to be funny?

Or was this actually a tragedy of a tattoo?

6. We Are Judging You

tattoo spelling mistakes god

London Media

We do not think God will judge you for a lot of things.

They may be judging you over this tattoo!

5. Bieber, What

tattoo spelling mistakes bieber fever

Buzz Feed

Remember when every single teenage girl had Bieber fever?

Some fan loved him so much that she got a tattoo of it. Too bad fever is spelt wrong!

4. What the WHAT

tattoo spelling mistakes no matter what happens

Buzz Feed

When you are typing quickly, it’s understandable that you can misspell “what.”

We wonder if they stayed strong getting through this tattoo.

3. Is This a New Title?

tattoo spelling mistakes prom queen

Buzz Feed

Did she mean another word or is she actually the prom queen?

We know one thing is for sure: she ain’t no spelling bee!

2. This Tattoo is Not a Champ

tattoo spelling mistakes super bowl

Buzz Feed

When your favorite team wins the super bowl, it’s exciting!

It’s not exciting when you add that extra “e” to bowl!

1. Raisins? Rains?

I mean, what?

This one we are just shaking our heads at!

Tip: Many people aren’t comfortable telling someone when something they’ve done isn’t good. But if your tattooer presents you with a sketch that isn’t exactly what you had in mind, you need to let him or her know. Don’t let your misplaced sense of kindness result in a permanent mistake. If your tattoo artist reacts poorly to your constructive criticism, they’re definitely not the right tattoo artist for you.

Are you considering a tattoo? Consider a temporary tattoo or think carefully before you ink! Share with us the worst tattoo spelling mistake you’ve ever seen.