Echelon Fitness Stride Auto-Fold Smart Treadmill Review

The Echelon Stride marks a significant evolution in treadmill design, catering to users who require compact fitness solutions without sacrificing functionality. Its revolutionary folding mechanism reduces its depth to 10 inches, allowing easy storage under a bed or against a wall. This design is ideal for small living spaces like apartments and shared rooms. Despite its compact nature, the Stride doesn’t skimp on performance, boasting a respectable 55” by 20” deck, a maximum speed of 12mph, and a 12% incline. These features cater well to walking, jogging, and light running​​.

Regarding technology, the Echelon Stride takes a unique approach. Instead of a traditional built-in screen, it features a simple, backlit console that syncs with your tablet to display the Echelon United app. This approach offers flexibility and keeps the console lightweight and user-friendly. The app integration provides access to various live and on-demand classes, including Zumba, Bootcamp, Yoga, and Strength Training. The treadmill’s usability is further enhanced by its quiet operation, smooth belt movement, and adequate cushioning, which is impressive given its foldable nature​​.

While the Stride excels in innovation and compactness, it does have limitations. The 1.75 horsepower motor, primarily designed for walking, may not suit intense running, particularly for more significant users. The 12-month warranty period is relatively limited compared to industry standards. However, its lightweight, easy folding and unfolding, and space-saving design make it an attractive option for those with little room. The Stride best suits users prioritizing space efficiency and interactive training options over high-intensity running capabilities​​.

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The Echelon Stride
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