Fake Never Looked So Good: Our Favorite Temporary Tattoos

Check out our selection of favorite temporary tattoos. From full arm sleeves to delicate flower designs. Fake never looked so good!

Have you ever wanted a tattoo but didn’t want to commit to permanently inking your body? Not to mention the pain involved in the process! If so, then temporary tattoos may be for you.

Temporary tattoos have come a long way over the years. They used to be unrealistic and cartoon-like and didn’t even last the day. These days, temporary tattoos are amazingly realistic, with an array of beautiful designs that will keep you on-trend and winning at your tattoo game.

Check out our selection of favorite temporary tattoos, from full arm sleeves to delicate flower designs. Fake never looked so good!

1. Delicate Rose Outline Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoos - rose outline

DaLin / Amazon

Applying this beautiful delicate rose design to your skin would be an absolute pleasure. This design is truly stunning. You may even fall in love with it and want to get it inked on permanently.

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2.) Colorful, Intricate Butterflies Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoos- butterflies

Paperself / Etsy

These intricate butterfly temporary tattoos would work anywhere on the body, adding a bit of color and whimsy to your skin and brightening up your day!

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3. Gold and Silver Tribal Temporary Tattoo Collection

temporary tattoos - gold aztec

MHI / Amazon

Festival season is upon us, and these metallic tribal design temporary tattoos would be the perfect accessory to add to your festival style.

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4. UV Glow-in-the-Dark Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos - uv neon

Festival World / Amazon

Tattoos that can be worn in the daytime but reveal a secret under UV blacklight are something a little bit special: a must-buy for parties. You will certainly stand out in the crown when in the dark.

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5. Full Sleeve Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoos - full sleeve tattoo

N-Green / Amazon

If you have always wanted a full sleeve tattoo but aren’t brave to commit to a lifetime of ink, then this temporary tattoo could be the answer. Printed with nontoxic ink, these full sleeve temporary tattoos are a great way to try before you buy.

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6. ‘Be Brave’ Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoo - be brave

Tattoo Moments / Etsy

Sometimes we all need a reminder to be brave; life can be hard. This “be brave” tattoo by Tattoo Moments works as a little motivational boost to keep you going.

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7. Minimalist Arrows Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos - minimalist arrows

Taffity / Amazon

This unique, minimalist arrow set is boho chic at its best. The arrows can be applied to arms, neck, back and anywhere in between.

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8. Phases of the Moon Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoos - moon phases

TTTattoodotcom / Amazon

This out-of-this-world temporary tattoo is beautifully subtle. The phases of the moon look charming applied along the arm.

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9. Beautiful Bird Outline Temporary Tattoo

This is a stunning temporary tattoo of a bird sitting on the branch of a blossom tree, a beautiful representation of spring. It looks so real you will do a double-take.

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10. Simple Lotus Flower Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoos - lotus flower

Tattoorary / Etsy

The lotus flower is one of the most popular tattoo designs.  This temporary tattoo is cute, stylish and perfect for the summer.

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11. Bouquet of Summer Flowers Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos - pretty floral

UNI Gift Shop / Amazon

A beautiful bouquet of summer flowers that looks like a watercolor painting on your skin: This remarkable tattoo design looks exactly like the real deal but can be removed anytime.

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12. Paper Airplane Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoos - paper airplane

Rub On Anywhere / Etsy

This one’s an ideal tattoo design for the avid traveler and the perfect complement for anyone’s wrist, hand or ankle.

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13. Geometric Wolf and Mountain Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos - geometric wolf

Saner Fashion Store / Amazon

This high-quality, fashionable geometric wolf and mountain design is not only bang on trend but will turn heads and attract many with its beauty.

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14. Metallic Birthday Girl Temporary Tattoo Collection

temporarty tattoos - gold birthday tattoos

Fulfilled / Amazon

Add a splash of glitter to birthday shenanigans with this birthday set of temporary tattoos. The metallic designs will add some charm and style and help get your party started.

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15. Large Natural Fern Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos - fern

Pen And Plant / Etsy

Adorn yourself with these striking large fern leaf temporary tattoos. Enjoy all the fun of the permanent ink without the pain or the commitment!

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16. Pretty Pineapples Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos - pineapples

gingeriong / Etsy

Pineapples are the height of style at the moment. They are everywhere. And now they can even be applied to the skin with these gorgeous pineapple temporary tattoos.

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17. Vibrant Hummingbird Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos - hummingbird

Supperb Tattoos / Etsy

You will certainly get noticed rocking this bold hummingbird tattoo. The colors are vibrant, and this is definitely a statement tattoo.

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18. Big Blue Flowers Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos - big blue flowers

Tattoorary / Ebay

This is a removable, waterproof temporary tattoo with style and flair. Beautify your skin by adding this blue floral stunner.

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19. Henna and Lace Hands Temporary Tattoos

temporary tattoos - henna

Delusions Tattoos / Etsy

This temporary henna and lace tattoo for your hands not only looks good but will make you feel good. it’s beautiful body art that not only can be applied to the hands but will look great elsewhere.

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20. Dragonfly Outline Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattoo - dragonfly outline


Why not sport a black dragonfly outline that will be the envy of many? People will be asking “Where did you get that tattoo done?” The detail is so amazing, no one will know it’s fake!

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Fake Never Looked So Good: The Best Temporary Tattoos