Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot plant based meal service has introduced unique plant based recipes to the world of meal kit subscriptions. They are the strictly a plant based meal kit delivery service.  Unquestionably, they make eating plant based fun and enjoyable.  Purple Carrot originates from the hope that consumers will eat more vegetables rather than eat only vegetables.  Furthermore, they introduce you to new vegetables, cooking techniques, and recipes that will have you excited to cook. Purple Carrot believes that plants have the power to change you and the planet.

Purple Carrot Pros 

  • Strictly Plant Based:  100% Plant-based recipes for vegans and vegetarians
  • Safe for Food Allergies:  Variety of nut-free and allergen-friendly recipes
  • Flexible:  Free shipping and flexible subscription

The Benefits of Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot plant based meal service wants to change how the world eats.  In fact, they open up access to their recipes for anyone to check out. Even if you’re not a member of Purple Carrot, you can still see their most popular recipes.

So, why plants? Purple Carrot makes it clear that they’re not anti-animal, just pro-plant.   They don’t shame users to modify their recipes with meat.  But rather, they help consumers add more plants to their diets.

Purple Carrot plant based meal servic not only keeps you healthy, but they also help you maintain a more eco-friendly, sustainable choice when it comes to dinnertime. With less water used to grow vegetables than to produce meat, plant-based recipes use fewer resources to create.

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