Fake Never Looked So Good: Our Favorite Temporary Tattoos

Have you ever wanted a tattoo but didn’t want to commit to permanently inking your body? Not to mention the pain involved in the process! If so, then temporary tattoos may be for you.

Temporary tattoos have come a long way over the years. They used to be unrealistic and cartoon-like and didn’t even last the day. These days, temporary tattoos are amazingly realistic, with an array of beautiful designs that will keep you on-trend and winning at your tattoo game.

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Check out our selection of favorite temporary tattoos, from full arm sleeves to delicate flower designs. Fake never looked so good!

1.) Delicate Rose Outline Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoos - rose outline

DaLin / Amazon

Applying this beautiful delicate rose design to your skin would be an absolute pleasure. This design is truly stunning. You may even fall in love with it and want to get it inked on permanently.

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