Most Expensive Dog Breeds: Here Are the Pups with the Highest Price Tag

By Youmn September 21, 2018 View all posts (74)

Choosing your new four-legged best friend often comes with a cost, and it can be quite hefty.

While adopting a pup from a shelter remains one of the best options available for you, many prefer to buy their canine companion from a qualified dog breeder.

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But this can come at a serious cost, and you’d better prepare a generous amount of money if you want to choose one of the 20 most expensive dog breeds featured in this article. Read along to discover the breeds that can cost up to $8,000!

Please note that the price of each dog depends on the breeder, the lineage and your location. 

25.) Canadian Eskimo Dog

most expensive dog canadian eskimo dog
  • Price: $1,000$1,500

Behind the snow-white coat of this Arctic working dog hides one of the rarest and oldest remaining purebred indigenous domestic canines of North America. This alone justifies why it’s one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

This friendly dog has a strong pack attitude, so if you already have dogs in the house, this breed might not be ideal for you.