Ladies, Here’s How to Get the Toned Quads You’ve Always Wanted

Strong, toned quads are the foundation for lean, sexy legs. This muscle group is comprised of four muscles in the thigh that run from the hip to the knee and control a wide range of motions like running, standing, jumping, and climbing stairs. Whether you’re cross-training for a race or you’ve dreamed of having long and lean legs and looking good in short shorts, these exercises will help you sculpt the perfect, toned quads.

5.) Leg Extensions

toned quads leg extensions


Very few exercises target just the quadriceps, but leg extensions is definitely an isolation exercise. It is a simple movement which occurs at only one joint – the knees. If the exercise is performed correctly, it should not be hard on the knee joint.

It’s most effective on a leg-extension gym machine. If you don’t have access to a gym, you can also do this move at home sitting in a chair with ankle weights or by using resistance bands.

How to do leg extensions: Using the leg extension machine at the gym, select a weight you can comfortably lift but will challenge you. Secure your legs behind the brace near your shins and grab hold of the handles by your sides. Squeeze your quads as you lift the bar out in front of you. Don’t lift it all the way to the top or lock your knees. Slowly lower back to start.