Top 10 Most Bizarre and Weird Ice Cream Flavors

By Dan Rafner September 13, 2018 View all posts (23)

The world of frozen cream has come a long way. Nowadays we have varieties of weird ice cream flavors different from the old ice cream flavors, with ice cream makers sticking just about anything you can imagine in their concoctions. Some of these weird ice cream flavors might just be too bizarre for your taste.

Here are some weird ice cream flavors:

10.) Catching Fire Ice Cream

weird ice cream flavors - Catching Fire


This insane ice cream flavor certainly deserves a spot on the list of weird ice cream flavors, and it is probably going to leave a burning and stinging feeling on your taste buds.

You’ll gladly volunteer as tribute to try this Hunger Games-inspired ice cream, made of orange-colored African vanilla ice cream folded with orange juice, mango and a strawberry swirl.

And what makes this ice cream special is the fact that a real scorpion will be placed on top of each cone.

Feeling daring?

Where to find it: The Ice Cream Store, Rehoboth Beach

What’s in it: Orange juice, mango, strawberry and a scorpion

Note: This flavor has been relegated to the store’s retired ice cream flavors (i.e., they rarely make them, but you can make a special request so it can be made for you).