Top 10 Greatest Dunks in NBA History

The NBA slam dunk contest has produced some of the greatest dunks ever seen, and it also gives the NBA’s best jammers the opportunity to really strut their stuff — no pesky opponents or rules to get in the way of a real showstopper.

There’s nothing that gets basketball fans going like a rim-rattling slam dunk.

That’s why almost all of the NBA’s most iconic dunks have taken place at the slam dunk contest. Some of these are the jaw-droppers that have been imitated on a thousand playgrounds. These are the crowd-pleasers that have sold millions of shoes.

Here are some of the greatest dunks in NBA history:

10.) Dominique Wilkins

He is popularly known as the Human Highlight Film. He was a renowned scoring machine and got the nickname for his amazing dunking abilities.

Wilkins could almost literally fly. He won several slam dunk contests, but the contest between him and Michael Jordan in 1988 (which Wilkins lost) was one of the most memorable.