Top 5 Raunchy Christmas Party Games That Will Make Your Family Cringe

Wanna spice things up this holiday season? Play these raunchy Christmas party games at your next gathering and see who should be on the naughty list!

The holiday season is hard enough to get through just shopping alone — but when you’ve evaded the crushing stress and selected the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, the real challenge arises: making it through your nice, yet often painfully, routine family get-togethers.

Maybe you’re dreading small talk with the in-laws you never quite got to know that well, or dodging never-ending questions from distant relatives (not to mention your mother) about when you’re going to settle down. You’ve tried to navigate these unnatural situations by returning to the dessert table for yet another round of peppermint bark and ginger snap cookies, redirecting the attention to your younger sibling’s current struggles. Sure, alcohol always helps navigate the awkward social situations, but do you really want to get drunk and be the only one of the Top 25 Best-Selling Christmas Songs of All Time  all by your, well, self?  TOP

Instead of being the only one feeling awkward, why not let the whole family share in uncomfortableness be suggesting to play raunchy Christmas party games? What exactly does that entail, you ask? Here are some ideas that will surely liven up the party and push all of your family members out of their comfort zones — whether they like it or not.

5.) Dirty Christmas Mad Libs

Thought Mad Libs were just for kids, did you? Not if you change your arsenal of words while completing your Christmas-themed Mad Libs pack. Your father is sure to excuse himself from the table as you read your letter to Santa promising to “be a good little (noun).” The best part? You can make this party uncomfortable without anyone else’s help.

4.) “Drink If…”: Ugly Sweater Addition

Break out your ugliest Christmas sweaters and hot buttered rum. “Drink If” is a mix between any casual get-to-know-you game and “Never Have I Ever,” and while the cards themselves likely won’t get too raunchy, the addition of alcohol never hurt when pushing the envelope.

If you want to up the ante, add some Ugly Sweater Dare Cards to the mix — you won’t even know what dare you’re facing until you scratch it off. And if you don’t feel up to the challenge? Pick the ever-intimidating truth option, or maybe just buy the hostess another drink.

3.) Cards Against Humanity Holiday Packs


Cards Against Humanity has not one, not two, but three different packs of “vaguely holiday themed” cards for your enjoyment. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 the delightfully inappropriate card game realtor released 30-card packs to make your holiday party just a little less angelic — but all of the proceeds of your crudeness went straight to charity. Don’t celebrate Christmas and want something fun and cringe-worthy for your Hanukkah party? Cards Against Humanity’s got you covered with the Jew Pack.

2.) Classic Christmas Movie Drinking Games

Chances are you love watching at least one of these Christmas Movie Classics, from Elf to Home Alone, and your family members probably did too. This will likely make your in-laws a little uncomfortable when you pull out your trusty drinking game rules and peppermint schnapps.

Bonus points if you buy a red nose to stick on the screen so you can drink every time it lines up with a character’s face.

1.) Santa vs. Jesus: The Epic Party Game

This is the Christmas game you’ve probably been waiting for your entire life. Suddenly all of your underlying family tension can be directed toward a new goal: gaining more believers than Uncle Carl in Santa vs. Jesus.

Players are split into two teams to compete holiday-themed puzzles, riddles, brain games and more in their quest, which also forces you to (gasp) work together. Plus, it has elements that everyone in the family enjoys: the strategy of your stepdad’s favorite board games and the potential offensiveness of Cards Against Humanity that you love. It even advertises that it is not suitable for children — discretion is also probably advised with some of your more religious family members.