Top 5 Dates for Active People

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The biggest problem with the standard movie date? It’s passive, and you don’t get a chance to talk to and get to know your date—unless you want to annoy everyone else in the theater. If you’d much rather go out and do something that gets your blood rushing and your adrenaline pumping, never fear—the movie theater isn’t the only dating game in town. These awesome dates give you a chance to have fun and play together, stimulating body and mind.

5 Picnic in the Park

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If you prefer to balance an activity with built-in chill time, plan a picnic in the park. If you bring along a soccer ball or a Frisbee, you’ve got the best of both worlds—just enough activity to get that blood rushing followed by cuddling on a blanket beneath a tree. If either you or your date has a dog, a park date is the perfect opportunity to exercise the pets as well. Just keep your fingers crossed the weather cooperates.

4 Battle It Out

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If you want to take the competitive spirit even further, sign up for a session of paintball or laser tag. Sometimes trying to “kill” each other has a strange way of bringing a couple closer together, and you’ll learn a lot about each other. These sorts of activities give you a safe and fun opportunity to find out how your date acts under pressure. If you want the chance to show your own courage under fire and feel a bit like an action hero in the process, these games may be right up your alley.

3 Hone Your Competitive Streak

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When it comes to playing games, active people don’t play around. There are plenty of sports you can play without having to field a whole team. If your date is as competitive as you are, head out to a batting cage or a driving range and practice your swing. If you’re ready for the real thing and have the equipment, go play a round of golf, a few sets of tennis, or hit the basketball court for a game of one-on-one. Loser buys dinner.

2 Go Out and Play

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When was the last time you played miniature golf, or raced go-karts? Indulge your inner child by planning a date at your local “fun zone,” and don’t worry about the fact that you may be the only people there without kids. You always thought bumper cars were fun: why not rediscover that joy? There may be no better way to spend a day—or evening—than with a permanent, child-like grin plastered on your face. And if you lose that go-kart race, you can always demand a rematch.

1 Take a Hike

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If you want an active date that doesn’t empty the wallet, hiking can’t be beat. No matter where you live, there are probably hiking trails somewhere. And best of all, this activity is free. Hiking gives you a chance to take a break from all the technology and demands of daily life and spend some quality time getting back to nature—and each other. Just make sure you don’t take a trail that surpasses the skill level of you or your date, and be safe—you don’t want your active date to turn into a disaster.

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