My time with Daily Goodie Box: Free Stuff in return for your feedback!

If you like receiving awesome free stuff in the mail, this is the site for you! I have received multiple Daily Goodie Boxes since my first, about half a year ago. If you are not sure what Daily Goodie Box is, then no worries!

OK folks, this is something really cool that I am finding lately. It’s called Daily Goodie Box. I hadn’t heard of it until a few weeks ago when I stumbled across it, and I have been trying them ever since. The link is affiliated but this is 100% my experience with them and not bribed or coerced in any way. Just so you have a heads up.

So what they are is a company that sends out a “Goodie box” every day that is full of a variety of stuff. They are full size products for everyday use – like the kind you would find at a grocery store. It’s kinds like a subscription box, but it completely and totally free – including shipping. How does it work? It’s pretty simple:

  • They send the box for free.
  • You get the box.
  • You try all the stuff inside of it.
  • You fill out a short survey.
  • They send you another box!

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See how simple that is? It’s no bills, no commitments and the goodies you get are 100% free. The only thing they ask is that you give feedback on the items you get. What a small price to pay in my opinion! Not only are you basically getting free stuff but you are helping companies design and modify their products. That is super cool in my opinion. So how do I know it’s making a difference? They not only ask you to take the surveys for feedback but they encourage you to share on social media and that is where you can really see the results. You get to hear from other users about what they think of the products, and you can also sound off with your opinion. Very cool in my opinion.

I usually just delete offers whenever I get them since they tend to be a waste of time and/or require a credit card number to redeem something. However, Daily Goodie Box seemed different so I figured why not. They’re literally going to just send you a box full of free goodies just because you share your thoughts and feelings on it. They don’t want a credit card, they don’t even want shipping and handling! In fact, all you need to do is answer questions about the products you tried after you get your free box.

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Becoming a Member

So the very first thing I did was go to their website and sign up. It was an easier than ever process – all you have to do is choose your subscription plan, create an online profile – and that’s it. (Just in case you don’t understand what a profile is (i.e. for any seniors out there.), a profile is a place on a website where you tell the website a little bit about you. Since this is supposedly a website for menswear, the profile basically asked me a few questions to learn about who I was and how I lived: what did I like? What did my lifestyle consist of? quick, multiple choice, low-stakes boxes to tick) After that, my first real impression of the service was that a real person is behind it – because they tailor the contents of the box to fit my likes. I had you all worried there, right? “Ahh, they just have navy blazers”. Nope! Not at all. By the way, in case you didn’t realize, these people don’t even have my credit card information yet – and they never will. (If I understand correctly, this is the Internet norm now.) Don’t they even need it? and won’t they just REQUIRE it later? Why would anyone send you merchandise without first ensuring that you can pay for it? Why would anyone setup that kind of system – such that you can incur a cost and then refuse payment? – the answer is … you’re not dealing with a computer autopilot. You’re dealing with a real person, reading what you say, and making real stipulations that don’t include WICKED UPSALES. So technically I’m not telling you to buy something – just look at it. Should have been more clear. Anyway my point is this – with credit card free authentication to Amazon and much of e-commerce, it’s no longer the grounded leap of faith. “If you don’t like the merchandise, you don’t have to pay for the merchandise” – is a business jumper-cable that I didn’t know I’d need until now.

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When My Goodie Box Came In.

In just a matter of weeks, my first sampler box arrived. It was just like opening a present which was so fun, you never knew what was inside!! I was really impressed with the packaging of the box, and everything in the box was full-sized, it was amazing because I was thinking they would be sample size.

The Contents

In each VoxBox, you’ll find items ranging from snacks & health supplements to beauty products & household items. The notable aspect of the products in the VoxBox is that they are all from incredibly reputable brands, many of which I had heard of before, and a few from brands that were completely new to me, and I was happy to discover. You receive information on how to use each item, how to give feedback on the product.

Sharing My Thoughts

After testing the products, I headed to my Daily Goodie Box account and left feedback. It was fast and uncomplicated to sign in! There were just a few quick inquiries per item and if I desired, a box to offer more detailed feelings. I admired they seemed really interested in what I had to say, I just assumed to help brands improve, and/or advertise their products.

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Why I Suggest Daily Goodie Box

Free of Charge: One of the primary benefits is that this service is totally free. You don’t need to trust us with your credit card details – you don’t even need to provide us with a credit card at all. You don’t have to worry that you accidentally signed up for a subscription and are going to get hit with a charge on your bank statement that you didn’t see. It costs nothing.
Exploring New Products: This is a great way to give new products a test run. There were a few that I’ve already put on my personal shopping list.
Giving feedback has become effortless. It does not consume much of my time. It is cool that what I say could change the market or potentially perfect an item.

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