5 Beauty Essentials You’ll Need in the Heat This Summer

Temperatures are high and the summer heat means that less is more. Here are few top summer beauty essentials to get you that effortless, breezy look!

Beauty habits do a complete shift in the summertime, especially when the temperatures and humidity or dryness are at an all-time high. Your spring and fall beauty essentials just don’t fare well in the sun and heat. Summer beauty is about the effortless, the lightweight and the carefree. We shy away from heavy foundations and concealers and opt for natural, lighter makeup that allows our skin to glow and bask in the sun rays. During the summertime, less is more, and we have a few summer beauty essentials that’ll get you the looks you desire.

Get your flawless sun-kissed look with these top summer beauty products!


5.) Start with the Complexion: A Reliable Tinted Moisturizer

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There is something about putting on a face full of makeup during the summer that makes you want to avoid it at all costs. Between the sweltering heat, plastering sunscreen on every day and inevitable sweat, it’s just the last thing you’d want to do. After all, there is nothing worse than your makeup running down your face after a few hours of being outside in the heat of the day.

During the summer, switch out your full coverage foundation for a light tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers are double the benefit for their hydration and their light coverage. It also cuts back on your getting ready time by killing two birds with one stone. A good tinted moisturizer is essential during those hot summer months because of its versatility, functionality, and ability to make your skin look great in a few sweeps.

4.) Control the Shine: Oil Blotting Sheets

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This is for the oily skin folks out there. If you’re one of them, summer is the bane of your existence when it comes to skin. A day out in the sun also means combating an onslaught of oily skin and a shiny face. For those plagued with oily skin, a summer beauty must have is keeping oil blotting sheets handy.

Oil blotting sheets are affordable, compact and handy for quick touch ups throughout the day. Instead of carrying your makeup brushes to mattify your look, an oil blotting sheet can work wonders. The great thing about these sheets is they don’t ruin your makeup so you can keep a flawless complexion during throughout the summer day and night.

3.) For That Just Left the Beach Look: Salt Spray for Hair and Leave-In Conditioner

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In the same way that we want our makeup and faces to look effortless, our summer hairstyles also tend to be carefree. Flat irons and blow drying just becomes a burden when it’s over 90 degrees outside. Besides, summertime is the perfect time to embrace natural you and let your tresses fly.

Straight & Wavy hair

For straight and loose wavy hair textures a good beauty product for when you’re on the go is a salt spray. What’s better than looking like you just came from a beautiful beach getaway? A beach salt spray will give you those beach-y tresses that everyone loves and it usually smells amazing. Your hair will be summer ready in moments. While sea salt sprays can work for any hair texture, they work really well with straight or loose wavy hair.

Curly & Kinky Hair

If your hair is on the kinky curly spectrum then one of the top summer beauty products would be a good leave in conditioner. Summer is wash n go season and a good wash n go that lasts and is moisturized requires a good leave in conditioner. Whether its a cream or a spray or a DIY leave in conditioner, your curls will love the nourishment and the definition will make you fall in love with your curls all over again.

2.) Refreshing Spritz for Face & Body

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Staying hydrated during the summer is key, and the same thing goes for your skin. If you live in drier climate, keeping your skin and body moisturized during the hottest time of the year is no easy feat. A nice refreshing face and body spray is your key to reviving your skin throughout the day. If you’re planning to spend a few hours out in the sun, in addition to your sunscreen bring along one of these body mists.

A quick few spritz will revive your skin and make it look supple while giving it the moisture it needs to keep you looking fresh. Facial sprays come in all shapes and sizes and ingredients. You can go with a refreshing rose or coconut water spray, or if you have sensitive skin opt for thermal spring water.

1.) Pop of Shimmer: Bronzer and Highlighter

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The biggest summer beauty staple is making sure that you’re skin is glowing and sun-kissed, and a bronzer or highlighting palette is just the product you need to help you achieve that look. Highlights are great because you can control how much you want to put on. Want a dramatic night-time look or a light bronze to add a little dimension with your tinted moisturizer? Grab a good highlighter and upgrade your summer beauty looks.

To go along with your natural tones and beach waves, top it off with a swipe (or two) of your favorite highlighter on your upper cheekbones. A good bronzer and highlight is a pop of shimmer and adds a little extra umph to your natural summer look.

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