Get Your Body Beach-Ready with These 5 Leg Exercises from Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson

Want to tone up for the summer season? Here are five leg exercises that will transform your lower body just in time to hit the beach!

Summer’s almost here, and so’s swimsuit season. But fear not, as celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has got you covered with some top-notch leg exercises to get your winter bodies beach-ready! With Anderson’s targeted exercises, you won’t have to worry about “trouble zones” that just don’t seem to tone down.

Her exercises exhaust targeted muscles, which can help whip you into shape.. Exhausting targeted muscles, her exercises can help whip you into shape quicker than you think.

With celebrity clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Tracee Ellis Ross to prove just how effective her workouts truly are, you can count on Anderson’s Tracy Anderson Method to deliver great results. Give it a go – who knows, you might become a devoted follower in no time!

Anderson focuses on creating exercise moves that balance women’s bodies. Her routines are designed to be done for 10 days straight before moving on to a new sequence. This way, your body continues to build strength and definition without plateauing. “My mission has always been to research, create and share tools that help women create balance in their bodies so they can create balance in their life,” Anderson says.

If you push through the discomfort, you can see significant results in a mere week. Your legs might feel like they’re on fire, but the muscles you gain will make it worth your while.

According to Anderson, if you’re struggling to tone your upper legs, it’s probably because you’re focused too much on lunges and squats. While movements like squats can work your legs, they mainly target large muscle groups, like your quads, sometimes leaving smaller muscle groups neglected. Focusing only on toning large muscle groups can actually make your legs appear larger. The five leg exercises listed here zero in on your smaller (often weaker) muscles, urging them to join the workout and witness improvement.

The result is long, lean, more balanced upper legs. 

For summer-ready legs, do 30 reps of each of the following leg exercises on one side, then repeat the sequence on the other side. For best results, follow up with at least 30 minutes of cardio.

1. Bridge Hold with Alternating Kicks

Leg Exercises Bridge Hold

Tom Corbett


1. Sit with knees bent, flat on the floor and palms on the floor on either side of butt.

2. Lift hips and extend arm.

3. Kick right leg out to the side with inner thigh facing up.

4. Lower right foot to the floor then kick left leg up.

5. Return to step 3 and repeat.


2. Inner Thigh Tap Out

Leg Exercises Inner Thigh Tap

Tom Corbett


1. Sit with knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and palms on the floor on either side of the butt.

2. Lift butt and raise left arm.

3. Extend right leg out diagonally to the side and tap floor.

4. Bring right leg back in, then cross right ankle over left ankle.

5. Return to step 4 and continue tapping and crossing for 30 reps.


3. On-Side Leg Pulse

Leg Exercises On Side Leg Pulse

Tom Corbett


1. Lie on your left side with your torso face-down, palms on the floor, elbows bent and left knee pulled into chest.

2. Extend right leg straight out and lift it about 6 inches off the floor.

3. Lift right leg even more, until it is about parallel with your torso.

4. Lower your leg back to step 3.

5. Continue pulsing for 30 reps.

4. Step-Up Kick and Rest

Leg Exercises Step Up Kick

Tom Corbett


1. Start in child’s pose.

2. Lift up into a kneeling lunge, placing left foot flat on the floor, let arms hang at your sides.

3. Push into left foot to come to standing, then immediately kick up right leg, toes pointed.

4. Reverse motion back to step 3 and repeat.


5. Quick Tempo Side Kick 

Leg Exercises Quick Tempo Side Kick

Tom Corbett


1. Kneel, then lean to the left, placing left palm on the floor, extending right arm straight up and lifting right knee off the floor.

2. Kick right leg out to the side.

3. Return to step 3 and repeat.

Tracy Anderson Community

For more leg exercises and support on your fitness journey, follow Tracy Anderson on instagram and join the #TAMILY.

“The #TAMILY is about being on the journey together. We aren’t solely sharing our fitness journeys but our collective life experiences. People from all around the world are connecting, learning about each other’s stories, passions and perspectives. Even in this political climate, it’s remained a place of respect and tolerance. They agree to disagree in pursuit of supporting each other, which is a testament to the purity of their bond,” Tracy shared in a recent Forbes interview.

Tracy checks and responds to followers on #TAMILY daily.

If you’re interested in trying a full-length Tracy Anderson workout ,you’ll have to sign up for an account on her website. With a monthly membership, you’ll get access to online streaming workouts of Tracy teaching a class in one of her studios. The workouts are an hour long and change every week.

Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis program offers tailored workouts for different body types which focus on toning. There are four different programs: Glutecentric, Hipcentric, Abcentric, and Omnicentric – catering to those who gain weight in specific areas, or evenly.

Tracy recommends 30 minutes of mat work, followed by 30 minutes of cardio, six days a week for maximum and speedy results. Personal experience: while adhering to Tracy Anderson’s Method for over two years, I follow her routine twice a week and have noticed effective toning results.

Will you take these exercises out for a spin? Let us know in the comments what your fitness struggles are and what you hope to get help with.