Top 5 Date Ideas for Active People

Not everyone likes the traditional date night vibe. If you and your partner are active, then check out our top date ideas for active people.

The biggest problem with the standard movie date? It’s passive, and you don’t get a chance to talk to and get to know your date — unless you want to annoy everyone else in the theater. If you’d much rather go out and do something that gets your blood rushing and your adrenaline pumping, never fear. The movie theater isn’t the only dating game in town. Date ideas for active people are few and far between. How do you go out and have fun with the person you want to get to know more? These awesome dates ideas give you a chance to have fun and play together, stimulating body and mind.


5.) Picnic in the Park

date ideas for active people picnic

If you prefer to balance activity with built-in chill time, plan a picnic in the park. Bring along a soccer ball or a Frisbee, and you’ve got the best of both worlds. It is just enough activity to get that blood rushing followed by cuddling on a blanket beneath a tree. If either you or your date has a dog, a park date is a perfect opportunity to exercise the pets as well. You can play with the dog, have a wonderful time with your date and enjoy the food.

While you may think a picnic is easy to organize, they aren’t always as easy as they seem. Picnics are a more sophisticated option because you need to plan what you are going to eat. Once you start planning, you need to stop and prepare the food. This may involve some cooking if you decided not to make sandwiches. Cooking a meal together to prepare for an outdoor activity can help you get to know each other. You can see how you both work in the kitchen and what types of foods you and your date like.

After you’ve planned the meal, you can enjoy the picnic itself. If you enjoy being outside, then this date idea will be perfect to show off your conversation skills. The best part of the date can be admiring nature together of even people watching! You can see what makes you laugh, cry or get annoyed.

With the other date ideas for active people we listed below, you will be able to spend time with each other but may not be able to have a conversation. A picnic forces people to get to know each other without being cooped up inside. Just keep your fingers crossed the weather cooperates.


4.) Battle It Out

date ideas for active people battle it out

If you want to take the competitive spirit even further, sign up for a session of paintball or laser tag. Sometimes trying to “kill” each other has a strange way of bringing a couple closer together, and you’ll learn a lot about each other. This is not a traditional date idea, but this is one of the best date ideas for active people. ( If you want to get a little playful or adventurous, you should go paintballing or playing laser tag with your date.

Playing laser tag and paintballing will bring out the inner child in both of you. These activities are great for couples or first dates that love a challenge or to have one-on-one interaction. If you both are low-maintenance people, this date idea for active people is great for both of you!

If you want to make it a group outing or you want to make it a double (or even triple date), get couples or friends that enjoy being competitive. This is will be a great activity instead of your casual dinner or drinks that you can get with your friends and their dates.

These sorts of activities give you a safe and fun opportunity to find out how your date acts under pressure. If you want the chance to show your own courage under fire and feel a bit like an action hero in the process, these games may be right up your alley.

Date Outfit

When you go paintballing, do not wear your typical date outfit. You and your date should wear comfortable pants like jeans, yoga pants or workout pants. Because you will be running around, you need clothes that won’t limit your motion. If you plan to wear a fancy shirt, please think about wearing something you do not care about (like an old t-shirt) instead. We also suggest that you wear comfortable clothes for laser tag. If you want to win against your partner, try to wear dark clothing so the lights do not give you away.


3.) Hone Your Competitive Streak

date ideas for active people competitive

When it comes to playing games, active people don’t play around. There are plenty of sports you can play without having to field a whole team. If your date is as competitive as you are, head out to a batting cage or a driving range and practice your swing. If you’re ready for the real thing and have the equipment, go play a round of golf, a few sets of tennis or hit the basketball court for a game of one-on-one.

Batting cages and driving ranges are like going to play mini golf, but maybe a little more fun for the extreme people out there. If you two are not good at hitting a baseball or swinging a golf club, that’s okay. You both have multiple turns to make this fun. Even if one person has to teach the other, it’s all about having fun and moving around. Both of you can improve with time of practicing swinging a baseball bat or golf club.

If you love to play basketball, then play one-on-one with your date. This game can get intense sometimes because one person can be playing hard defense on the other while there is no referee. If you want to be competitive, keep score! You can play one game all the way up to 10 or 20 games.

Make it a little adventurous by having the loser buy dinner.


2.) Go Out and Play

date ideas for active people mini golf

When was the last time you played miniature golf or raced go-karts? Indulge your inner child by planning a date at your local “fun zone.” Don’t worry about the fact that you may be the only people there without kids. You always thought bumper cars were fun when you were a kid, so why not rediscover that joy?

Picking a date everyone can enjoy can be tough. There seem to be so many options, but some can be too expensive. Mini-golf is one of our best date ideas for active people. If you and your date are feeling like you need to get out of the house and have fun, but you do want to be a little active, then this is the perfect date for you.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV for two hours, this mini-golf game can force you and your date to talk to each other. It will give you the chance to get to know each other but still focus on the game at hand., Also some dates can be expensive, but mini-golf is one of the most affordable options out there. Instead of spending $50 on a movie and dinner, you can get some steps in and spend around $10 or less. The best part about mini-golf is that anyone can play. It’s fun to see what types of tricks your date has up their sleeve or how you both can have fun together without being stuck inside.

There may be no better way to spend a day — or evening — than with a permanent, child-like grin plastered on your face. And if you lose that go-kart race, you can always demand a rematch.


1.) Take a Hike

date ideas for active people hiking

If you want an active date that doesn’t empty the wallet, hiking can’t be beat. No matter where you live, there are probably hiking trails somewhere. And best of all, this is one of the date ideas for active people that is free. The best parts of a date are feeling the excitement, learning more about each other and having a fun time. If you go hiking on a date, then this will set you apart. How? Well, going on a hike will be a different experience for both of you. It is definitely more memorable and personal environment than going to a movie. If you both are interested in the land, wildlife and plants, then you will be able to learn more about nature together. Learning together and having meaningful conversations can be fun.

The best part about hiking? It’s completely free! When you are planning a hike, make sure to have plans during the daylight. This will leave both of you with a few hours of time to spend together without having to rush back before dark.

If you and your date want to start out small, make sure the trial is short and easy. Then from there, you can try a more difficult trail that will challenge both of you on a future date (giving you even more date ideas for active people). Hiking gives you a chance to take a break from all the technology and demands of daily life and spend some quality time getting back to nature — and each other. Just make sure you don’t take a trail that surpasses the skill level of you or your date. Finally, be safe. You don’t want to turn your date into a disaster.


More Date Ideas for Active People

While we only shared a few date ideas for active people, these are only to get you started. With some creativity, you can find an active, fun date for any time of year or any type of person you’re wanting to get to know better on a date. Whether you meet someone in person or on one of the best online dating sites, active date ideas are bound to impress your date.

What are your favorite date ideas for active people? Share them with your significant other or the person you like. Maybe you’ll be able to start a romance or build a stronger relationship.