Top 5 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes
What are the best types of spelling mistakes? They’re the kinds that are permanently inked on someone else’s body. Even with the latest technologies, tattoo parlors don’t come with a spell checker, or apparently, dictionaries. The worst tattoo spelling mistakes prove that the tattoo artist is more than happy to give a client a permanent reminder of how he was never a spelling bee champion.

5 You Only “Life” Once?

When you don’t know what to tattoo on yourself, consider getting a tattoo of your favorite quote. One unfortunate person had the following tattooed onto his arm: “You’ve gotta live every singel day like it’s the only one. What if tomorrow never comes?” This person was so eager to live life that he didn’t have time to check his spelling. The same went for the fool who got “You only life once.”

4 Your or You’re?

People like to use tattoos to brag. College girls may have tramp stamps that say “prome queen” or “sweet pee.” Guys sometimes want to tell the world “I’m awsome” (but not at spelling) until their dying day by getting the phrase tattooed across their backs. If you dare to have the phrase “Your not better than me” tattooed across any part of your body, you can bet money that the general population is better than you in at least one thing.

3 Chi-Tonw

You should reverently respect any “esse” or “esse” wannabe who has a big tattoo etched across his collarbone. It takes a big man to endure that kind of pain. When that tattoo says “Chi-Tonw” instead of “Chi-Town” (a nickname for Chicago), go ahead and snicker as you shake your head to his face. If his homies try to make you feel bad, hold your ground and scold them for not watching their friend’s back and catching the blunder themselves before the needle touched the skin.

2 Tomarrow Never Knows

When a person spells “tomorrow” with an “a” instead of an “o,” it’s obvious that Hooked on Phonics didn’t work for him. Maybe Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas should start recording songs that teach teenyboppers and adults how to spell more big words. If there’s one thing that “tomorrow” knows for sure, it’s how to spell its own name.

1 My Little Angle?

It’s so sweet when a person has a set of wings tattooed on her body with the word “angle” written in big, loopy letters. Kudos to those who think that geometry is heavenly. When a person refers to their children as “angles” in permanent ink, how does she explain this blunder to the kids? Better yet, how does a kid’s teacher keep a straight face on parent-teacher conference night?

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