Top 5 Thanksgiving Movies

Watching Thanksgiving movies is one of the many ways Thanksgiving – one of the United States’ Big Holidays is celebrated.

But the official kickoff of the holiday season has not—unlike Christmas—been afforded the amount of Hollywood homage it deserves.
It is a major movie weekend, in terms of box office and motion picture releases, yet few movies released.

Thanksgiving weekend, or other weekends for that matter, actually have anything to do with Thanksgiving. Lack of coverage, however, doesn’t mean that all is lost. A few gems celebrating America’s best holiday have managed to slip into the country’s holiday canon.

Here are top 5 Thanksgiving movies of all time

5 “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” / “Mayflower Voyagers”


This is one of the top favorite Thanksgiving movies for most Americans during the festive period. It is the third holiday special from the popular series “Peanuts” and it first aired on CBS in 1973.

Prior to the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, there were two previous holiday specials in 1965 and 1966 respectively. The Charlie Brown series is no doubt one of the movie series for the holidays. And one of the fun fact about this particular Thanksgiving movie is the fact that Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the only Thanksgiving special in the Peanut series that had no adults included, unlike the previous versions.

You have to watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Period. It sums up the quintessential American holiday experience right down to buzzkill ingrate Peppermint Patty inviting herself and a bunch of friends over to Charlie Brown’s house only to complain about the meal he and Snoopy had slaved over all morning long. But wait. Check out the next selection on your DVD. It is likely Charlie Brown’s “Mayflower Voyagers.”

To take the edge off Thanksgiving, there’s nothing like watching beloved Peanuts characters puking all over a ship and then engaging in a little campy racism as they introduce Armageddon to the Native Americans of Massachusetts. It all ends in the first Thanksgiving meal, with Squanto waxing nostalgic about his days enslaved by English fishermen and the Peanuts gang dancing in a way that would get them hanged in Salem a few decades later.