Top 5 Tips for Making Crispy and Golden Waffles

Many waffles can lose crispiness within minutes of coming out of the waffle maker. See our top 5 tips for making crispy and golden waffles every time.

There is nothing better than the taste of some freshly baked waffles on a Sunday morning or any morning if we’re honest. Whichever way you like to enjoy your waffles, whether it be with maple syrup, fresh fruit, or ice cream, achieving that perfect crisp and golden brown waffle is a highly important business.

Many waffles can lose that all-important crispiness within minutes of coming out of the waffle maker. The best waffle maker recipes can taste great, but the loss of that much-anticipated crisp can lead to disappointment.

Here are our top 5 tips for making crispy and golden waffles every time.

5.) Preparing the Waffle Batter

mixing waffle batter

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Use these essential tips when preparing the waffle batter to help create a crispier and golden brown waffle.

Add in Some Stiff Egg Whites

Whip up some egg whites in a bowl until they hold soft peaks. Then fold into the batter gently to hold onto as much air as possible.

The addition of whites egg whites onto the batter will give the exterior of the waffle a crisp texture, and the air beaten in from whipping will create a fluffy inside.

Add an Extra Dash of Sugar

Waffles recipes are slightly sweeter than a pancake recipe. Although waffle batter already contains sugar, adding a little extra can make a difference.

Yes, extra sugar will add to the flavor, but it will also create a caramelized exterior. Added sugar will aid in the browning of the waffle and making it crispier.

Add in Some Cornstarch

You may be surprised at the thought of adding cornstarch to your waffle batter mix. The addition of cornstarch will protect the waffle from getting soggy from the cooking steam resulting in a more crisp and golden waffle.

Add in a Little Amaretto Liqueur

This little tip is more about adding extra flavor to the waffle than making it golden brown and crispy.

Yes, you could add some vanilla, after all, it is a classic. However, by replacing the vanilla with a little amaretto liqueur (almond liqueur), it will make your waffles flavorful and aromatic.

Use Buttermilk for Flavor

Substituting milk with buttermilk will add flavor to the waffles. However, milk will act as a thinner in the batter, making it more liquidly.

Swap half of the buttermilk for regular milk. This change will give this lighter texture without sacrificing any of the rich flavors from the buttermilk. The waffles will taste so much better.

4.) Mixing the Batter

mixing the batter

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Now that you’ve prepared the batter using all the above tips, it’s time to mix.

Mix the Waffle Batter Gently

The batter mix will have lumps in it. That’s normal. Mix all the ingredients until everything is combined.

When mixing the batter, do it gently to add in some extra air to the batter mix, resulting in crispier waffles.

3.) Leave the Batter to Rest

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This next tip will aid in achieving golden brown and crispy waffles.

Let the Waffle Batter Rest

Once you have mixed all the ingredients, you should let the batter rest for best results.

Allow the batter to rest for five minutes. This resting period will let the ingredients settle.

This step will produce light, fluffy waffles instead of dense waffles made with a runny batter.

2.) Baking the Waffle

baking a waffle in a waffle maker

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Mow it’s time to get down to business and start cooking the waffles. These next tips will increase your chances of producing the perfect crispy and beautifully golden brown waffles we all strive to achieve.

Make Sure the Waffle Maker is Hot

Making sure that the waffle maker is hot before cooking is essential to achieve crispy waffles. Having a hot waffle maker means that the waffles will start to cook the instant they hot the iron.

A  hot appliance means the exterior of the waffle will immediately begin to set and crisp. Any moisture in the batter will turn to steam and evaporate out the sides of the waffle maker. If the iron isn’t hot enough, this process won’t take place, and you’ll have soggy waffles.

To check that the waffles iron is hot enough, drip a small amount of water onto the iron. You will be able to hear the sizzle, and it will evaporate instantly if the waffle iron is ready.

Use a Flip Waffle Maker

If you are finding that one side of your waffles are getting burnt while the other side is overdone. Then maybe it’s time to invest in a new waffle maker.

The best type of waffle maker to use to ensure that your waffles are golden brown and crispy are flip waffle makers.

The process of flipping the iron after pouring in the batter will allow all the mixture to spread out evenly. As a result, the waffles will be cooked evenly on both sides with that much-desired crispiness and golden coloring.

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Crisp the Waffles in the Oven

If you find that the waffles are not fully crisped when they come out of the waffle maker, put them into the oven for an extra five minutes. It is a surefire way to give them some extra crisp.

If your waffle maker fails short in removing all the moisture during the cooking process, you won’t get crisp waffles. The oven will help the moisture evaporation process, making them golden and crisp. Most importantly, the waffles won’t get burnt. Do not add them to a baking sheet as this will make the bottoms go soft.

Before you start cooking the waffles, preheat the oven to 250F. When you are ready to transfer the waffles to the oven, place them directly onto the metal rack. The rack allows the steam to escape and fix any sogginess.

Top Tip: Keep the waffles in the oven as it will keep them warm until you are ready to serve.

1.) Eat Right Away

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Waffles are at their optimum crispiness as soon as they are ready. If you want to enjoy them at their crispiest them eat them right away.

Add Toppings and Enjoy

Now that you have prepared and cooked the perfect crispy waffles, it’s time to customize with your choice of toppings. Maybe you’ll opt for chopped nuts, fresh fruit or a dollop of some freshly made homemade ice cream made in your home ice cream maker. The possibilities of delicious combinations are endless.

Have you tried any of these tips for making golden crispy waffles? If not, give them a try the next time you make breakfast.

top 5 tips for making crispy and golden waffles