The 10 Happiest Countries to Live In

Some happiest countries have earned the title of being great places to live in the world. Can security like money or health care be responsible for this happiness? The Legatum Institute Prosperity Index ranks the happiest countries according to their financial stability, including government welfare programs, career opportunities, education and healthcare, while the Gallup poll insists that people are happy because of their culture and lifestyle. The scores rank 10 countries as the happiest in the world. They sound so great, they make have you looking into dual citizenship.

 Happiest Countries to Live In: Netherlands

happiest countries netherlands
The residents in the Netherlands seem to be very happy because of the factors this country provides such as social involvement, healthcare, freedom and trust in society. One report says that due to health factors, out of a 17.02 million population, 88% of the Dutch consider themselves to be happy and just 3% consider themselves unhappy.

The standard of education is high, and if you’re into the outdoors and enjoy being fit, then the Netherlands is your country. You will see people cycling everywhere. The society is also generally very organized. For these reasons, it is considered one of the happiest countries in the world.