Top 15 Best Hikes in the US

The United States has hundreds of thousands of miles of maintained hiking trails in it’s numerous National Park and Wilderness system. With spring here and summer right around the corner, it’s time to dust off our hiking boots and head outdoors. Here’s our top 15 list of the best hikes in the US.

15.) Paint Mines, Calhan, Colorado



The paint mines are geological formations in a valley near Calhan, in El Paso County. When the rock eroded over time, it left behind spires, caves and other formations that are white, yellow, orange and purple, in places.

The colorful rock was used by Native Americans for pottery and ceremonial paint, according to the park’s website. It says in the early 1900s, the clay was mined to make colorful bricks.

Take the flat, wide, dirt path out of the parking lot. Just a short distance from the parking lot, there’s a trail split. On a post it says, Formations 1.5 and it has an arrow to the right. Since we came to see the formations, we turned right. The trail climbs a short hill here. At the top is a bench and a view of the formations below.