The Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad in Melbourne

Digital nomads have the ability to take their office to anywhere. While it’s pretty awesome to set up shop in Berlin, Hong Kong and even the Canary Islands, some people are yearning for an even bigger change. So why not become a digital nomad in Melbourne?

Sure, it might not be as exotic as Bali or Egypt. However Australia is located so far away from other places, it can feel like a different world. And although Sydney has been the go-to city for many visitors, Melbourne is a great gem in the Victoria area of the country. From the food to the variety of languages, Melbourne is rich in cultural diversity. And the city’s location makes it very easy to get to different environments. One day you can enjoy the beach on the Great Ocean Road or sample wines in the Yarra Valley. And if you are look to become a digital nomad in Melbourne, it is completely doable. Whether you’re thinking ofdoing working holiday or planning to stay a little longer, Australia has a number of visa programs that individuals can look into to set up a base Down Under.

Once you’ve got the paperwork sorted and flights booked, here’s a guide to help you figure out what to do once you land in Melbourne. From where to live to the best co-working places, read our guide to becoming a digital nomad in Melbourne below.

1.) Where to Live

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While Sydney has been named one of the most expensive cities to live in, Melbourne is also not the cheapest. Sure, you’ll be able to find suitable accommodation, especially if you’re willing to have to roommates. However if you’re aiming to live alone, it might be a little tight on the budget. According to Nomad List, a one-bedroom apartment in the city’s center usually cost around $1,659. This is why you may be better off living outside of the CBD aka the city center.

If you’re looking for a hip area where nightlife is only a walk away, you can try living in Brunswick. The community is mostly composed of young professionals and creatives. There are lots of cafes, restaurants and bars that are walking distance. If you’re into live music, then the Rubix Warehouse and Howler are not too far away. You can also consider going to Fitzroy. Once home to many Greek and Italian immigrants, now the multicultural neighborhood is an epicenter for the arts and hosts a number of great outdoor events. For those looking to live by the beach, there are a number of areas including St. Kilda, Williamstown and Brighton. And if you don’t mind being a little off the beaten path, then you can try Yarraville. It has a predominantly Greek community, but it has attracted various creatives and digital nomads to make a home there.