Top 5 Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

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Remember when ice cream meant vanilla, chocolate or strawberry? The world of frozen cream has come a long way since then, with ice cream makers sticking just about anything you can imagine in their concoctions. Some flavors might just be too bizarre for your taste.

5 Secret Breakfast

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They say you shouldn’t skip breakfast, especially if it involves ice cream. For a breakfast with bite that’s also frozen, head to Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco. This local favorite features Secret Breakfast, ice cream that’s made with cornflakes and bourbon.

4 Michigan Salad

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Vegetarians might want to visit Treat Dreams in Michigan. This shop offers Michigan Salad ice cream, a frozen treat featuring candied pecans, tart cherries and — here’s the strange part — blue cheese. Fortunately, there is no lettuce in this frozen treat.

3 Bacon

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You love bacon. You love ice cream. Combine the two at Beachgoers, an ice cream shop in Delaware. The shop’s bacon ice cream relies on Bac-Os bits for its flavor. While you’re there, sample the shop’s chocolate-covered bacon ice cream.

2 Ham and Cheese

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When you want to combine dessert and dinner, try a ham-and-cheese cone. The Venezuelan ice cream shop Heladeria Coromoto offers this flavor. Yes, it includes real chunks of meat and cheese. No, it doesn’t come with two pieces of bread.

1 Basashi Vanilla

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What’s a hot summer day without some raw frozen horseflesh? Don’t wonder any longer. Order a scoop of basashi vanilla for dinner and dessert all at once. You can find this ice cream flavor at the Sunshine City Mall in Tokyo, according to “Travel & Leisure” magazine, along with snake and octopus flavors, too. “Travel & Leisure” describes basashi vanilla as tasting like vanilla — and something very, very chewy.

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